I feel it right at the heart of me, and it grips me physically. Dragged down so far below, and its a violent vertigo...-Metamorphosis by Blue Dahli

High school. I loved it, surrounded by friends, bright hopes for the future. I was ready for college, but at the same time I wanted a girlfriend. I wanted to invite someone to the dance. Little did I realize that the one my heart yearned for asked me.

Chapter 3: A Looming Sadness

I made my way down the street to Shiro and Grimmjow's house as the sun began to rise. It was like a ritual, eating breakfast, then heading over and waiting outside. Well after waiting a few minutes, their mother, Tia Harribel opened the door. She was a dark skinned woman, like she had a permanent tan and blonde hair. "Oh dear...come inside and I'll yell at them." She said. I just chuckled and walked inside and sat on the couch. I heard a loud clang and smashing, followed by raised voices when Grimmjow ran downstairs.

"Yo Ichigo! How ya doing?"

"Fine. You?" I asked. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques was a burly guy, and not bright in the right subjects. He had striking baby blue hair and teal eyes.

"Never better. Baby brother's still being stupid though." He sighed and shrugged.

"He isn't stupid, quit being a douche." I said and he scowled. I swear their scowls were similar, almost like they-

And then he came downstairs. He had spiky white hair, and his body was toned, like a swimmer, black nails sticking out on hands I knew could be hard as stone or gentle as cloth. His eyes were a deep gold surrounded by black obsidian. When I realized I was staring I cleared my throat.

"Uhh...you ready Shiro?" He still preferred being called that after all these years.

"Uhh...yeah, c'mon." We made our way out the door and I waved goodbye to their mom. As we walked to school however I noticed Shiro would wince a bit in the sun.

Does he have a headache? I wish I could help...I thought. He was my closest friend...I hated seeing him suffer.

School was fairly normal. All of our friends hung around like usual, but Shiro seemed to be in a foul mood. "Hey...you doing ok Shirosaki?" That's Orihime. Nice girl and all...but her food? You'd have to have no taste buds to eat it and even then you'd have to have a stomach of steel to survive. Trust me...it's that bad. But she has a heart of gold like no one else.

"Ugh...dunno. I felt like I ate too much of your food, and the gas is in my head..." Ouch...a bit harsh but he did look like he was in some pain. She punched him lightly and he grunted. "Ow...my feelings."

"You honestly don't look good Shiro." I piped in. I felt so bad for him, he looked miserable. "You didn't look good much this morning either. Maybe you should go home." He looked at me, hesitant to reply. His eyes looked dull and the sight made my stomach clench. I hated seeing him in such pain. Please...go home...

"But that test in Algebra-"

"It can fucking wait." I turned and sighed as Grimmjow walked up to join us. "I just talked to the Teach. Ya going home baby brother." I watched Grimmjow drag a groggy Shiro off and I sighed.

"If I did not know better, I'd say you were overly worried for him." Uryu said finally. He's the true brains, number one in the class. He also had a thing for arts and crafts. He could sew the shit out of a couch...hell he could make the couch. I always told him he'd either be a good surgeon, or a kindergarten teacher. That always received a scowl and him pushing his glasses up his nose like...well a nerd.

"Of course I'm concerned...but I don't over worry." I huffed, crossing my arms in front of my chest.

"Aww...wittle Ichi is concerned for Shiwo! It's love I say!" Now that was Rukia. A very annoying yaoi fangirl and she so had a crush on Orihime. It's a shame that Orihime is straight...makes me feel bad for her. But you couldn't ask for a more loyal friend that always had your back. She'd even throw a few of the punches. "Admit it...you love him!" The thought made me pale, but at the same time made my heart race in a good way.

"N-no I do not!" I snapped. She flinched and I sighed. "Sorry...but I'm straight. You know that Rukia." But even when the words left my mouth it made me feel...upset. Why was that?

I left school feeling a bit down so I decided to go to the graveyard. I always found it easy to think there. But when I got there, Shiro was there, staring at my mother's grave. "Hey, you doing ok?"

"Mmm? Oh hey Ichigo. Yah, I'm fine...headache's gone." He seemed small and sad. It felt like ha gained thirty years of sorrow and I walked next to him. "You still miss her?"

"I'll always miss her Shiro...she was my mother." I said and sighed as rain began to fall lightly. We stood nearly shoulder to shoulder, he was just a little taller than I was. When I looked at him, he reminded me of the boy I'd found and they almost seemed like two different people. "I usually don't see you here..."

"I just walked after my headache wore off and found myself 'ere..." He sighed. "Guess this place is special to us both huh?" He chuckled, but it sounded a bit sad.

"Shiro..." He looked at me and I felt my heart freeze. He looked...devastated for a brief moment before his eyes became a blank mask. "You'll remember someday...or something good will happen. You'll see." I know his forgotten past still bothered him and I wanted to help take the pain away. He just turned away and I found myself laying my head against his shoulder. He flinched lightly and I sighed. "You're a great friend...you turned out just fine the way you are."

"...Thank you Ichigo..." He finally whispered and a smile touched my lips. I always felt calm hearing his soft tone that he gave only me it seemed.

How I wish I knew what he was really suffering from...it was his past, but it was the return of it that made him suffer so much.

Now when I look back and realize how hard I had fallen for him, I wish I had listened to Rukia. It hurts knowing now how much pain his heart had been suffering because of my fear and naiveté. Damn I'm such a fool. But my thoughts had turned to prom...our calm before the storm that would blow our friendship away...

Chapter 3 end

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