Storm of Plague

Tromp, tromp, tromp, tromp, tromp…..

A great mountain stood in the distance, overshadowing the vast land for miles and miles. In one section of the land near the mountain were multiple paths carved into the land by the endless amount of travelers that came through the area. Each one weaved through the flat lands and stretched in various directions. One of these particular paths winded along the cliffs overlooking a deep valley that just barely managed to escape the shadow of the mountain. This particular trail was one of the less traveled trails, but one wouldn't think that at the moment.

Tromp, tromp, tromp, tromp, tromp, tromp, tromp…

Many Pokémon, hundreds perhaps, were trekking along this very path with bags strapped to their bodies. There were a wide variety of Pokémon walking amongst one another. They ranged anywhere from the tiny Wooper who bounced along the road to the mighty bulk of an Onix, who had to take extra care in not crushing the smaller Pokémon crowded nearby its body. Despite all the differences between the travelers, all managed to get along with one another. All eyes were fixed forward in the direction opposite of the mountain while they chatted among one another. Despite the weary looks upon many of the faces, none ceased walking. Everyone pressed on.

That was, except for one. On the edge of the cliffs where the ground was stable, stood a small Pokémon; a little Zorua. She looked out toward that very mountain, Emerald Mountain as it was called by the locals, with a distant stare.

At the peak was a swirling mesh of gray that extended far into the sky. In the middle of this hurricane-like cloud was a black spot. Though it appeared rather minuscule from where the Zorua stood, she knew that it was actually quite monstrous in size. The dark hole was continually pouring what appeared to be a black rain over the mountain, which would then flow down the mountainside at a slow, but steady pace.

"Hey, you okay?" a voice asked from behind the Zorua.

The Zorua cringed at the sudden voice, but she quickly recovered before turning her head back. She found a Torchic staring at her with a worried expression. The Zorua sighed in relief, knowing this Torchic to be a friend.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Chi," the Zorua stated before looking back at the mountain.

The Torchic named Chi went over to the Zorua before sitting down beside her. They both looked out toward the mountain as it slowly grew darker from the "rain".

"What do you think it is?" Chi asked.

"I don't know," the Zorua shrugged. "Never seen anything like it. And nobody will tell me anything either. It's annoying."

"Maybe they don't know anything either."

"No, they know something," the Zorua scoffed as she peered at the mountain. "They just don't want anyone else to know. You can bet that's what's going on."

"Aw there you go again with having suspicions about everything and everyone, Zekra," Chi whined as she flapped her growing feathers. "What is with you dark-types and always having to be so paranoid about every little detail?"

Zekra scoffed at the comment and then rested her head on the cold ground beneath her.

"So, where do you think we're going now?" Zekra then asked.

"I heard that we're going to Aurora Town actually," she replied. "It's the closest town to here that isn't by Emerald Mountain. I just hope that they can fit us all there."

"Well I'm sure they'll manage," Zekra said carelessly. "Aurora Town is pretty big. Twice as big as our city from what I've heard. And a river near the place. Maybe we could play there together or something."

"I can't do that!" Chi shrieked as she backed away. "I'm a fire Pokémon! I'll drown!"

"You won't drown," the Zorua snickered. "That's just a stupid myth about your kind. No one actually dies if they're in contact with the water for like five seconds. If they did, that'd be really stupid."

"How would you know?! You're not a fire-type!" the Torchic shouted. "You can pretend to be one, but it's not the same!"

"Sure it isn't. Plus you've never actually gone in the water, so you wouldn't know whether or not you'd die, would you?"

Fuming, Chi scratched at the ground with her sharp claws and kicked up sand into Zekra's face. The Zorua laughed as she tried to cover herself from the dust that was getting into her eyes.

Just as she was about to lunge at the Torchic, Zekra suddenly noticed that she was no longer being pelted with sand. Then not only that, but there were no longer the sounds of Pokémon talking or their footsteps treading against the rocky ground. The Zorua looked back at her friend to find that she had her back to her and was facing toward the trail they had just come from.

"What's the matter?" the Zorua asked as she looked over to the trail as well to find nothing there.

Chi didn't answer. Zekra looked upon the other Pokémon that were also traveling to find that they too were staring in the direction as Chi. In each of their eyes there was a strange mix of horror and curiosity.

Everything seemed to be completely silent. So silent, in fact, that one could hear a pin drop. Nobody moved for a long time as the wind seemed to stir up a bit.

And then there was a sound. It was the sound of something whispering. Whispers that muttered things that no one could understand.

It started growing louder. All of the Pokémon tensed. Zekra tugged at Chi's feathers. The noise grew even louder.

"Come on Chi! We need to move!"


Pokémon started to flee as the sounds of something burning filled the air. Yet, there was neither fire nor smoke to be seen. All of the Pokémon rushed up the trail, the only direction they could go to get away from the noise. No one knew what they were hearing, but the instinct of fleeing was heavily drowning out their other thoughts. No one could take the time to ponder in this situation.

And then a new noise came.


Knowing there was no other choice, the Zorua bit down on the Torchic's back, instantly snapping the bird back into reality. Chi instantly turned around to face Zekra, her beak quivering.

"RUN!" Zekra shouted as she shoved her friend into the crowd of terrorized and fleeing Pokémon.

The Torchic managed to get running in time with the group despite the sudden push. The Zorua quickly leapt toward the stampede with raspy breaths. Something about whatever was coming toward them didn't feel natural.

But before the Zorua could enter the group, a wispy, black creature swooped right in front of her. She jumped backwards from the sudden appearance of the strange creature. Zekra watched in horror as she found even more creatures of similar appearance join in behind this new creature and slowly swarm in toward the fleeing group.

Each creature had a different coloring scheme to their bodies, as if each were a different kind of creature rather than a large legion of one kind. Even as they swarmed together like a giant storm, it was easy to see the individual creatures. All creatures, however, carried exactly one shared characteristic: their eyes. Where the eyes should have been on each creature, there was a light. There was a bright, flame-like light glowing in each and every creature's eyes. They shined so brilliantly as if a sun were burning deep within the creature and seemed to flow out of the their eye sockets.

Just as Zekra noticed this, the dense haze that trailed out of each of the creatures filled the air. Various colors of haze slowly impaired the vision of the trapped Pokémon.

The Zorua was cut off from the others by the thick haze as she heard the shrieking of the ghostly creatures. She watched from the other side of the fog as the phantoms kept the Pokémon in line by circling around them while a few others would dive into the crowd. There had to be hundreds of these creatures, all smiling evilly as the trapped Pokémon screamed in terror. The mist-like wall separating Zekra from the others continued to grow thicker, but she could still see what was happening to the Pokémon, if only vaguely.

The trapped ones were trying to escape from the demonic creatures, but they couldn't see where they were going. Several Pokémon crashed into one another, knocking each other down and tripping over one another. It was pure chaos within the closed bounds of these demons. Everyone's screams mixed with the childish, eerie laughter that came from the horrific monsters. The haze grew darker as the creatures began closing in on their prey.

Many Pokémon started to fight back. Vines whipped through the air from a terrified, little Bulbasaur. Fireballs streamed in all directions from the gaping mouths of a Charmander and Flareon. Water blasts shot from the mouths of several Wooper. Electricity jolted from the body of an Ampharos, who somehow kept a stoic expression upon its face even amongst the panic. Spheres of energy left the open palms of several psychic and fighting types. Powerful winds blew around the entire area from the frantically flapping wings of Pidove, who were unable to fly out of the trap despite their advantage over air.

Ghostly shrieks filled the air as many of the phantom-like creatures were struck by the various attacks. Once hit, their entire beings dissipated into the wind. However, for every one that was eliminated, seemingly five more took its place. The numbers never seemed to decrease.

The darkness soon became an impenetrable barrier that closed around everybody. Zekra could no longer see the other side, but she could hear the screams and the wails from the ones trapped inside. She could only imagine what was happening, but even then, it was probably much less gruesome than reality.

She backed away from the thick wall of haze in front of her. She had to find a way out. However, there was none; the cliff was the only safe place. The entire trail had been devoured by the seemingly endless swarm of demons that were continuing to pile in from the end of the trail.

Zekra wanted to huddle and pretend that none of this was happening. She wanted to pretend she was still at her old home with her friends. She wanted to pretend that the terrified shrieks filling the air were just the wind. She didn't want to think this was real.

She hoped deep down that everything she was seeing was nothing but a nightmare and that in just a moment, she would wake up to a more peaceful reality. She closed her eyes in an effort to awaken from this nightmare. She started to count to three.

Before she could even get to two, Zekra felt a sudden presence in front of her. Thinking it was someone who had managed to escape, she opened her eyes and expected to find a fellow acquaintance.

Upon doing so, she wished she had kept her eyes shut. Floating about three inches away from Zekra was one of those ghostly creatures, staring at her intently with the hellish lights that were its eyes. The Zorua jumped backwards, nearly falling off the cliff. However, she managed to stay on the land and watched as the creature continued to gaze at her.

Despite having a smoky haze oozing off of its body, the creature did have a definite shape that seemed solid, which seemed odd since the smoke moved so fluidly, as if it were made of gas. It was a four legged creature just like the Zorua, though about half as small in size. It had two brown, pointy ears that matched the color the rest of the body and a bushy tail that slowly wagged from behind. Every other notable detail was lost into the ragged fur that no longer seemed to be organic, but rather, was now made of some kind of ghostly energy.

However, there was one part of its features that was most notable. There was a white collar of fur around its neck that was so untamed that it seemed to stick up in several areas like tiny needles. And then, the Zorua saw what she didn't see earlier: the creature looked just like an Eevee. Granted, it was hard to tell that it was one with many of its features changed, but it was most definitely an Eevee. The ears, the tail, and the collar were all notable biology of an Eevee that no other Pokémon had. Zekra took a step backwards once she reached this epiphany.

A couple more of these demons landed on both sides of the Eevee-like creature, these ones having the vague appearance of a Charmeleon and a Pikachu. Just like the Eevee, their forms were wispier and no part of their body seemed to be made of flesh anymore. Their unnatural eyes gazed at the Zorua as they seemed to glow brighter.

"Stay away from me!" Zekra shrieked.

She found herself frozen in place at the edge of the cliff, unable to go back further.


They all leapt at her at once with eyes gleaming maliciously. There was no soul behind those eyes; only bloodlust. The Zorua cringed and took a step backwards. The cliff beneath her feet suddenly crumbled, falling apart beneath her. Before Zekra knew it, she was tumbling downward into the valley.

The three ghostly Pokémon watched the Zorua plummet into the darkness from the very edge of the cliffs. They didn't bother to go after her; they felt it was a waste of effort. They backed away from the cliff before joining again with their kind. They all stood quietly on the trail that was now vacant of regular Pokémon. Not a trace of anyone who had been crossing was found. It was as though they had been wiped clean off the face of the land by these phantoms.

Then, all at once, the ghastly creatures rose into the air and took off into the skies. When all had gathered together as a massive cloud of meshing, eerie colors, they fled far into the distance.

But unknown to the demons, a Pidove slowly emerged from deep within the valley. It slowly gained altitude as it flew to where the traveling Pokémon had originally wanted to go. It seemed to have trouble flying, most likely due to the tail not being made of feathers, but rather of tuffs of slate-gray fur.

Yet the most noticeable aspect of the Pidove, of all things, were the tears streaming from its face. It silently flew toward Aurora Town, never looking back at the disappearing mass of horrific creatures.