In a vast white dimension with 1 and 0 floating around called the data world, a black and purple portal appeared.

Out of the portal appeared Grimmon, as he slithered out of it he began speak.

"Blast you Alphamon." He held his chest as it bleed out data.

"Once again he has messed with my plans. I must find a way to get rid of him and the rest of his knights." He smirked as he remembered defeated Dynasmon and turned him to a digiegg along few others, he would have conquered the digital world if it weren't fo Alphamon to appear and stopped him.

As he tried to ignore the pain, he felt that the presence of someone coming.

"Blast! He was able to follow me, I need to get out of here." As think how he was going get out of this, a thought come into mind. "If I can open a portal to here then I should find a new place to recover and plan."

He raised his scythe hand and used the blade to open up three portals.

"Hm. Three to choose from. " He went over to one that was red and blue, he looked in side to see the world.

"There are humans with creatures similar to digimon but can carried inside some metal ball devices." He reached out to it but some unknown energy bolts shot out at him, he backed away from it quickly.

"Ah! That world is protected by powerful being." He backed away from it and went to the second portal which had egyion eye.

He was about to touch it when several shadow like hands tried to grab him but thanks to his wings he jumped out of their reach.

"Hm. That world has a lot of dark power that don't want any more visitors."

Grimmon felt his body is starting to break apart.

"My strength is almost gone, I must go through one now!" He went to last one and see it does not react to him in any way.

"Finally!" He jumped into it as another portal opened up. This portal is neon green and out of it came three knight like figures. The knights are Alphamon, Magnamon, Examon.

Examon saw Grimmon jumped into a portal, he raised his lance 'Ambrosius' and fired it. "Pendragon's Glory!"

The portal that Grimmon used closed before Examon attack can reach.

Magnamon ran up to the spot where Grimmon went.

"Dang it! We were close to catching him and bring him in for his actions." Magnamon yelled out in anger.

Alphamon said nothing as he walked up to Magnamon, he placed his hand on Magnamon shoulder. "Don't get upset, we will get him." He the walked forward a bit and raised his right hand to feel the space where the portal was once at.

"Hm, strange Grimmon was able to open up a portal to another world." After a few moments his eyes widen.

"HE had gone there?!" He turned around and opened another portal.

"Examon, you and Magnamon head back to base and tell the remaining knights to guard the digital world until I call for them.

Examon and Magnamon looked at each other with confusion before Examon asked "What going on?"

Alphamon had his back to them. "Grimmon went to a world where it can be harmful to use if we stay there for a long time, since I am least damaged I will be able to stay there the longest." 'And there is someone there who is an old friend of mine lives there.' He turned his head slightly to see them still there. "Now go!"

Examon and Mganamon then quickly ran to the portal.

Alphamon sighed as the portal of his fellow knights used closed. He then opened another portal and slowly stepped through.

"I hope things have treated you well Lighting strike." The portal closed as the last of Alphamon cape went in.

In the unknown world.

Grimmon came through his portal. He held his chest and panted as he looked around to see he is in a volcanic terrain.

"Where am I at?" He then felt his tail began to feel odd, he looked to see his tail is starting to fade.

"I guess used all of my energy. I mus personally revert to digiegg to prevent myself from being permanently deleted."

He raised his clawed hand and shot himself with a beam.

As his body began to reconfigure into a digiegee. "Now I will have to wait for someone to find me and let them restore my powers."

He then became a dark purple and gold egg.

Ten minute later, a group of solders with a red bird for emblem on their left bicep.

One of the men spots Grimmon digiegg.

"Sir what kind of egg is that?"

The squad leader looked where the solder spotted the object. He walked over to it and picked it.

"I don't know what it is but let take it with us, who know it might be worth something back on Cylconia." He then began to lead them back where they came from.