Cassie tried effortlessly to get the key in the lock.

" come on, come on " she said as she continued jingling the key in the lock.

Cassie sighed and sat by the wall.

How had she managed to get herself so drunk that she couldn't even get the damn key in the lock.

Cassie looked at her phone. It was 4 am on a Saturday morning.

She banged her head on the wall.

Cassie had had enough. She was tired and hungry and drunk. Very very drunk.

Finally someone opened the door.

" Cassie "

It was Faye. Now Cassie remembered why she was so drunk. Faye and her had a huge fight. So she stormed out of their shared house crying and drove to boathouse needing to talk to someone.

" what are you doing here " Faye asked as she leant against the door frame.

" I kinda live here Faye " she said with a chuckle.

" very funny " Faye said with her signature smirk.

" where have you been "

Cassie didn't say anything.

" Have you been drinking " Faye asked.

" maybe " Cassie said.

" I'll be right back " Faye said.

About a minute later Faye reappeared with a glass of water and a blanket.

" drink this " Faye said, handing Cassie the cup.

" what is it " Cassie asked confused.

" water. Now drink up " Faye said sitting on the porch next to Cassie.

She then wrapped the blanket around the other girl.

" thanks " Cassie said snuggling into the blanket.

" you've really done it this time, huh " Faye said kissing the top of Cassie's head.

They stayed like that for a while, Cassie gradually moving closer to Faye.

Then Cassie fell asleep.

" let's get you in bed " Faye said and then she picked Cassie up and carried her to their bedroom.

She took of Cassie's jacket and her boots and layed her in their bed.

She got in beside Cassie and whispered "goodnight".

Just as Faye was drifting off, Cassie shifted closer to her.

Faye kissed her forehead and whispered " I love you Cassie " in the blonds ear.

" I love you too Faye " Cassie muttered.

And with that, they fell asleep in each others arms.