A/N: Third idea of what might have been in the Doctor's room in The God Complex. May redo this one at some point, not totally pleased with it…

"You don't know what's going to be in your room until you see it, and then you realise it could never have been anything else."

The Doctor bit back a grin as he saw the figure in the room. Lucy Hayward had been right; it could never have been anything else.

"Of course," the Doctor murmured "who else?"

But then, the grin slipped from his face as he realised the weight of those words. It could never have been anything else. Because, at the end of the day, it was always her. Only her. No matter how many others came and went, it was always her. He loved Amy, but not in that way. He loved River, but not as significantly. But she…She was something else entirely. The things she'd done, the faith he'd put in her…As he stepped further into the room, the Doctor realised that she was pale. Far too pale. White.

"Oh, Rose," he whispered, sinking to his knees beside her prone body.

"She died coming back to you, you know. She never gave up on you,"

The Doctor didn't look up, but he knew who that voice belonged to. It belonged to his tenth incarnation. Or, more specifically he supposed, the duplicate version of his tenth incarnation.

"You two were meant to live a long, happy life together," the Doctor stated quietly.

"But she only ever wanted you! Don't you understand? I needed her to make me better, like she'd done for you, but the moment you lost her you retreated into yourself. You reverted back to your old ways, because you lost her, and you were grieving."

The Doctor went to cut in, but the duplicate Doctor held his hand up, stopping his protest.

"I have your memories of that, remember?" he reminded him. Not waiting for a reply, he continued "She helped me heal, but I'd told her about Donna, and she knew you'd need her. She was determined to get back, of course, even though Pete and Jackie tried to stop her. But the only reason the Dimension Cannon worked properly when she found us was because of the Reality Bomb. Without the walls being weakened, it took a whole lot more power and pressure to get through, and the pressure of the Void crushed her…"

The Doctor, eyes wide now, stood, his gaze switching from Rose's dead body to the duplicate Doctor and then back again rapidly.

"She…She died getting back to me?" the Doctor clarified quietly.

The duplicate Doctor nodded. The Doctor stared at Rose's body one last time before stumbling out the door and back out into the hotel corridor, slamming the door shut behind him.


"It didn't want just me." Amy piped up "So, you must believe in some god or someone, or they'd have shown you the door, too. So, what do Time Lords pray to?"

The Doctor swallowed hard, his mind involuntarily flitting back to his room earlier. Her dead body. So pale, so still. He suddenly recalled all their adventures- the end of the world; the Gelth in Cardiff; Slitheen in Downing Street; Van Statten's base in Utah; the Game Station; World War II; New Earth; Torchwood House in Scotland; London; 18th century France; a parallel world; 1953; then he remembered his words from the Sanctuary Base, remembering what he'd told the Beast; I've seen fake gods, and demi-gods, and would-be gods, but if I believe in one thing, just one thing, I believe in her!

Realising Amy was watching him carefully, the Doctor quickly schooled his features and changed the topic.

"According to the in-flight recorder, the programme developed glitches. It got stuck on the same setting, the fears from the people before us weren't tidied away."

He hoped Amy wouldn't ask about the contents of his room again.