Thanks to WaterAngel-Alyssa for the 100 theme challenge. So it's all my oc's. Ok? This one is the first one.

1. Beginning.


It's her birthday, she's 11 now. She wakes up and it's just any other day, but there's an air of excitement. She runs downstairs to her mom and hugs her. "Morning, Mommy!" The girl smiles and then looks past her mother and stares in shock.

It's her father. He's never there in the morning. She lets out a giggle and hugs him, too. The man looks down at his daughter and grins. "Elena, today after school do you want to see my research?" The girl nods, excited.

Her school day is fun. She hangs out with her friends and brings cupcakes at lunch. And then, the school day is finally over. Her father comes to pick her up for the first time.

The girl is driven to a house she's never seen before. Her father walks right in and she follows. She's introduced to a man called Solf Kimblee. He's respectful and smiles at her. The man and her father say they have a surprise for her mother, but she's the one who has to give it to her.

The girl agrees.

They set to work, the man and her father. The afternoon is spent by them drawing transmutation circles on her hands, first in a pale pen, then in a thick black permanent marker. It's not long after that until her mom shows up. The girl runs up and stops just before her mom, and claps her hands to the stone floor.

She's concentrating on the ground before her, grinning. Mommy should like the gift, right? Suddenly her mom gives out a loud scream.

She tries to look up, but two hands appear on her head, forcing her to look down. Another pair of hands covers hers, forcing her to continue the alchemy. The pain-filled screams continue.

The girl struggles, whimpering pathetically. She's not strong enough to break away.

And then, the screaming stops. The hands move away. She looks up.

A beast has replaced her mother. It seems to be stone and flesh, somehow combined. Its eyes are wide with obvious pain. Spots of skin are stone and in some places, the skin has split open or stone has cracked and crumbled, revealing the bloody innards. Everything seems to be covered in a fine layer of dust.

"Look what you did!" Kimblee smirks.

The girl looks up to her father with wide frightened eyes. "I did that?" Her voice breaks.

The man grins and nods. "Yes, Elena. You just turned your own mom into stone. It's all thanks to you."


Fifteen year old Elena snaps awake. She looks around herself at the grass and trees and then down at her tattooed hands… and bursts into tears. She only wishes she'd known… that was only the beginning.

Ok.. so yeah, little bit of the Stone Blood Alchemist's backstory for yah. T-T You like?