Feliciano was currently having another insomnia filled night. He quickly glanced at his clock; the bright green digits announced that the time was just half past four in the morning. The reason that these restless nights kept occurring was because of Feliciano's anxiety towards not being able to impress Ludwig. Reoccurring thoughts of Feliciano getting scolded for messing up Ludwig's plans or not running fast enough during daily training raced through his mind like a runaway train. As he tossed and turned on his bed he tried to close his eyes and fall asleep.

"Can't you do anything but make pasta?!" Ludwig shouted.

"I'm sorry!" Feliciano sobbed, "I'm so-o-rry…"

Feliciano's eyes sprung open once again. Instead of crying or cringing like he usually did when these negative feelings came, he slowly rose up from his bed. Something had started to fill up his core. It wasn't his normal angst; however, it was boiling rage. He turned to his right and pulled open the first drawer in his nightstand; a fully-loaded revolver and extra ammunition were the contents inside. Feliciano grabbed the handle of the gun and gingerly pulled it out of its drawer. Ludwig was in the room three doors down, so Feliciano knew he had to be as quiet as possible. He had tiredly gotten out of his bed with gun in hand and walked unhurriedly to his door and cautiously pulled the door open. The door's stifled creak and Feliciano's soft breathing were the only evidence of life in the room. He walked silently out and made a right turn towards Ludwig's bedroom.

The corridor that separated Ludwig and Feliciano was dimly lit due to the moonlight that flooded through the window in the middle of the passageway. The dark hardwood flooring was cool under Feliciano's bare feet as he walked to Ludwig's room. When he had finally gotten to Ludwig's room he stood in front of it staring at the wooden door. His gaze narrowed as he studied the wood's grain and gripped the revolver's handle. This is it, Feliciano thought as the door lightly screeched as he carefully pushed it open. He saw Ludwig's limp, sleeping body rise and fall as he closed the door behind him. Feliciano sluggishly sauntered to the right side of Ludwig's bed. The small window to the left let just enough moonlight through to allow Feliciano to see Ludwig's face. Ludwig's hair was disheveled and his face looked tranquil for once. Feliciano, however, was the opposite of calm. He leisurely pulled the gun up from his side and aimed it towards Ludwig's head. Feliciano took a deep lungful of air and put his finger on the trigger.

"We can form an alliance!" Feliciano exclaimed happily.

"Alliance?" Ludwig asked while raising an eyebrow, "You want to be friends…..with me?"

"Yeah! You can boss me around and I'll disappoint you!"

"Hmm…Well I never had a friend before. It sounds…..nice. Yeah, friends…I like it!"

"So Ludwig wants to be friends with Feliciano?!"

"Sure! What the hell!"


Feliciano ran to Ludwig in tears, "Arthur says you hate me and you're just using me! Is that true?!"

Ludwig was befuddled by the comment, "Um….uh…."

Feliciano's puppy dog eyes glimpsed up at him with despair.

"No, it's not true. Actually….ich liebe dich."

Feliciano's crying stopped almost immediately, "Yay! I knew it wasn't true! I'm too pretty!"

As these thoughts ran through his mind, the once steady revolver started to tremble. Why can't I keep still, Feliciano thought, why can't I just shoot him?! Warm tears started to plummet down his face and fall onto the bed; he also started to sniffle. Feliciano took a quivering breath and regained his posture. He attempted to narrow his gaze and focus but the tears falling would not discontinue. His head slumped and the arm that was extended towards Ludwig dropped back to side. Feliciano started to softly whimper and the tears that poured from his eyes were waterfalls. What am I doing, Feliciano hopelessly thought, I can't do this…..I love him too much. The gun slipped from his grasp and hit the hardwood flooring with a clacking noise.

Ludwig rapidly rose from his bed and with that Feliciano's head had risen just as fast. Then all of the sudden Feliciano's fury came back in an instant like the grieving never even happened. Through angry tears Feliciano roared and ferociously clutched Ludwig by the neck and slammed his skull on his nearby nightstand making Ludwig's smart phone fall to the floor.

"F-Feli-Feli-ci-ci-ano!" Ludwig snarled while struggling for oxygen.



Feliciano did not notice Ludwig take a hold of his phone and dial the police until he heard the sound of the numbers 9-1-1 being punched in. He then let go of Ludwig's neck and went to retrieve his revolver. As he was bending down to grab it, Ludwig told the police what was occurring the best he could muster with short breaths through the speaker phone option:

"9-1-1, what's your emergency?"

"Agh," Ludwig gasped for air, "my friend is," another gasp, "trying to kill me!"

"Okay sir, I've traced your location through your iPhone and the authorities will be there shortly. Please stay calm."

"Th-Thank yo-"


Feliciano shot the phone in Ludwig's palm making the iPhone shatter leaving a hole and glass splinters in Ludwig's right hand. Ludwig screamed in agony as he dropped the totaled phone. The dark burgundy liquid that gushed from his hand dribbled onto the floor and the white sheets. Ludwig then used his left hand to pull out the pistol from under his pillow and pointed it at Feliciano.

"Feli….listen to me…agh…You don't…ugh…want to do this!"

"I've been wanting to do this for years! I HATE YOU."

"The polic-"




The door was then kicked open by the police which startled both Ludwig and Feliciano. When Feliciano started to turn to point the revolver at the officers, one of the policemen shot his taser gun at Feliciano's head. Feliciano started to tremble violently as all fifty thousand volts traveled through his body; he then fell to the floor with a thud.