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Life changes in one minute.

That's the truth.

As much as it hurts her to think about it, everything changed in less than a minute. And the worst part is that she's sure she has no one to blame but herself.

Now, sitting alone on her living room couch, with tears threatening to escape, she grabs the phone and dials the number of the only person she wants by her side right now.

After two rings, a soft voice comes through the phone and she starts sobbing, not being able to control her emotions anymore.


Kensi's not feeling well but she's not one to admit that out loud.

Everyone knows that. Deeks keeps looking at her and she keeps glaring at him to show him she doesn't like that.

The relationship they have now is not one that the entire office can find out about. She can't even imagine what would be like if Callen and Sam were to find out that she's been sleeping with Deeks.

Yes, five months ago they got drunk one night and ended up sleeping together. And, afterwards, they both agreed that it couldn't happen again. But, after the same thing happened two more times that week (without alcohol in the mix), they started a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship.

This is exactly why he can't spend the entire day looking at her like that.

But she's been feeling weird all day.

She can't really explain what she's feeling. It's just as if something is not right but she can't quite figure out what.

After a few hours, she shakes that feeling off and focuses on the new case.

It's just another job, another operation. This is what they do, what they're good at. They are fighting the bad guys, trying to arrest them. It's going well. They're fairly easy to fight off.

Deeks watches, from a small distance, as his partner punches one of the guys (the one who is twice her size). It's nothing to worry about. Despite how weird she's been acting all day, he knows she can handle it.

It's only when the guy punches her on the stomach and she doubles over in pain instead of fighting back that he rushes to her, gun in hand ready to shoot. Callen arrests the guy and Deeks kneels next to Kensi, noticing the pain in her features and the way she keeps clenching her stomach to try to ease the pain.

She speaks, her voice quivering, and he knows this is serious. "I think I need to go to the hospital. It really hurts, Marty."

He doesn't know if it is because she calls him Marty or because there are tears running down her cheeks but he screams for an ambulance as loud as he can, to make sure the guys hear him. They call Eric and the ambulance arrives a few minutes later, minutes that seem to last forever for the three men who have to watch her in so much pain.

Deeks is forced to leave her side when they get to the hospital because the doctors need to run a few tests to figure out what's wrong.

After a few minutes, the nurse walks to him and tells him he can go see her. "The doctor ran a few tests. You can wait with her for the results."

He kisses her forehead, grabs her hand and sits next to her. She gives him a small smile to try to show him she's feeling better but he knows she's still in pain. The doctor arrives with the test results and a frown on his face that has him immediately concerned. "Miss Blye, we asked you if you were pregnant but you didn't answer us. As it turns out, you were two months pregnant."

Deeks is in shock but he notices Kensi is just looking at the doctor. She knew. He is sure she knew. The doctor carries on. "Unfortunately, the punch was too strong and you suffered a miscarriage. We're sorry but there is nothing we can do. You can try again in a few months, though."

Deeks lets go of her hand. She knew she was pregnant. She knew she was carrying his baby and went to the field. She got into a fight and decided to hide the fact that she was pregnant.

Deeks shakes his head, unable to look at her. "I can't do this."

And he walks away, leaving her alone in the hospital.

And she doesn't try to call him because he's partially right. This is her fault. She should have listened to what her body was trying to tell her. She was pregnant. Sure, she only found out about that when the doctor said she'd lost the baby, but it's still her fault. She should have noticed before.

And now she lost her baby and the man that meant the world to her. All in less than one hour.


Fifteen minutes after she hangs up the phone, she hears the familiar car parking on her street and hears the rushed steps to her door. So she gets up and opens the door. As soon as she does, warm arms surround her and try to offer her as much comfort as possible in this situation. Her sobs keep on coming and before she knows it, she's sitting on the couch, she arms she missed so much still around her. When she finally manages to keep the tears under control, she pulls back and looks up with her eyes still wet and red.

"I need you, mom."

Julia pulls her closer once again and tries her best to calm down her daughter.

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