Gray turned on the TV, and boredly surfed through the channels. He stopped to land on a talk-show program for he was surprised to find his lover as the guest in the show.

"Natsu?!" He exclaimed, eyes widening in bewilderment.

The two had been dating for quite a while, but the latter had refused to say his occupation. So, he really was quite baffled to have found this information.

"... So he's famous actor huh. No wonder he was so secretive about it..."

Other than that, Gray was never really into watching TV, much less movies and the like. It was rare to do so as his occupation went more towards hitting the books in libraries as he was a novelist.

He continued to watch, and became rather amused at how different the other was on the show.

"Mr. Dragneel, do you have a lover perhaps?" The host asked, making the crowd eagerly wait for the answer.

Gray also found himself looking forward to what his lover was going to say. Though, he collected himself when he was reminded that their relationship was to be kept a secret. Why else would the latter keep his profession from him?

He couldn't help a frown appear on his features when he thought of it. The male could only guess that he'll just have to put up with it.

He resumed to paying attention to the show, and nearly felt out of the couch when he heard Natsu's response.

"Yes, I do," he said with a sparkling smile that made the crowd swoon, females and males.

"Wow! Would you mind telling us what she's like? Better yet, if you don't mind me asking, would call her up?"

'The host was really pushing it,' Gray thought, before shaking his head.

"There's no way that Natsu was going to agree with that."

Once more, he was dumbfounded when the latter had acceded to the request and began dialing him.

The dark haired male was having a mental turmoil, but... if he doesn't answer, then it would save both of them the energy. He smiled as if he thought of a brilliant idea, and allowed his phone to keep on vibrating in his pocket.

However, another conflict came to mind. 'Wait, won't that make it obvious that I know what he does now? Dammit, I curse myself for always answering his calls no matter how busy I was.'

And so, he took out his phone, took some deep breaths, and hoped that everything will go just fine.



"It seems that the call has connected!" The host exclaimed.

While the pink haired actor smiled, "How's your day off coming along?"

"Oh, that? Boring really. I have nothing better to do." Gray hoped that he sounded normal and not a stuttering fool from the accumulating nervousness inside of him.

He kept his watch on the TV and saw the other's face contort to a skeptical questioning expression. From there, the male knew that he wasn't convincing enough. Although, that expression went just as it came, making Gray confused... Until, he heard a whisper through the phone.

"You know, don't you."

It wasn't a question, and the male froze; caught red-handed.

"I-I'm sorry. I just happened to find you in a talk-show so..." He slumped in guilt. Since the latter worked hard to hide it from him.

"I'm really sorry, Natsu."

From the TV, he his partner smile brightly.

"I forgive you, but you'll have to take responsibility of what I'm about to do."

"I promise!" He said quickly for whatever it was, as long as it'll gain his lover's forgiveness, then, he would be willing to do it.

"Alright, then just keep watching." Natsu ended the call, making everyone in the room confused, and sad that they didn't get anything out of the actor and his lover.

"Everyone, I have an announcement to make," he stated with a bright smile, as the noise quieted to hear him out.

"I'll be getting married to my lover, Gray Fullbuster. A man that I've been with for almost years."



The crowd and Gray both exclaimed in astonishment. Quickly, he called up his lover.

"Hello, Gray~" Natsu picked up the phone, disregarding the noise and the crowd around him.

"M-m-married?! W-w-wh-" Gray was flustered as he stuttered from embarrassment; especially how it was just broadcast worldwide!

"Well? What's your answer?"

The actor knew that his lover - fiancé he should say, became bashful as he heard a soft answer.

"... Yes."

And so, that was how Natsu Dragneel, an actor, proposed to Gray Fullbuster, a novelist.

"... So that's our story. Now, go to sleep. You three have school tomorrow," Natsu stated authoritatively at his three children.

He and Gray decided to adopt years after marriage. They got two boys and girl, all relatively close to the other's age; ranging around 7-9 years old.

They all pouted, but followed the order nonetheless.

"Goodnight, daddy," they said in unison.


Planting kisses on their foreheads before turning off the lights and stood up to leave the room.

He was met with his wife who stood by the door of their bedroom as closed the entrance to their kids'.

"Coming to bed?" Gray asked, yawning right after from the exhaustion of his workload.

The pink haired male nodded with a smile, and went towards his partner.

Life had never been so perfect, and he greatly wished it stays that way.

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