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Crimson Wings of Death

In the Hidden Leaf Village, there is a village wide celebration going on. Everyone is having a great time with the celebrations and partying. After all, it is October 10th, the day the Kyuubi was defeated by the Yondaime Hokage. Everyone is having fun except for one young blond-haired boy, his name is Naruto Uzumaki. He is the son of the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, the Yellow Flash, the Yondaime and the Bloody Angel. he is running from a mob of angry villagers with pitchforks, torches, and various blunt and sharp weapons.

"Get back here demon!" screamed one of the lead villagers.

"We will kill you and avenge the fourth." Roared an angry female.

Why? I've been good and I've never harmed any of you!" Screamed the village's shunned hero.

He is skeleton like, no fat or muscles on his frail bones, he is wearing what looks like an old dirty blanket that is tied together at the top. On his skinny and frail legs seems to be an old pair of worn pants, filled with holes and tears. Underneath his improvised shirt you would see the countless cuts and scars that are all over his torso and arms. There are a couple of bad scars on his face as well, one that goes straight from the top of his forehead to the bottom of his chin on the left side of his face. He was lucky it didn't destroy his eye though. There is another one on the right side of his lip that is slightly diagonal from the bottom of his nose to just under the bottom lip. On his right cheek is also a couple of small scars that are see-able but not as bad as the two on his face. He also has a brand that says demon scum across his back, from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. He has golden blond hair that is untamed and spiky, that is filled with dirt, if it were clean it would practically shine. He has beautiful blue eyes deeper than any sea. You can get lost in them if you truly looked into them, feeling his pain and loneliness, but also an unbreakable spirit and will to never give up and never run away. He always wants to do the right thing and wants peoples' respect. He wants to end his suffering and wants to be strong enough to get their respect and help them. He wants friends and love more than anything and he will do whatever it takes.

His life has always been like this ever since he was kicked out of the orphanage a half a year ago, when he was only 7 years old. He was abused there too, just not as bad as when he was seen on the streets. He was never properly fed, only getting scraps the other kids left on their plates. He was forced to sleep in a cellar on the cold and unforgiving ground. No blankets, no pillow... No warmth. He had cried himself to sleep many nights, desperately wanting warmth and someone to hold onto. Lately, he has slowly been closer to just accepting it, with all of his abuse, he is used to all the pain and suffering. He has been on the streets looking for food in the garbage for close to five months now, only recently has he decided to hunt.

He keeps running not wanting to just give in to the beating, he runs right and into a dead end alley way. there seems to be no escape for him, although it wouldn't be the first time. He tries to hide behind some garbage cans near the back wall and wait it out. However, there are a few chuunin in the unruly mob of villagers screaming for his blood. The chuunin are able to sense him, "I can see him, he is behind that garbage can back there" Naruto instantly freezes, he can practically feel the ground shaking from their unorganized charge.

the chuunin who spotted him started off the brutal beating with a chakra powered punch to his head. Naruto is sent into the wall hard and is dazed and in pain, with blood coming down from his mouth and dripping off his chin. the other ninja in the group start to throw kunai knives at him and they stick into his arms, chest, and legs. they then grab him, and hold him to the wall.

"Hold him for a second Nanashi, lets stick him to the wall." A jonin says venomously.

"Good plan, Hoheto." The newly named Nanashi replies. "Lets see how this feels you disgusting demon, I hope you rot in hell for killing my wife and son."

"But I didn't kill anyone, I want to protect you all and be a hero, please believe me... I don't want to hurt anymore." Our hero replies shakily but refusing to cry.

"Shut up!" the jounin Hoheto screams as he plunges a kunai deep into both of his shoulders and into the wall effectively keeping him in place. Then the beating begins. Punches, kicks, bats, knives, hammers, and other weapons that the mob could get their hands on constantly hitting his small and weak body.

He does what any normal person would do when feeling all of that pain, he quickly loses consciousness...

"Foolish humans," a voice growls out angrily, disgusted at the treatment of the boy. "How could they treat the boy like this. its not his fault that I, the Queen of the Bijus was sealed into his stomach."

'I will help you Naruto-kun' the voice thinks quietly.

Naruto is floating on the surface of the one foot deep water and starts to stir. Looking around in this dark and ominous room wondering what happened and where he is. "Where am I? The villagers must have finished torturing me and threw me into some type of ditch." He says to himself quietly. "I don't know why they treat me so badly and call me a demon, why? I'm a good boy and haven't hurt any of them like they say and I've never wanted to kill them or anything either, so why?" He asks again thinking he is all alone he starts to tear up a bit and lets a few tears fall down his whiskered cheeks.

"Don't cry little one." A booming voice speaks out, it sounds rough but there is something else there that Naruto can't quite pick up on yet. It is almost a pained tone that seems to calm him down as he quietly cries. "Come over here" The voice suddenly speaks out again without warning and scares Naruto who cant see anything.

"Whose there? Where are you?" he asks slightly scarred as he starts to get into a sloppy defensive position.

The fox seeing this starts to frown, not wanting him to be defensive and hide himself from others who might want to be his friend. 'I cant believe the villagers did this to him, he shouldn't be like this he should be a happy little boy with lots of friends and people to love. Its a shame, When he is older he is definitely going to be really handsome too...' she thinks, but then stops because she doesn't want him to see her almost impossible to see blush. "Don't be scared little one, I promise I wont hurt you. Just follow my voice and you will find me."

Slightly re-assured Naruto starts to go to the last spot the voice was heard from only to see giant metal bars that look like a cage. They look like they go on forever up into the darkness that covers the entire ceiling. On one of the bars in the middle there is what looks to be a piece of paper that says seal on it. But that is not what gets Naruto's attention. It is what is in the cage that got his undivided attention. Completely in dark with the floor just as flooded as every other spot sits a fox. Normally this would be no big deal, but this fox was different, with crimson fur, it has nine matching tails, matching eyes, teeth so sharp they look like they could easily pierce through steel, and was as tall as the Hokage monument. He instantly paled to a perfect white, not knowing that the fox was never evil at all.

"Wow..." He manages to murmur out in the presence of the great crimson fox. "Who are you" he asks with his heart threatening to explode in his chest.

"I am the Kyuubi No Kitsune" the fox replies evenly.

Naruto's face then scrunches into his own version of a thinking face. "The Kyuubi? When did you get here? Are you the reason my life is so terrible then?"

The fox then looks really surprised at that, but quickly looks down with a guilty expression comes across her face. "You are correct kit, and I want to say sorry, I never meant to attack your village of Konohagakure." she explains quickly and calmly.

"What do you mean? Are you saying it was some kind of accident that should have never happened? And where are we?" Naruto questions skeptically, with a little anger in his tone.

"It was kind of like that, I was controlled into attacking the village. I never wanted to kill all those innocent people of Konoha. And this is your mind scape, I've been here ever since you were born." She says quickly fighting tears of guilt for ruining the life of someone she respects and admires. She has felt terrible having to watch the boy that she thinks is so strong for sticking to his own ideals suffer by the people that he still wants to protect. She wants to be his friend and has just recently thought maybe more when he is older, not that she wants to admit it, she is just hoping that he accepts her and her explanation.

"I see... but can you please explain more so I can fully understand that story." He asks.

"It is a long story so I will give you the easiest version and the shortest version." she says. "I was your mother's prisoner before yours, her name was Kushina Uzumaki. I respected her and we were on good terms withe each other. On the day of your birth the seal on her stomach was the weakest. This means that I could have gotten away easily, even if I never intended to. A man who I believe to be Madara Uchiha, then came and kidnapped your mom and released me. After he did that, I looked into his eyes by mistake and his sharingan took control of me. Madara then forced me to attack that village for his own selfish revenge. After a while your father Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage showed up and sealed me into you, his own son."

At the mention of his mom and dad he had frozen, he had always thought of his parents and whether or not they had just abandoned him or died for the village. He starts to cry for the first time in months finally knowing a small amount of information of his parents. "Is my mom gone then?" he asks through his cries?"

The fox letting a single tear slide down from her crimson eyes replies, "Unfortunately she is Naruto-kun" she truly missed her previous host. Quickly Composing herself she continues, "She would have wanted you to be happy Naruto-kun. She loved you very much and so did your father."

"But Jiji told me they were just some ordinary ninja who died fighting you... he lied to me!" he yelled getting angry at the thought of one of his only precious people lying to him.

"He did it to protect you, Iwa hated your father for demolishing their forces in the last war. If they heard he had a son they would have killed you or abducted you before you could even open your eyes." She screamed back, instantly freezing him in his place and stopping his upcoming rant. Seeing that he calmed down she starts to finish her story, "You should never question someone until you are sure that you have all the facts. He loves you just as much as you love him, you are family to each other. Besides, he didn't necessarily lie, he just didn't telly you everything, but on a good note I believe your blood line has awakened."

"Bloodline? Are those the things that the weird white eyed people have?" He asks calming himself down completely.

"Very good Naruto-kun" She replies, then she suddenly figured out she had added the kun suffix to his name and blushed a bit in embarrassment, hoping that he wouldn't catch it, and he didn't. She inwardly sighs for his denseness. But she is also impressed with his knowledge so far at his age. "Anyway, it is like those people, the Hyuga I believe. Yours is not a dojutsu though, it is more of a body type bloodline called Shinku Tsubasa."

"Crimson Wings huh, sounds pretty awesome." He replies childishly. "Can you tell me what exactly it does Kyuubi-chan?" He yells doing his best from jumping up and down.

Blushing from the chan suffix and smiling at his playfulness she explains, "Of course I can Naruto-kun, I am the Queen of the Bijus after all, ok to sta-

"Queen?" Naruto interrupts, "your a girl fox?"

"I am, would you like to see my human form?" she asks playfully. Her grin widens when she sees his nodding. "Ok, just one second" Then she is suddenly covered in a dark red light and begins to shrink. In her spot is now a teenage girl about the age of 17. She has bright red hair, with a beautiful and flawless face. She has crimson eyes matching her fox form and tails and fox ears on the top of her head. She has a killer body, which he can tell by the almost see through tight, crimson kimono. Breasts are around high B cup not too big not too small, she has wide hips with a killer bubble butt. All in all she is breathtaking to look at and Naruto is blushing like crazy trying to stop his already shaking knees from giving out on him. He just walks closer to the cage lost in her beauty "I take it you like what you see" she says teasingly.

"Wha-What are you talking about?" he stutters out trying but failing to hide his increasing blush. Thinking of ways to change the subject he asks "Weren't you saying something about my bloodline?"

"Your no fun Naruto-kuuuunnnn" she purrs and grins seeing his increasingly red face. "But your right, the Shinku Tsubasa or Crimson Wings bloodline is a very strong one. You will eventually be much stronger if you start to wear weights during runs. When you have enough weight on you will unlock your wings. They will be blood red colored, wings and you will be able to fly. You just have to make sure that you train your wing strength with your weights on to get them stronger. You will fly much easier with the weights off if you do. Also your body will have a slightly higher tolerance for weights than a normal person. Your lungs will also be able to adapt to wind pressure very easily as well, so you will be able to fly at any height with ease, short of going into space of course."

"That sounds awesome I can't wait to unlock my wings, but the villagers won't sell me anything and I have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. I'm also being beaten as we speak." He says reverting to his shy and guarded personality now that he was finally feeling comfortable in Kyuubi's presence.

The Kyuubi seeing this frowns, 'We are going to have to break that shy and reserved personality of his and get him some friends' She thinks sadly but is also happy that he accepts her and is comfortable with her. "Go and see your Jiji and ask him for help, you should have done that a long time ago. Don't worry that he is busy, he will always be there for you. Don't tell him we can talk yet and don't ask about your parents either, we can tell him when you are older. Also ask if you could get a trainer or someone to help you who doesn't hate you because of me." she says sounding guilty at the end.

"Don't blame yourself Kyuubi-chan, because its not your fault. If it helps at all I forgive you and would really like to get to know you and be friends." He says soothingly.

Hearing this Kyuubi starts to tear up and cry a little, shes so happy that he forgives her and wants to be friends. "Thank you so much Naruto-kun, I would love to be your friend too." She replies as she grabs him into the cage and gives him a massive bear hug.

Holding each other for a short while more they reluctantly let go. "Its time for you to wake up now Naruto-kun, and remember what I said. Just go directly to the Hokage and ask him for some help."

"Ok, Kyuubi-chan and thanks for everything, I really appreciate your help healing me and being my friend. goodbye for now" He replies softly saying his goodbye and fading away.

"Goodbye Naruto-kun." 'It seems that I have hope to one day be mates with you' She says quietly while blushing like crazy.

Naruto starts to wake up and sees the villagers and jonin just leaving the scene of the crime. He slowly starts to get up as the bones in his legs are now almost fully repaired thanks to the Kyuubi. The cuts and deep gashes are almost all healed up leaving scars in their places. His improvised shirt absolutely destroyed with little recognizable pieces scattered around. His worn pants in a similar state, being just barley enough to cover him.

"He's getting up!" Some random civilian yells, alerting the angry mob. Naruto sees more and more heads turn towards him and is getting nervous. His wounds may have healed but he is still very sore. Wanting to be better than the mobs he simply stares at them coming towards him and lets his eyes do most of the talking. The people then see what they have done to him by looking in his eyes. They can practically feel the pain, loneliness, and fear coming from the poor boy. Some start to feel a little guilty while others are waiting to see if he will become angry and attack, but what they all had in common was nobody could have guessed they would be receiving an apology. "I have just learned of my burden through this beating, it being one of the worst in a long time. I can see your frustration in me even being around and I understand now. Its an eye opener, I would want revenge if I had a family and someone killed them too." He says softly and quietly, but some how everyone can hear him clearly. "I, however, am not the Kyuubi reincarnated, we are two separate beings. I am sorry for your loses and am in no way angry. I will not seek revenge, instead I will become a ninja of this village and protect you and all other innocents. I only wish to be left alone please." He says as he turns and starts his walk to the Hokage Tower, leaving behind a mob of around 30 to think on what they have done. Slowly they start to disperse to their remaining family to spread the word of the kind and strong spirited Naruto Uzumaki.

Chapter end