Author's Note

Welcome to this little test project of mine, which will henceforth be abbreviated as Reverse Rebirth so I don't need to say the entire thing. This first bit here is basically going to be an Author's Note, but the second chapter that's going up will kick off the story.

About… A year ago, I think? I threw together a one-shot in the Persona section and said that if it gained enough attention that I'd extend it. It didn't. So I'm not. If by some miracle you've read that one and made your way here, this isn't that… Also, the grammar is actually proof read this time. So hooray for that.

This fic is essentially a continuation of a bad ending, not only for Persona 4, but for the entire Persona continuity up to this point, with a little straight up SMT added for extra mythopoetic undertones, hence why it's in this section to begin with (although based on traffic this fic might jump sections anyhow). Reverse Rebirth is, if the summary didn't give it away, set in a dystopian society, where the Shadows essentially rule everything. And the Persona users, at least those that are still around, have to deal with not only that but with their own gradually decaying personalities. Already we have the makings of an SMT plotline here, but things will get more apparent as time goes on.

Going into this – just be aware that there's all kinds of terrible stuff going on here… Most of it is implied, some of it is right out stated, but most of the particularly gruesome material is never shown… Most. Just be aware of that as you read – oh, and if you're crazy about various ships, let it be known that I'm going to sink and patch up quite a few of them as I go along. There's all kinds of absurd pairing stuff going on for not so absurd reasons too. And you'll get some of that as early as the first chapter of the story.

Oh, and there are no OCs in this fic. Remember that. It's very important for later.

Well, without any further delay, enjoy the first of many bits of cryptic dialogue Reverse Rebirth has to offer.

Persona: Reverse Rebirth of the (True) Goddess
Part I of IV
"The Cruel Angel's Thesis"

As the morning comes, the evening stays

You are night, and I am day.

A reflection of my broken mind

A fate that I had left behind.

You are lacking, you are flawed

A fleeting phantom, wrapped in gauze.

Yet you are me, and I am you.

And if it's true,

Then what am I, without you?

~Raidou Kuzunoha XVII