Ummmm this is my first time writing with an OC, but I thought it necessary, or else this girl won't get out of my head! Everything else that is part of the Hana to Akuma manga is not mine; however, the OC (or is it OCC? Idk?), known to me and to you as 'Ivy' is no doubt my character. This is just my means of getting her out of my head for awhile.

{By the way, the flute song is supposed to be Lugia's song. Totally unrelated, I know, and I don't own that either, just maybe listen to it in flute version}


Lucifer's POV

Irritation set in as I waited for the carriage. I chose to tap the cane I held against Gilbert's leg in boredom. Gilbert was clearly annoyed, but decided not to say anything. Tilting my head to the side, I regarded him curiously. It was clear that he would provide me no entertainment today.

I sighed, leaning my head back to look up at the dark,dark sky.

So dull...

The carriage finally decided to pull up. I threw a random dagger I'd found in my coat at the guy driving the carriage...whatever his name was. His groaning provided me only a minor satisfaction.

Gilbert sat across from me, opening a book. I groaned as he cleared his throat.

"This carriage ride must be short, my king, for you have quite a busy schedule today. First..."

I let him drone on, figuring that if I just let him talk, he'd stop eventually. I looked out the window and examined the sky once more.

No shit we can't stand it being bright...we aren't even trying to get used to it...

Even being a demon, I couldn't help but wish to see flowers, as I rarely do on my occasional visits to dear young Vivi.

He acts as if I'm as old as the elders...

In reality, I was only 550 years old. In human years, I'd be around 26 years old. According to humans, that's still extremely young. I sighed in exasperation.

What a pest he is...but fun to tease.

I played around with the thought of a surprise visit to Vivi's little house on earth. It seemed like it would be fun...

All sound around me silenced, as the sound of a flute rang through the dark forest we'd just entered quite awhile ago.

The sound was sweet, yet sad; it flowed naturally and beautifully. It was like a desperate call to a retreating lover. I closed my eyes to the gentle sound, a smile beginning to play along my lips without my permission.

Gilbert quieted as well, looking out the window in alarm. I was disappointed that the sound didn't touch him as it did me. However, curiosity turned my head to scan the forest as well.

There, sitting on the bare branch of a nearby tree, sat a young girl. In human years, I'd say she was about 19 years old. Her eyes closed, her lips like silk against the hole of the flute, her fingers dancing across it's silver body.

I had the carriage stop, eyeing the girl with interest. Her long blonde hair flowed gently in sync to the wind. A short white dress hugged her slim body, her feet free of the confinement of shoes.

I left the carriage, ignoring Gilbert's silent protests. Walking forth, I noticed the most shocking thing; Ivy entwined in her hair. Plants usually couldn't survive in the demon world, let alone be laced into a demons hair.

I narrowed my eyes as the song came to an end. Pursing my lips, I strode forth, stopping when I had reached the base of the tree. Her feet dangled near my shoulder. Looking up, I admired the delicate art on the flute; ivy, of course.

Her lips left the instrument, her eyes opening slowly, sparkling a dazzling forget-me-not blue. There was a faint smile playing along her lips, as if playing the song had released her soul completely.

I waved my hand up to catch her attention. She eyed me curiously, as if she'd been so wrapped up in her own world that she hadn't noticed me.

That's probably the case...

I grimaced in irritation. "Hey, what are you doing here?"

She tilted her head to the side, making her look all the more innocent and vulnerable.

"A better question is why I wouldn't be here."

I caught the smirk that had now invaded her face. She was teasing me...And it was annoying!

"Because this is a forest full of lower class demons. You could get hurt, so why don't you run along home?"

It was my turn to smirk now. She just laughed.

"Do I really look that young? I'm not that much younger than you."

Her eyes twinkled playfully. I huffed at the girl.

"Not the point."

She placed an elbow on her knee and put her chin in her hand, seemingly bored.

"Yeah, yeah, low class demons and blah, blah, blah. I'm no weakling. I've lived here most of my life, you know."

This surprised me. "Why?"

The girl swang her legs at me mockingly.

"None of your business, that's for sure."

I grimaced before giving her a quick once over, then a slow one. Yes, she wasn't all that much younger than me. She was developed in that nice happy-medium way; slim with not too much butt or chest, yet just enough to make her attractive. Her body reminded me of an hourglass; small waist that led to slightly bigger hips.

Her dress was dirty and torn in places. Her hair was tangled. Her legs and arms scraped up. It was clear; she'd been here quite awhile.

This was a first, but I pitied the girl. I reached up and took hold of her waist. She placed small hands on my shoulders as I helped her down. She was actually a good head smaller than me.

So tiny...

"You play wonderful music."

The compliment was awkward. I usually didn't go out of my way to make others feel good, but it looked like she needed it.

Her momentary confusion was replaced by a bright smile. "Thanks."

Realizing that I was still holding her, I retracted my hands, placing them behind my back. Calmly, I began to pace.

What the hell am I doing?

Sighing, I turned to face her.

"You know, I am in need of entertainment. Life is so boring lately...perhaps hiring a musician would liven things up?"

The girl blinked, then nodded slowly. "It just might."

I gave a light bow, holding my hand out to her, a wicked grin playing my lips.

"Then come, my lady. What might I call you?"

She placed a hesitant hand on my own. "Ivy."


I kissed her hand, eyeing her for a reaction. Irritation passed by her face, but was gone in an instant.

"Well, then, lady Ivy, to the carriage."

I walked her back and helped her in, ignoring Gilbert's displeased stare.

Things are definitely going to liven up now...

Ivy's POV

I was amazed by the fancy carriage, as well as this guy's fancy clothes and guard and everything. It was all quite new to me, but, hell, it was a lot better than sitting around in that damned forest being attacked every night.

I looked over the man beside me. He was arrogant, but using him to get the simple items necessary to living wouldn't be hard.

As well, a new dress wouldn't be all that bad either.

I tilted my head to the side as I eyed the strange star like markings near his eyes, which were pitch black. He noticed me looking and grinned, a grin full of promise; promise of evil intent.

I was used to such looks. No one ever got anywhere, so it didn't matter.

"Who are you? I tell you my name and yet don't get one in return?"

He chuckled lightly.

"My apologies, miss Ivy. I'm known as Lucifer."

The name froze the warm blood coursing through my body. Lucifer. The demon king.

I felt like slamming my head into a wall. Usually, my skills resembled that of a wolf; heightened senses and all.

But today, the unknowing wolf had fallen into the hunter's trap.