Setting: After "Reign Storm"

Hello readers! I want you all to meet my imaginary friends:Vlad and Capt. Hook. They have been both a pain in the rear and a great help. Please be kind to us since this is our first story. Enjoy!


Chapter One

Here he was, Vlad Plasmius, standing right in front of one of the Ghost Zone's greatest treasures. The legendary Necklace of the Lady of the Lake was right in front of him. Supposedly it would make its wearer unfathomably loved. He had been navigating through the Ghosts Zone off and on now looking for this artifact. He had finally found it in a dark cave by the Fright Night's lair. In fact that's who had finally given him the directions to it. The thoughts running through the ghost's mind were filled with both excitement and wonder. Oh, and worry. Yes, worry for he had heard of its guardian. His red eyes scanned the black abyss surrounding him, looking for any sign of attack, after seeing nothing he turned back to the piece of jewelry. Its precious stones beckoned him forward; he reached out his hand and grabbed it.

So of course he was attacked. A humanoid being lunged towards him from the shadows where it had been laying, waiting for him to dare to steal its charge. Plasmius was knocked off his feet and landed on his back, still holding his prize. He scrambled back on his feet but was knocked down again by his attacker as it tackled him. The half-ghost stared up at the snarling face above him and let out a snarl of his own, he targeted the fiend with his laser eyes but it just took the pain as if it were nothing. The assailant then reached down and bit Plasmius' neck. Vlad yelled with pain as he felt poison pass from the things teeth into his body. He brought up his fist glowing with power and smashed it against the side of his enemy's face, the thing groaned and rolled off of him. Plasmius hurriedly stood up and fired red energy from both palms and obliterated the thing to ash. He swayed for a moment then dropped down on one knee and looked at the treasure in his hand. He had done it. "It had better be worth it" he thought as he regained his feet and flew off for his castle.

When he had made it to his castle he changed form and hurried up to his room and the bathroom within it to check out the bite in the mirror. He stood looking at the reflection for a while. Pus was oozing out of the two puncture marks. Vlad reached up and gingerly felt around the injury, wincing at how swollen and sore it was. Sighing, he dug around in his medicine cabinet for a thermometer, put it in his mouth and settled into a chair to wait. When he took it out he just nodded at the fact that he had a fever. His normal temperature was around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, owing to the fact that he was a ghost with a hot core wherewith he could call forth fire and electricity. The thermometer read 101 degrees. He smiled grimly, he had won but it had come at a price. Luckily it was a price he could pay, sure he would feel rotten for a week or so but he had what he wanted. Besides it wouldn't be the first time he had dealt with venom. Soon these two pinpricks would just be two more scars in his growing collection. He was now ready for act two. "After bed" he decided as he walked to his bedroom to lie down.