A/N: Taking another stab at genfic! This is just something relaxing for me to write while I go through a transitional period in my life. The idea for the story format – and subject matter, actually – comes from the wonderful Harry Potter fic "A Different Fate," although I always wanted to write something centered on Rem and the twins. Updates will most likely be sporadic. The storyline takes elements from both the manga and the anime. Every chapter will be comprised of five perfect drabbles (that is, segments that are exactly 100 words: no more, no less). I hope y'all like them! :)

"It's been a great year. It's as if I took an instant shortcut to motherhood."

– Rem, Trigun Maximum: Volume 6, Chapter 44

1. Perdition

She looks out the cabin viewport, gazes into the stars shining out of the depths of space. That enormous void – so much like a face, with its million eyes – reflects her inner condition, a loss of self: a blackness that not even the light of the stars can penetrate.

She still doesn't know why she chose to embark on this journey. Desperation, probably. And yet it has brought so much more pain than the life she left behind, forever buried with Alex, her one love.

She looks, and wonders if this journey can be anything other than perdition.

2. Tears

The babies cry and struggle against the slimy vines that secure them to the floor. So much like human children, they are: their faces are red and pinched and wet with tears.

Joey wants to kill them. He knows what will happen if the "others" find out about this. Better to end their lives now, rather than keep them alive to experience the torture that their sister was forced to go through.

Rem stands in front of them with her arms flung wide, tears shining down her face. If this one small act will redeem all her sins of omission...

3. Boys

Within a few hours, the babies are dressed and fed; and the identical blond sheens of both children begin to fade into something approaching individuality. One child's hair is the color of wild honey, while the other's takes on a high, almost-icy appearance. Rem balances both in her lap, enjoying the warmth of their little bodies. Mary marvels.

"What cute girls," she says, holding out a finger for one of them to gum contentedly.

Rem smiles. "They're boys, actually."

As Mary reels back in surprise, Rowan shakes his head at the impossibility. "And there's absolutely no explanation for it whatsoever."

4. Pact

"What are we going to do with them?"

"Nothing. We say nothing, we alert no one. They can be passed off as human children easily enough once they're of age."

The crew – consisting of the only human beings to remain awake on this ship – makes a pact, bound not by written contracts or the blood of devil-worshipers or the spit-soaked hands of a child, but by simple words. Even Steve agrees, grudgingly. No one else will ever find out about this.

They are now lawbreakers, all of them, but Rem knows: there is a higher Law than this.

5. Lullaby

It's a good thing the "others" are in cold sleep. Otherwise it would be impossible to hide the babies – they cry so much! Rem thinks of their mother, wonders if the task of comforting them would be better left to her. She will take them to her, soon enough. But for now, she just rocks them and sings the song that lulled her to sleep when she was their age.

"So... on the first celestial evening..."

The soft melody seems to soothe them, as well as the gentle swaying motion of her arms; and they drop off to sleep.