Title: Back to School

Summary: Follow up to "Vacation." Set in D3. Megan Martin and the Ducks are back! This time, they're enrolled at Eden Hall Academy as freshmen on scholarships and together they face the varsity team. Once again, the story is focused on Megan and it's told from her point of view. Read & Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The Ducks belong to Disney, so I don't own them. But I own Megan.

Chapter 1

Hey, it's me again Megan Martin. It's been two years since I joined the Ducks with my best friend since third grade Julie Gaffney. We flew to California to play against the Iceland team and we defeated them. While I was on the team, I met Luis Mendoza; we fell in love, and became a couple.

After returning from California, Luis and I stayed in touch. We wrote letters, talked on the phone, and emailed each other. Julie and I hung out and we also kept in touch with fellow Duck member Connie Moreau.

My oldest sister Nicole is now in college. Becky, my other older sister is a high school junior. And Kristi, my little sister is now in 6th grade. I'm officially in 9th grade.

This fall, Julie and I were going to be enrolled at Eden Hall Academy with the rest of the Ducks as freshmen on scholarships. Little did I know that I would experience life-changing events along the way.