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Chapter Eight

Danny felt his mouth go dry in fear, he had been pretty sure that the only ones in the room had been he and Vlad. "Who are you?" he finally managed to throw out.

The voice chuckled "Now that is a simple question with a VERY complicated answer."

Vlad although he was momentarily startled was able to regain his composure "Would you, my dear, happen to be the guardian of this lovely temple?"

"Lovely? He calls rows and rows of tunnels lovely?" Danny thought incredulously but had to admit that the last couple of rooms had been neat.

Plasmius felt a presence by his side and then felt a very feminine hand on his shoulder and then heard a whisper close by his ear, soft hair touching his face "You're in my chair, sweety."

"My apologies, but seeing that I can't in fact SEE I think I'll stay right where I am."

The teen tried to speak but when he started to talk he felt something silence him and he wasn't sure whether it was Vlad or the strange voice that had done it.

Plasmius stiffened when he felt a finger run down the side of his face "Fine I'll turn the lights back on if that REALLY what you want."

"It is." The man stated firmly.

With a sigh the presence snapped her fingers and the torches on the walls burst into flames instantly lighting the room and allowing the two males to see the owner of the voice.

It was a beautiful woman who looked youthful but whose eyes held great wisdom within. Her eyes were a startling light blue and her blonde hair fell down to her shoulders. She was wearing a white dress and a conch necklace graced her neck.

Plasmius looked at the woman next to him and gracefully vacated the decorated chair, his arm sweeping before him in a gentlemanly manner.

The blonde gave him a smile and elegantly sat down in the chair she had termed as hers, and crossed her legs. Putting a finger against her own cheek she shook her head, still smiling "What am I to do with you two naughty boys?"

Danny meanwhile had found his voice, or rather his voice was returned to him and he made quick use of it "Naughty? What have we done?" Then the boy had an idea "We're looking for something maybe you could lead us to it?"

Refraining himself from palming his face Plasmius turned his attention back to the female "I find it easier if you ignore him, half the time he doesn't know what he's talking about."

The woman rose from the throne she was sitting on and crossed over to the young crossbreed, who she could tell was suddenly feeling uncomfortable with having the attractive female so close. She knelt down next to the teen and ran her hand through his hair. "Oh, I think he does. Tell me young one, what exactly is it that you are searching for?"

The teen swallowed thickly and glanced over at Vlad, who shook his head slightly, and looked back to the female "Ummmm, never mind, its not important anyways."

A corner of the blonde's mouth lifted "Tell me anyway, it should make my life a little more interesting."

Vlad decided to come over to the poor boy's rescue "What does it matter to you?"

The white garbed lady stood up and gazed over at Plasmius "Everything and nothing both…if you were to say one thing I could let you go, if it were another I'm afraid I'd have to detain you.

"I'm afraid that we are at an impasse then, because you want us to tell you what it is but if it is the wrong thing then we will be imprisoned. I don't know about the little rat over there-"


"-but I have no wish to end up a captive so I cannot possibly tell you."

The blonde sighed "I was hoping you'd tell me nicely but no one ever seems to want to do that…." She walked over to the man and put her chin on his shoulder "Lucky for you, darling, I have a solution to this problem. It's very simple really."

Vlad had no time to ponder on her words because she bit his neck and he felt sharp fangs prick into his skin. He let out a yell and was about to throw her off when she pulled off anyways. He put his hand to his neck to stop his bleeding and stared at the woman in front of him in confusion.

Danny had been frozen by the same power that had stilled his voice earlier, but now he was certain that it was the blonde who had done it and not Plasmius. All he could do was watch as the woman bit the vampire/ghost's neck.

The lady in white swirled the older hybrid's blood around in her mouth before she spat it on the ground and stared at him. "You know it was hard to discern at first but it's there all the same. Very unique your blood is…not only does it have the properties of a ghost's ectoplasm but also a hint of human."

"And the reason you didn't at least make some use of it by swallowing it is what?" An irate Vlad snarled.

"Don't be ridiculous; vampire blood is poisonous."

Vlad started to get a sinking feeling in his gut, but tried to ignore it the best he could.

Danny realized that he was no longer frozen by the female's power and made use of it by asking his earlier question again "Who are you?"

A small laugh escaped the woman's lips and she pointed at Plasmius whose mouth had slightly parted in astonishment "Ask him, it seems he's figured it out."

The boy turned towards the crossbreed and waited, expecting an answer but he got none. The older crossbreed was throwing daggers with his red eyes towards the female, who pointedly ignored it and instead crossed back to the throne.

The blue eyed blonde let out a fake yawn and looked towards the two males "It seems he won't tell you, I of course could but it's much more fun this way."

Before either of the hybrids could wonder what she meant, Vlad crumpled to his knees, as an intense pain in his abdomen caused him to hunch over until his pointed black locks were touching the floor. It felt as though someone had thrust their hand inside his body and was tearing his precious organs apart. He would've screamed in agony but he was muted and so he knelt there his mouth open in a silent exclamation of anguish.

His own mouth gaping, Danny started to run towards Vlad but was caught when the woman's arm snaked out and grasped him around his middle ignoring the teen's struggles completely. "Ah ah ah. Listen."

A burst of even more agony slashed through the older hybrid's body and he jerked his head up, his long fangs gleaming in the flickering torchlight. He fixed his glowing scarlet eyes on the woman who was causing his pain hoping that he was conveying all his loathing for the blonde in that single glare. His face scrunched up as even more pain assaulted him.

Still holding the resisting teen the woman walked over to Plasmius and knelt down and looked into the man's pain-filled eyes "Come on say it and then I'll let you go."

Vlad knew instinctively what it was that she wanted him to say but the consequences of doing so would be horrendous. Another blast of the woman's torture made him consider backing down but he held on baring his teeth at the blonde.

A flicker of annoyance went through the female's light blue eyes but it quickly vanished and she channeled more pain towards the stubborn hybrid. She smiled a small smile as the man before her gasped in pain but had to tighten her grip on Danny as he tried to surge forward once more. She finally threw the boy into the throne. The throne's intricate designs became ropes and bound the boy firmly in place.

Danny felt his body being thrown but was too slow to respond with his ghost powers. His head cracked hard against the stone chair and ropey things twirled about his body. "Vlad" was his last conscious thought.

Furious, Vlad managed to pull himself to his feet, one arm around his waist as he stumblingly made his way towards the woman who was causing this. Each step jarring his already aching body even further.

She tilted her head "Remarkable. You care SO much for this boy and yet he has named you as his sworn enemy." A small corner of her mouth lifted "You have a notable tolerance towards pain."

"Practice." He hissed as another voltage tore through his body.

"Oh, you inflict this upon yourself in your free time? No that's not it." Her eyes flashed towards where Danny was still unconscious and a full smile graced her face "The boy. But you could beat him SO easily. You know this and yet…." She cocked her head "YOU LET HIM WIN." She sent another damaging torrent through him. "The question is why?"

He yelled as it struck him and went back to one knee, when the wave ended he answered "He refused to let me train him but what he doesn't know is that every time we fight I am training him." He smiled through the pain of the flash-back of his mini fight with Danny on the football field, but his smile was short lived as he was assaulted again.

"Why don't you just admit who I am? It would save you all this unnecessary agony."

Vlad let out a yell as he was torn again and collapsed on the steps, lying on his side panting with effort. He looked over at his little badger on the throne and back to her. He managed to haul into a sitting position "Because you and I BOTH know what will happen when I do."


"Are you the guardian?"

The blonde shook her head "No. But I'll give you a hint who is." She put her hands on the sides of Vlad's face and stroked one cheek and then leaned forward and whispered "You've met him already, if I recall he has visited you at least once."

He was confused at her answer but made no show of it, mostly because he was busy with the new wave of agony assaulting his body. A groan from the stone chair indicated that Daniel had woken up and Vlad couldn't help but feel a little relieved. He curled his fingers around the stone steps as he was hit again.

Opening his blurry eyes Danny saw Vlad slumped in a sitting position on the steps below him, obviously in pain. He tried to go intangible but yelled when the ropes shocked him. "Great she has Vlad's taste in restrainment."

Vlad knew that if his body took any more punishment it would collapse on him and that was the last thing that Danny needed right now. Or himself if he admitted it. Yelling out loud as she sent more waves through him he tried to focus his mind but it was near to impossible. He realized that the wave wasn't coming in it's usual bursts but this time was continuing on. The woman had also recognized how close he was to giving in. He forced the two simple words out "My Goddess." And crumpled to the ground darkness coloring his vision.

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