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Chapter Eleven

"This bloody coughing is going to drive me insane, that is, if it doesn't kill me first". Vlad's thoughts were less than enthusiastic as he strove to regain control of his lungs. He finally succeeded and the cell became quiet again. He touched his throat, as if by doing so the pain inside would disappear, wishing he could have a drink. Not of water of course, but of blood. Oh sweet, red, ambrosia. He shook his head trying to banish the thought but couldn't help but stare over at the young hybrid. It would be so EASY to disintegrate his chains and take the beautiful red liquid. He shook his head again but the idea remained in his skull. He squeezed his eyes shut in another effort to be rid of these horrible thoughts. "Maybe I'm already insane." His eyes opened slowly as a sudden idea occurred to him "Daniel, how did Empusa put us in here?"

"It was almost as if she teleported us in here. Do you think she could've teleported all three of us at once?"

Vlad's eyebrows came closer together as he thought about Daniel's question. "It would take a lot of focus and energy."

"Would you be able to do it?"

He was silent a few minutes, calculating the possibility "Not with three, it would be a very close cinch with only two."

"So you're saying she's stronger than you?"

Plasmius rolled his eyes "It's not necessarily a bad thing for a girl, or woman, to be stronger than you."

"It is when you're trapped in their cell."

"Good point." The vampire ghost acknowledged. A fit of coughing interrupted the two's dialogue but it resumed when Vlad was once again in control. "So you are sure that we were teleported?"

"I've seen you do it enough times Plasmius, I'm darn sure."

"Language Daniel." Vlad reprimanded him; he started tapping his fingers as his mind processed this information. He hadn't even considered this possibility. Could he teleport both he and Daniel out of here? At the very least out of this cell? If he did it NOW before he got any worse perhaps a short distance, long enough to get them out of this accursed room but not too far. "Daniel."

Danny's green eyes came up to meet Vlad's red ones and the look in the boy's eye was questioning.

"I believe I have found a way out of this mess."

"How?" the teen's tone was disbelieving and hopeful at the same time.

Plasmius smiled at him "We're going to teleport."

"How? We are kinda chained to the wall at the moment."

Vlad started buffing his nails against his white suit, feeling very smug and hoping that a fit of coughing wouldn't ruin it "Do you remember what you said about turning into a snake?"

"Ummmm yeah. Why can you turn into one?"

"Not quite." The vampire/ghost said with a smile.

"Bad idea." Danny thought as he stood stalk-still as he watched his arch-enemy prepare for their escape. The plan was that both hybrids would walk towards each other as far as they could, Danny was to angle off to one side so that more chain was exposed towards Vlad. Once they had done that Vlad would spit some acid stuff over at the chains and with any luck it would hit the chains and not Danny. The reason Danny would be the first to be freed was because while Vlad was still chained he would drink blood from the younger crossbreed, this way if Vlad went into vampire mode he would still be chained to the wall and the boy could do whatever to get out of Plasmius's range. After drinking blood the man would free himself and he and Danny would teleport out of here. Currently Danny was as far as he could go and was watching Vlad intently.

Vlad smiled at the look of fear in Daniel's eyes he then turned his attention to his mouth. Inside it he was rubbing his tongue against the roof of his mouth to stimulate the flow of the acid into his fangs faster. He would store as much as he could and then shoot it over. They'd have to wait awhile afterwards for the solution to build up again but it was a small price to pay for getting out of this blighted place. "Are you ready Daniel?"

"NO! Are you sure you can't just turn into a snake and slip out of the chains?"

"In a way I am Daniel, ever heard of a spitting cobra?"

"Well, yeah but…"

"No other way Daniel, unless you have miraculously discovered another way?"

"No." said Danny with a sigh.

"Good. Hold as still as you can and I will try not to hit you."

"TRY!? Don't you mean you won't?"

"We won't be sure until it is done now hold still. In fact don't even breathe."

"Trust me I won't. Just do me a favor and don't cough while you're shooting it at me."

Plasmius nodded and took a breath to steady himself, then walked towards the younger hybrid. When he was pulled short he took a step back and rubbed his tongue along the top of his mouth one last time. Quickly stepping forward to give the acid momentum he released it when he was almost out of chain.

The red acid made a faint hiss as it came out of Plasmius's mouth and then raced toward the young crossbreed. Vlad's aim was true and Danny looked down at his chains and watched in fascination as the red solution ate through the thick metal that had bound him for who knew how long. Finally he was free! "YES!" he exclaimed throwing his arms in the air which was accompanied by the sound of his broken chains clinking.

Vlad smiled at the boy's exaltation and at the fact that soon they would be out of here. Even if it meant leaving the Vampirblut behind.

In the throne room Sekhmet allowed herself a brief smile "So the boy is freed first. Good. But they can't leave just yet now can they?" She looked over at an ordinary brown box that had sat unnoticed by the two hybrids when they were in here. The vampire goddess crossed over to it and opened it admiring the thing that lay inside of it. She slowly closed the box's lid and went back to her throne. She decided it was time to deal with Vlad and luckily she knew just how to do it.

"Vlad!" Danny yelled, as the man's eyes rolled up in his head and his body crumpled on the ground. The boy didn't understand what had happened, one minute both he and Vlad had been about to start on getting Vlad blood and the next he collapsed. Danny picked up the unconscious vampire/ghost, or at least he tried to, in the end he just dragged him back to his cot. Somehow he managed to get Plasmius up on it. He sat on the edge of the makeshift bed and stared at the older hybrid. At least he was able to reach Vlad now. "Maybe he'll wake up if I give him some blood, then we can get outta here." He looked around the cell for something to prick himself with but found nothing. He sighed maybe it was for the best, besides didn't he once hear that trying to feed someone who was unconscious was bad. He got off of Vlad's cot and went to his own to wait for the older hybrid to wake up.

Vlad stirred and opened his eyes. "What happened?" He remembered freeing Daniel but that was about it. Speaking of Daniel… He looked over at the boy's cot and met the teen's eyes.

"You're awake!"

"What happened?"

"You just collapsed after you set me free. Are you…ok?"

"I'm fine." Not really. His chest hurt and he felt entirely exhausted, it felt as if a ton of bricks was lying on top of him. He doubted that he could teleport anything or anybody at the moment. "Daniel, I think I'll take some of your blood now."

Danny nodded and headed over, morphing into Fenton along the way. He sat on the bed next to Plasmius and waited.

Vlad struggled to get up but somehow he just couldn't, he lay back with a huff. "Help me sit up." The teen complied and helped Vlad to where the man was leaning with his back against the wall. The vampire/ghost let out a groan and shut his red orbs when his head started to spin from its elevated height. He only opened them when the spinning had lessened somewhat "Alright, I'll take your arm now."

He held his arm out and waited for the inevitable sharp pain that was bound to come. He let out a small "ow" when the fangs went in but remained silent afterwards.

Vlad had never thought anything could taste so good as Daniel's blood did then. He took small gulps so that he could keep a hold on himself. He soon let go of the boy's arm and leaned back against the cold wall.

"Sooooo why did you…fall?"

"I was hoping you could tell me. Did you see anything…anything at all before I went down?"

"Not really all that happened was your eyes rolled up in your head and you fell."

Vlad nodded and went back to laying down, his head was starting to spin. A question gnawed at his mind; Why did he fall? Perhaps it was because after so long without "food" but he rather doubted it. His senses told him it had something to do with Empusa. He was sure that it was her meddling that had caused him to drop. He thought about what had happened between him and Daniel after setting the boy free. The older hybrid suddenly remembered a flash of pain that had tore through his body, the same type of pain that he had endured in the throne room. A sneer curled his upper lip "So. She's playing at it again." His sneer melted as he coughed into his elbow. Soon after he sighed and let himself fall asleep.

Vlad woke up feeling more rested than he had in a long time. He blinked as his eyes adjusted and saw that Daniel wasn't in the cell. Thinking he had been mistaken he blinked again but the teen still wasn't there. He sat up and looked around the room sending his ghost sense out to check the corners. No Daniel. Even though he knew that his senses weren't deceiving him he called out hoping they were "Daniel!" Nothing. "DANIEL!" He sprang off of the cot, ignoring the nausea, and ran towards the opposite end of the cell. He remembered the chains only when they stopped him, giving his arms a wrench. He took a breath to calm himself and faced reality- Daniel wasn't in the cell.

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