As the feast ended, Harry and Hermione quickly intergraded themselves into the Hufflepuff family, making many friends. Proving the houses reputation as the friendliest.

Harry and the rest of the first year Hufflepuff's (which was a total of 9 students) were led by fifth year prefects Emma Vane and Oliver Rivers to a shadowy stone recess near the right side of the kitchens were they saw a large pile of barrels.

"This is the entrance to Hufflepuff house," said Emma. "Two from the bottom on the second row. All you need to do is tap it with your wand to the name of our founder Helga Hufflepuff, like so."

The witch pulled out her wand and tap-tap, tap-tap-tap.

As she finished, the lid of the barrel swung open, revealing the hidden entrance.

"Follow me." she said, leading the first years in to the Hufflepuff common room.

The basement common room was round with a low ceiling and smelled of earth. There were lots of yellow hangings on the wall as well as burnished copper and overstuffed sofas and armchairs upholstered in yellow and black, and circular windows that provided a view of the grounds of Hogwarts.

The head of Hufflepuff, Professor Sprout, had placed various plants around the common room, some of which sung soft melodies that left those that heard it feeling quite peaceful.

There was also a honey colored wooden mantelpiece that had badgers carved into it just below a large painting of Helga Hufflepuff herself, who smiled at the arriving students.

"This is the common room," the prefect said. "The plants have been provided by Professor Sprout in order to add her own personal touch to the room, including the cactus you see here, named Bob. You should also take note that the plants you see here are not in any of the greenhouses. Sort of like a special treat for just us. Now, if you will wait here, Professor Sprout will be here shortly to have a few words with you before sending you to your rooms."

The prefect then turned and left, leaving the first years standing there while more and more of the older students started to arrive.

The first year 'Puffs' only had to wait a few minutes before a dumpy sort of witch with flyaway hair came through the entrance.

"Welcome first years, welcome," she said happily. "Come, come. Let's sit down and get comfortable."

She led them over to a corner of the common room where they all sat down.

"I'm Professor Sprout," she said. "Your head of house, which basically means that I fill in as a sort of parental figure while you are here. I know for a lot of you, this will be your first time staying away from your families for extended periods of times, which can be a little scary for some. So, if you need to talk about anything, I am here for all my little badgers. For those of you that don't know, I am also the Herbology teacher here at Hogwarts, and as such, I expect you all to do very well in my class. Now on a side note Hufflepuff has always been looked down upon by the other house but don't let that discourage you. Being in Hufflepuff is not a curse but a blessing; we are a house that stands for unity, friendship, and hard work. Now off to bed my little badgers, the three tunnels you see will lead to your rooms, boy's dormitory on the left, girls on the right, and co-ed in the middle. You may stay with an older student if you wish. If you wish for a co-ed room you have until third year to request it. In the morning the Prefects will hand out your schedules, maps of the school and your new life here at Hogwarts will begin."

With that said professor Sprout left the first years alone as most of them went to their own gender dorm. However before Harry or Hermione could go to their respective rooms however they were stopped.

"Wotcher, Harry, Hermione!"

The two mutants turned to see Tonks walking towards them. Before they could even reply with a "hello" Tonks grabbed their hands and dragged them down the co-ed tunnel.

"Tonks, what are you doing?!" Squealed Hermione and she and Harry tried to free themselves.

"Isn't it obvious Hermione? I'm showing my new roommates their room."

"WHAT?!" Yelled the mutants as they struggled more to escape Tonks's vice like grip but the elder Hufflepuff was persistent. Eventually the two young ones gave up and gave in when Tonks told them that their stuff was already in the room.

The room itself was a cozy 'home-away-from-home' kind of room. There were four poster beds covered in patchwork quilts 'two on each side' warm copper lamps illuminated the room and bed-warmers hung on the wall in case of cold feet. A grandfather clock sat in the corner to tell time and a door on the far side of the room leading to a bathroom complete with a tub and shower. Finally at the foot of two beds were Harry and Hermione's trunks.

"Now then here's how it's gonna go down. Hermione and I get the side closest to the bathroom so you get the other side. Rules are girls get the shower first, no peeing in the shower, toilet seat down, and no dirty clothes on the floor, especially underwear. Now if you two will excuse me…"

Tonks entered the bathroom as Harry and Hermione looked at each other before they unpacked. Once the three Hufflepuffs had showered, they bid goodnight to each other and went to sleep.


Serverus Snape sat alone in his office, hands laced together in front of him and a glass half-filled with firewhiskey stood near. For the past hour his thoughts had lingered on a certain green eyed Hufflepuff: Harry Potter.

Snape had expected the spawn of Potter to be just like him, arrogant but while the boy did look like his father he did not carry himself like James did. Also Harry had one trait from Lily that differences him from his father: Lily's eyes.

During their first year at Hogwarts Lily and Snape continued to be friend's despite being in different houses. Also during the sorting she told him the hat had a strong debate about either putting her in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff with the latter being the choice. Now it seems that her son inherited more than just her eyes.

As Lily grew, she quickly became one of Slughorns most promising students in Potions.

'Tomorrow I'll test young Harry. See where he stands.' Snape thought as he retreated to his bedchambers for the night.


The First morning of Hogwarts came as Harry, Hermione, and Tonks dressed and showered for the day.

When they got to the common room however they were met by the entire Hufflepuff house.

"Well well Tonks barely the start of their first year and you already snatched two little puffs as your roommates. The-Boy-Who-Lived being one of them. Not robbing the cradle are you?" Said a young man with chiseled features, dark hair, and bright grey eyes.

The Hufflepuff house looked at the young Metamorphmagus for answers as she simply replied with a mock shocked expression. "Cedric how could say think. You've known me since first year. I would never do that, right Harry?" Tonks said as she hugged the young man close to her 'assets' which made the mutant blush with embarrassment while the other Puffs laughed.

After Hermione 'rescued' Harry by prying Tonks off him the Prefects started handing out the schedules and maps to the first years.

When Rivers gave Harry his schedule and map, he noticed the fifth year Hufflepuff staring at him. This caused Harry to give him a 'what' look.

"I just can't believe it. The-Boy-Who-Lived, defeater of You-Know-Who in our house." Said the Prefect as other started muttering amongst themselves.

Harry cringed as to him, that title was a curse that reminded him of his parent's deaths.

Tonks, seeing Harry's discomfort, rushed to his aid. "That's enough! Can't you see he hates that title? Sure he somehow vanquished the dark lord but it also cost him his parents. It's not something he likes to be praised for."

"Tonks is right." Cedric added. "Harry doesn't want or need those fancy titles. Here, he's just another Hufflepuff, our brother."

After Cedric's statement, Harry thanked him and Tonks before looking at his schedule. Monday was Potions with Ravenclaw and DADA with Slytherin, Tuesday Charms with Ravenclaw and History of Magic with Gryffindor, Wednesday Potions followed by Herbology with Gryffindor and Flying with Ravenclaw then Astronomy at night by themselves, Thursday Charms and after Transfiguration with Gryffindor, finally Friday was Potions followed by Double Potions with Saturday and Sunday off.

Getting the necessary school supplies, Harry and the first year Hufflepuffs left the common room and started the day.


"There, look."

"Is he the one?"


"The Boy Who Lived."

"Can't believe he's in the leftover house."

"Do you see the scar?"

Breakfast as the Great Hall was awkward for Harry as students from the other houses stared at him and whispered among each other.

He noticed that from the Gryffindor and Slytherin tables respectfully, Ron and Malfoy were glaring at him like he was a stain on their robes.

When Breakfast was over the first year Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws went down to one of the dungeons.

The potions classroom was colder than anywhere else they've been and could be described as just plain creepy, even without the pickled animals floating in glass jars around the walls. All in all, it looked like a medieval mad scientist lab.

The door slammed opened, startling many students as Professor Snape walked in with his cloak billowing like a cape. Turning to the class he began.

"I am Professor Snape; potions master of Hogwarts. Here you will learn the subtle science and art of potion-making. There will be little wand waving in my class and will only be used in stirring your potions. I suspect that many of you do not believe this to be magic but make no mistake, here you will learn bottle fame, brew glory, and even stopper death."

The class was silent after Snape's speech as he suddenly locked eyes with Harry.

"Harry Potter, Hogwarts new… celebrity. You caused quite a stir at last night's welcoming feast. Many would never have thought for you to be in any house other than Gryffindor, and in Hufflepuff no less. Tell me Mr. Potter, What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

Harry thought for a moment, and then remembered reading about it in Advanced Potion-Making.

"Draught of Living Death, sir."

Snape raised an eyebrow at the correct answer and went on. "Where would I find a bezoar?"

"It's a stone taken from a goat's stomach, sir."

'Correct again. Let's see.' "Can you tell me the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?"

A full minute passed before Harry answered. "I don't know sir."

Snape stared hard at the young mutant for what seemed like hours before finally speaking. "10 points to Hufflepuff, 5 for each correct answer. Shame, you could have gotten 15."

The whole class was silent as the first years were told by their respective houses that Snape was cruel to anyone who wasn't in Slytherin, yet here he was giving points to a non-Slytherin and a Hufflepuff no less.

Snape noticed the whole classroom staring at him and quickly got irritated as his face became emotionless. "Get to work!" Snape snapped as he waved his wand at the blackboard, where the instructions for the Cure for Boils potion and the pairings appeared on the board.

Harry was paired with Padma Patil from Ravenclaw while Hermione ended up with fellow Hufflepuff Susan Bones. Padma was a little nervous working with Harry but quickly found that he was very helpful and supportive. To Harry's surprise and glee, potion making was very similar to cooking which he did a lot with his aunt Raven as followed the step-by-step instructions for the potion to the letter. The Hogwarts potions master prowled around the room as he observed the students while thinking that Harry was so much like his mother who was a natural at the subject. His musings were cut sort when a bubbling hiss and green smoke filled the dungeon. Looking at the source, Snape saw that the cauldron of two Ravenclaws was melting while the two were getting covered in boils.

"Impudent fools!" Snape roared as he vanished the ruined cauldron and its contents away with a wave of his wand. "I thought Ravenclaw stood for intelligence but clearly that is not the case as it seems you have added the porcupine quills before removing your cauldron off the fire. 5 points from Ravenclaw for your incompetence. Now both of you off to Hospital Wing." Snape said as the two first years quickly ran off from the dungeon.

The lesson continued after the two left with Harry and Padma the only ones to complete their potion perfectly resulting in Snape awarding Harry another 5 points for Hufflepuff and 1 point to Ravenclaw.

At lunch the topic everyone was talking about was 'again' Harry Potter. News of Snape awarding Harry 15 points for Hufflepuff shocked many, including the Weasley twins Fred and Gorge who cast stinging hexes on each other to see if they were dreaming. A trip to the Hospital wing told them they weren't.

The next class was with Professor Quirrell who taught DADA. Needless to say the class was a joke as Quirrell kept stuttering every word that came out of his mouth.

The rest of the week went by smoothly for Harry. Charms with professor Flitwick were fairly easy thought the tiny little wizard had to stand on a pile of books to see over his desk. At roll call when he reached Harry's name he gave an excited squeak and fell off his books.

Herbology was a fun class as professor Sprout tried to make all the lessons exciting and taught them all about the various plants and fungi throughout the world, how to take care of them, and their uses.

Easily the most boring class in all of Hogwarts was History of Magic with professor Binns who in fact was a ghost. Binns grew old to the point that one day he just up and left his body behind without him knowing. Throughout his classes, Binns would lecture about past events and people such as Emeric the Evil, Uric the Oddball, the Warlock's convention of 1709, and the goblin rebellions.

Flying and Astronomy were pretty easy and they only needed to learn the basics of flaying and how to use a telescope before they could move on to the real things next week.

Transfiguration was easily Harry's favorite. Professor McGonagall, while strict was also fair. "Transfiguration is one of the most complex and dangerous type of magic you will learn in Hogwarts. I will also kick out anyone I find messing around as I don't bumbling fools in my classroom." She said than proceeded to change her desk into a pig and back again. Afterward McGonagall had them write down a series of complex notes before giving them all a match stick and instructed them all to turn it into a needle. At the end of class only Harry and Hermione were able to successfully transfigure their match sticks to needles resulting in 5 points each to Hufflepuff. Though Harry couldn't help but notice Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy kept looking at him with distain.

Saturday afternoon Harry had written a letter to his grandfather explaining his first week of Hogwarts.

He was on his way to the owl post to send Hegrid to deliver it when he was intercepted by three Slytherins. Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, and Golye.

Immediately Malfoy began chuckling as he began. "So, Harry Potter The-Boy-Who-Lived, is a Hufflepuff."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "And what of it, Malfoy?"

"Nothing…" The Death Eater spawn said. "It's just that Harry Potter was supposed to be this all powerful wizard. But it seems that's not the case as if you got sorted into a house of leftovers, squibs, and weaklings."

Harry narrowed his eyes. "I'd appreciated Malfoy, if you didn't insult my house."

"And what are you going to do about it?" Malfoy asked with a smirk as Crabbe and Goyle cracked their knuckles and stepped towards Harry with the intent of beating him.

Big mistake.

Harry reached for one of the suits of armor that littered the castle. A moment later the suit opened up as it sprang forward and swallowed Crabbe before closing, trapping him inside.

Goyle looked at his fellow brute before charging at Harry, but before he could get close, a helmet of a nearby armor engulfed his head and smashed itself ,and Goyle's head, against the stone wall, knocking him out.

Draco looked in shock as Harry disposed of his 'friends' with what seemed like to him wandless magic, but such a thing was impossible. Getting over his shock, Draco went for his wand…a little too late. With another wave of his hand, Harry sent half a dozen spears from nearby armors towards the Slytherin which caught in his robes and carried him to the ceiling where they embedded themselves in the stone above, with Draco dangling from the tips.

"By all means Malfoy please, hang around while I deliver a letter to my grandfather. Oh, and try not to move too much, otherwise you might fall."

With that said, Harry proceeded to the owl post while ignore Draco's cries to let him down.

There you have. Harry finally shows off his powers. As you can see there's not much going on in this chapter except Harry and Hermione's first encounter with their housemates and their first week of school. And for those who are wondering about the schedule, I got it from Harrypotter wiki.

Also how do you like how Tonks just went and made Harry and Hermione her roommates? And before people ask NO Tonks won't be with Harry. I made her a third year so she can be with Cedric. END OF DISCUSSION!


I'm looking for two Harry Potter stories that I lost and need help finding. I can't remember the names but I do remember some details.

First story.

Completed (I think)

Pairing (Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass)

After their school years, Harry and Daphne are married and have a daughter. The war still wages so Harry and Daphne decided to go back to the past during the Tri-wizard tournament with their daughter to stop the war before it starts.

In 1994, the younger Harry and Daphne are replaced by their older selves.

Both Harry and Daphne's names come out of the Goblet of Fire.

Second story.


Lily is framed for the murder of the hospital wing matron that came before Pomfrey.

Lily is found with a fake dark mark and sent to Azkaban.

Lily was pregnant with Harry when she was sent.

Bellatrix gives birth to a daughter named Artemis Riddle and later Lily dies giving birth to Harry Potter.

James marries Alice Longbottom and has Neville Longbottom-Potter who is the BWL

James receives a letter of Lily's death and doesn't care and doesn't read that she bore him a son in prison.

Later Peter Pettigrew is found a traitor and under the truth serum reveals he framed Lily.

Later the Order go's to Azkaban where they discover Harry and Artemis where Harry is taken in by James and Artemis is taken in by Serious.

Artemis and Harry consider Azkaban their home.

In anyone can give me the names of these stories or the authors I'd greatly appreciate it.