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The Russians at the far end of the corridor turned and ran as Illya was pulled away in the opposite direction. Frank knelt down to Oscar who was suddenly violently sick. "It's alright Oscar. Everything is going to be fine," assured Frank.

A couple of hours later Frank came into Oscar's room. There was now a guard posted outside the door. Oscar was lying flat in his bed again looking ill and very upset. Frank sat down beside him and took his hand. "Well, Oscar, looks like you're not the only teenage spy around here," said Frank gently. "It turns out that Illya was spying for the Russians. They had become concerned about information leaking out about one of their secret facilities and Illya was sent to investigate the language school. It was him who removed all of the Professor's recordings. The Russians were worried you might remember some of what you listened in on."

"But I told Illya I didn't remember anything," said Oscar weakly.

"This is what Illya reported, but his bosses refused to believe it and insisted you had to be killed," explained Frank carefully.

There were tears in Oscar's eyes. "I thought he was my friend," he whispered.

"He is Oscar. A very good friend," assured Frank.

Oscar looked at him incredulously. "How. He was taking me to be killed !" said Oscar.

"He had to convince his bosses that he was," explained Frank slowly. "He was wired for sound so he couldn't say anything. He left this behind for me." Frank showed Oscar the car magazine with the post-it note. The note read, "Dear Agent London, this is an emergency. I have been ordered to take Oscar to be killed. I cannot do this, but they have wired me for sound and I have to obey. I am taking Oscar down to the maintenance corridor and out of the back door. Please get there before we do. Illya."

"Is he alright ?" asked Oscar, trying to take it all in.

"Yes, he's fine. He's here. Would you like to see him ?" asked Frank.

"Yes please," whispered Oscar. Frank stuck his head round the door and spoke to someone. Illya came in quietly. He looked down at Oscar lying in bed and was clearly upset.

"I have made you very ill again," he said. "I am so sorry for this. I could not think of another way.." he broke off.

"It's alright," whispered Oscar. He gestured for Illya to come over to his bed. As Illya bent over Oscar gave the other boy a small hug. Illya returned a much bigger hug gratefully, but as gently as he could. They broke apart, looking embarrassed but more relaxed. Illya knew he was forgiven. He and Frank left so that Oscar could rest.

Outside Oscar's room, Illya turned to Frank and pulled a cardboard folder out of his jacket. "Oh, you can give this to Professor Wiesnowski," he said.

"What is it," asked Frank.

"It explains what happened to his family in the war," said Illya. "I found it before I had to, well, leave. You will need to get it translated for him. Hopefully he will not need to hurt anyone again," said Illya quietly.

Taking the file, Frank said, "We have to pretend we have put you in prison you know. You can't go back to Russia now."

"Yes, I know," said Illya quietly. He paused and then looked up cheekily at Frank. "I don't suppose you have any jobs going do you ?" he asked.

Frank smiled back. "We just might. And I know an good place for you to stay too."

It was over a week later before Oscar was allowed to leave hospital, with strict instructions to rest. Frank drove him back to his guardian's house. As they pulled into the driveway, Oscar looked apologetically over at Frank and said, "I'm really sorry about this, but I don't think there's any food in the house. I need to get some shopping first."

Frank looked back at Oscar and laughed. "No you don't. Come on." Frank carried Oscar's suitcase from the language school up to the house for him. He rang the doorbell. Oscar wondered what he was doing. There was nobody in. To his amazement, the door opened and a lady somewhere in her fifties stood in the doorway.

"Agent London. And you must be Oscar," she said. "Come on in."

Oscar went inside and Frank carried his bag upstairs for him. The house looked really clean and there was a delicious smell of cooking food coming from the kitchen. He stood in the hallway, confused as Frank bounced back down the stairs.

"Oscar, meet Mrs Madison," he said waving his hand at the new lady. "She is going to be your housekeeper from now on. She's going to take care of running the house, cooking and getting you what you need.

"Hello, Mrs Madison," Oscar said shyly.

"Oh, you can call me Aggie," she said laughing. Oscar thought she had a really nice smile.

"Oh, and you're going to be sharing Mrs Madison with your new housemate," smiled Frank. Out of the sitting room door stepped Illya. The two boys grinned at one another, Oscar in surprise.

"Are you staying for dinner Agent London ?" asked Mrs Madison.

"I'd love to," said Frank.

As Mrs Madison went to the kitchen, Oscar leaned close to Frank and whispered, "How much does she know ? You know, about me ?"

Frank smiled at Oscar and murmured back, "She knows everything. You don't need to tell her anything Oscar." A flood of relief washed through Oscar and a tension he didn't know was there disappeared. He suddenly felt very tired.

"I'm going to sit down," said Oscar.

"Let's do that," replied Frank. Frank, Oscar and Illya sat down together in the living room. They chatted about what had happened at the language school until Mrs Madison called them through to eat. She also ate with them. They were laughing and chatting when suddenly everything hit Oscar like a train. He was really happy. It was so strange. For the first time in years, he felt free, as if a huge burden was lifted from his back. Tears started rolling down his face, and he couldn't eat any more of the wonderful food.

"Oscar are you alright ?" asked Frank, concerned.

"Oscar, are you ill again," asked Illya.

"I think Oscar is just a little too tired now," said Mrs Madison. "Perhaps it's time he went upstairs, hm ?" she suggested to Oscar. He nodded. She took him up to his room where she showed him a new pair of pyjamas. His bed had been remade with clean bedclothes and all of his laundry had been tidied away. After he'd got ready for bed there was a knock at the door. Illya popped his head round.

"I'm in the bedroom next door, if you need anything OK ?" said Illya. "Mrs Madison is in the room downstairs. See you in the morning ?" Oscar nodded tiredly and Illya left.

Oscar got into bed. There was a knock at the door and Frank looked in. "Is everything alright Oscar," he asked.

"It's great," said Oscar. "Thanks." Frank nodded and smiled.

"See you later then," said Frank, and left.

Oscar was just reaching over for the bedside lamp when there was another knock at the door. It was Mrs Madison. "Mrs Madison," said Oscar.

"Aggie," she insisted.

"Aggie," said Oscar. "What is it ?"

She came over and sat on the edge of his bed. "Oscar, I am here to look after you and Illya. If you ever need anything, you are to let me know. If you need to tell me anything, I'm here to listen. Alright ?" She looked at him. "Do you need a hug ?" He nodded. Oscar sat up and she wrapped him up in his duvet and rocked him gently in her arms while he sobbed his heart out.

Eventually he fell asleep from exhaustion and she laid him back down, tucking him in. She left quietly, shutting the door behind her and found Illya outside waiting, looking concerned.

"Is he OK now ?" he asked.

"Yes. I think that was long overdue, don't you ?" she asked Illya.

He smiled slightly. "I think yes," he said. "You would make a really good Granny you know," he said cheekily.

She pretended to be upset. "Away to bed with you !" she said, slapping him on the back. "Granny ! Hmph !" and she went off downstairs. Illya took himself off to bed as instructed. Life had just taken a turn for the better.

The End

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