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Chapter 8

The next day during lunch, we were chatting among ourselves when something caught my eye.

"Hey guys check out the new jackets." I said.

Sure enough, Varsity came over to our table wearing brand new letterman jackets.

"Hey, congrats on the Blake game;" said Reilly.

"Yeah right, we tied." Charlie said sadly.

"Hey a point's a point we're all Warriors now. You guys proved your guts. You all set for dinner on Friday?"

"Dinner?" I asked.

"Well, it's an Eden Hall tradition. Varsity gets to take the freshmen to dinner. So, round up your posse and meet us at six at the Minnesota Club downtown. Anybody needs a ride we can take you. I mean you guys like steak and seafood?" Reilly asked.

"Oh yes. Absolutely." I replied.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

The Varsity members walked away. Cole and Adam were the only two left.

"Look, I don't like you pukes all right? But this is tradition. At Eden Hall, I learned to care about tradition." Cole said. He leaves.

"Yeah right." I muttered.

"It's cool." Adam assured us.

I didn't trust those jerks, but I figured why not? Maybe they want to call it truce. So anyways, we decided to go.

On Friday afternoon, Connie and Julie came over to my house so we could get ready. Mom did our hair, make-up, and nails. After we got dressed, our dates arrived. We headed downstairs with my mom walking behind Julie. I wore a hot pink halter dress and kitten heels. Connie was wearing a black dress with white polka dots, a little cardigan, and heels. Julie wore a light blue dress and delicate shoes.

Luis, Guy, and Charlie were waiting for us downstairs dressed in tuxedos. When they saw us, their eyes grew wide and mouths dropped.

"Megan, you look gorgeous." Luis said.

"Thanks." I said, smiling. Luis kisses me on the cheek. I blushed in spite of myself.

"Guys, let me take your pictures." Mom suggested holding a camera. She was wearing a maternity spaghetti-strapped dress and high heels. Mom grew bigger everyday and she looked radiant with her pregnancy glow.

So Mom took a picture of me, one with me, Connie, and Julie and a third picture with all six of us. I felt like we were going to prom instead of dinner.

We said our goodbyes to my mother and we got into a limo. I must admit this was pretty cool.

"Are you excited about this, Meg?" Luis asked.

"Yeah." I replied.

After arriving at the club, we were all sitting at a long table. The food was awesome. Luis and I shared a shrimp cocktail for an appetizer and for dinner I ordered steak and lobster tail with a potato and melted butter on the side which was phenomenal.

Reilly stood up clinking his fork against the glass to get our attention.

"On behalf of the Eden Hall Warrior Varsity State Champion hockey team, I'd like to say welcome future state champs, the Eden Hall freshmen. Here, Here." Reilly stated.

"Here, Here." We replied in unison clinking our glasses together.

"We're just glad you loaned us Banks so that we have a chance to beat you guys in the freshmen-varsity showdown. Now, nobody move. We've got one last surprise. Guys?" Adam and the varsity members got up and left.

"Guys, I don't want to spoil anything, but I overheard something in the bathroom. It's a cake. Act surprised, all right?" Guy asked.

"Oh goody, cake!" I thought to myself as I clapped excitedly.

All of a sudden, the waiters came out pushing a cart with a giant cake.

"Thanks for dinner, losers." I read the icing. My happy mood disappeared.

A waiter gave me the bill and as I saw the total sum, my eyes grew big.

"We spent $857.00!" I nearly screamed.

Everyone gasped, shocked.

"How are we going to come up with that money?" Charlie asked.

The next thing I knew, I was in the kitchen washing dishes with Julie, Luis and Dwayne. By the time we were finished my feet were killing me, my fingertips were wrinkled like prunes and my French manicure was chipped. I was doused in detergent, food, and soap.

We took the bus home. Luis sat down next to me.

"Luis, could you massage my shoulders please?" I asked.

"Sure." Luis replied.


"I'm so mad, I could just spit." Julie said, disgusted.

"We need to do something," said Kenny.

Suddenly, Charlie spoke up.

"Hey guys; I got an idea. Go home, clean up, put on black clothes and meet me at the school to discuss the plan."

We nodded in agreement. I felt a lot better.

When the bus arrived at my house, I thanked Luis for the massage and went inside the house.

I went upstairs and hit the shower. Afterwards, I changed into a black jumpsuit, put on a black leather jacket, and slipped on black flats. I grabbed my favorite pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and headed downstairs.

Mom and Dad were still up. They asked me how was dinner and I told them it was great. I didn't tell them about the huge bill. I told my parents that I would be at Connie's and I would be back soon.

I showed up at the school. Everyone was dressed in black.

"Okay, here's the plan. Connie and Guy go to the tree and give us directions. Dwayne keep an eye out for a horse, patrol the grounds and if something comes up, call us. Russ, Megan, and I will get the ants. The rest of you go to the dorms and get ready. Understood?" Charlie asked.

We nodded, smirking. Varsity won't know what hit them.

We split up. Charlie, Russ, and I went inside the school making a beeline for Dean Buckley's office. Charlie opened the tank and I scooped up the fire ants with a little shovel into a jar.

"Ok Megan, tilt the jar so the ants could crawl in the tube which will allow them to go inside the rooms." Charlie instructed.

"Got it." I replied. I did what Charlie told me to do.

As if on cue, screams erupted. I immediately started laughing.

"Ahhh! What's on me? Get it off!" someone yelled.

Julie and I pulled the rope and released it when the doors flew open allowing them to trip over their feet. They continued screaming as we laughed hysterically and waved our flashlights blinding them.

"You think you're funny, huh? You're just white trash!" Reilly yelled angrily.

"Who you're calling white trash?" asked Russ.

"We can take you anytime, anywhere." I said, smirking.

"Tomorrow, dawn!" Reilly shouted. He and the varsity members made a beeline for the bathroom.

All of a sudden, we heard someone yell.

"I'm going to kill you guys!" Cole appeared in the hallway tied up with Dwayne's rope. I wish I had a camera at that moment.

Afterwards, Luis walked me home.

"Wow, that was an awesome prank!" I said.

"Yeah, it was. Meg, would you like to go out with me on a date next week?" Luis asked.

"Sure, I'd love to." I replied.

Luis and I embraced in a tantalizing kiss with his arms around me, our noses pressed as we kissed.

We let go.

"Good night, Luis." I said breathlessly.

"Good night, Megan." Luis said in a husky voice.

I went inside the house feeling giddy and happy.

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