November 4th U.C 0094

Location: Unkown


A man's eyes slowly opened, as they opened the quickly closed again in pain from the light surrounding him, like how someone would shield their eyes from sunlight after waking up from a long sleep. 'I'm...alive?' The man thought. Slowly allowing his eyes to adjust to the light, the man blinked a few times, and managed to take his surroundings.

He could see he was in a hospital room, and in a hospital bed, wearing nothing more than a pair of boxers and an undershirt. He groaned in annoyance, and knew the first thing on his new to-do list would be to find some actual clothes. However he was thankful that he wasn't wearing a cheap hospital gown, nearly stark naked.

After he removed an IV tube from his arm, and stripping off the several heart monitors on him, his ears began to register noises, the most prominent sound being that of alarms going off, klaxon alarms to be precise. This lead the man to believe that wherever he was, it was under military control. However then he began to hear voices, but they were coming from an intercom.

"He's awake! He's Awake!"

"What? How is that possible? He's suppose to be under heavy sedation!"

"Why now of all times? Sleeves are attacking! Send in the guards to subdue him!"

Upon hearing that, the man knew he had to get out of there, and now. However suddenly the room began to shake violently, and the lights went out in the room. Emergency lights then activated, emitting a reddish glow.

The man quickly hopped out of bed, and approached the closest door. He pulled on the handle, and he sighed in relief that the door opened. However standing just outside was a man wearing a Federation Officer Uniform, his rank showing he was a Lieutenant.

The Officer drew out his side arm, however the man acted quicker as he grabbed the Federation officer by the wrist and pulled him into the room. He then bashed his head into the wall, knocking him out quickly.

'That was easier than expected,' the man thought, before he was about to leave, but stopped as he looked at the uncontious Soldier, specifically his uniform.

A few minutes later, the man left the room, now clad in a Federation Officer Uniform armed with a pistol. 'Well, that's one problem taken care of,' he thought. 'Now, to get out of here.'

He then began to move through the hallways of the facility, which he had managed to conform as a space station of some sort as he passed by a window which revealed the void of space outside. The window also provided him an accurate reflection of himself, showing his rather long blond hair, blue eyes, and the light scar across his face.

'How long have I been out?' The man thought, 'I haven't had my hair that long since I was in AEUG...and that's saying something.'

"Attention, Attention all base personnel: Sleeves Forces have boarded the Station, Repeat: Neo Zeon Forces have Boarded the station! No matter what, do now allow them to obtain the prisoner!" A announcement on the intercom sounded through the entire station, causing the man to stop for a moment.

"So, their here for me?" He asked, however he smiled upon 'feeling' a familiar presence nearby. 'New I could count on you,' he thought as he continued through the base.

"There! There he is!" A voice called out, and the man cursed as he looked behind himself, and saw three additional guards pursuing him, armed with Submachines Guns "Get him!"

The guards fired, but the man took a turn around a corner and used it for cover as he avoided the 9mm rounds fired at him, drawing his own side arm.

When the firing stopped, he appeared out of his cover, and fired three shots from the pistol. He managed to kill the guard reloading his weapon, and took cover again as the other two guards opened fire.

'Damn, this isn't good.' he thought, however he then heard the sound of additional weapons fire, and the painful cries of the guards as all suddenly went silent.

"Commander Aznable, are you alright?" A voice called out.

Char Aznable smiled as he moved from his cover. He then saw the sight of three commando's clad in Zeon Normal Suits, armed with assault rifles. The leading individual was a large man who looked in his 50's with short black hair and brown eyes. Both he and the other commando's looked at Char with a hint of awe and amazement, but the man was the first to recover.

"Yes, I am fine." Char said, "And thanks for the rescue, and you are?"

"Captain Suberoa Zinnerman of the Sleeves, sir!" He said, "We're here to get you out of here sir."

"I assume you have a method of escape already planned out, Captian?" He asked, and Zinnerman nodded "Yes, we're going to hijack some of the Feddie's Mobile Suits, and use them to return to the Rewloola."

Char nodded "Sounds good," he said, "But I must ask...how long has it been since the last Neo Zeon War?"

"Its only been one year sir, UC0094." Zinnerman said, "We can explain everything once we get out of here, please follow us."

"Very well, lead the way." Char said, and Zinnerman nodded as the team plus Char moved through the station. After fighting their way through a few more guards, they finally made their way to the hanger bay which, thankfully, had some Mobile Suits inside. They quickly made their way to the closest units, with Char getting into the cockpit of an MSA-003 Nemo, and Zinnerman entered a GM III, while the others entered Jegan D Types.

Char quickly began the activation sequence of the mobile suit, as the Panoramic Cockpit activated around him. 'Its old, but it'll do.' he thought as the eyes of the Nemo light up, as did the other units.

The four Mobile Suits began to move, as the hanger bay doors began to close. 'Do they really think that's going to keep us in?' Char thought, rolling his eyes as he picked out the Nemo's Beam Rifle, and fired a shot at the door, blasting it open.

"Let's Go!" He said, as his Nemo soared out of the facility first, soon followed by Zinnerman and the others. They were soon greeted by a large battle going out ahead of them, with Federation Mobile Suits fighting Neo Zeon units. Some of them Char recognized as Geara Doga's, however there were a few units Char had never scene before, but reminded him of the old Zaku II.

Char's danger senses flared, and he responded instantly as he decelerated, avoiding several shots ahead of him as three GM II's descended upon him. The Red Comet rose his beam rifle again, and fired two shots, missing, but scattering the three GM's. The lead federation mobile suit tried to take him head on, big mistake as Char delivered a kick into the GM's torso, sending it tumbling back as he fired his beam rifle, destroying the unit.

The Second GM II attempted to take him out from behind, but Char drew out a beam saber and intercepted the GM's attack. He fired the 60mm Head Vulcans, destroying the GM's head and main camera. Char then punched GM away, but sliced the unit in half as he bolted away as its reactor detonated. The last GM II tried to take him out at a distance, firing his beam rifle, however Char evaded each shot as he moved in closer and close, until he was right on top of the Federation mobile suit, and slice its arms off. The GM fired its head vulcans, but they were silenced as Char stabbed a beam saber into its head, and kicked the unit away.

His sensors then picked up five more federation mobile suits approaching, and he was about to engage them until several beams erupted from random directions, making quick work of the federation units. Char looked at the source, and was surprised to see several Funnels flying around. He then watched as they retreated to their source, that being a green-colored mobile suit of Zeonic design, with four large 'binders'.

"Commander Aznable, we must withdraw soon," A female voice said, who Char could tell was coming from the unknown unit, "Federation Reinforcements could arrive at any minute now. I'll cover our retreat."

Char nodded "Very well," he said, as he turned the Nemo around, and headed away from the station with Zinnerman's team. He soon came across a familiar sight, of the Rewloola, escorted by three Musaka-class Cruisers, and Endra-class cruiser, and to Char's surprise, two Musai-class Late Production Type Cruisers.

"This is Captain Zinnerman to Rewloola," Zinnerman said on the comm, and Char could tell he was grinning "Comet has been found, mission complete."

There was a small pause, before a female voice said "Good, bring him in." She said, and Char knew that voice all too well. He then received a private message in the comm ways, and he accessed it. On the view screen, it then displayed a woman with shoulder length light brown hair, and green eyes wearing a Neo Zeon uniform. "Hello Commander Char," She said, smiling. "Its...good to see you again."

Char smiled a bit in return "Its good to see you too Nanai," he said, "But I hope you can explain to me what's been going on, like how I woke up in a Federation Station."

"I'll explain everything once your onboard, and after you've changed into something more appropriate." Nanai Miguel said, with a light giggle, "The Federation look just doesn't suit you."

Char chuckled as well "I'll have to agree with you there, coming in." He said, as the Nemo approached the Rewloola.



Onboard the Rewloola


Char soon found himself in the meeting room onboard the Rewloola, now clad in his old Neo Zeon uniform he wore in 0093. He was now simply awaiting the arrival of Nanai as he remained seated in the chair.

Soon the doors opened, and in stepped Nanai in all of her beauty, just as Char remembered her. He stood up upon her entering, and the two approached one another, their eyes locked to each other.

Then, in one swift motion, Nanai embraced Char in a tight hug, and nearly broke down in tears. Char was caught by surprise for a moment, before he began to return the embrace.

"Your alive..." she whispered, a slow stream of tears leaking from her eyes "The Intel showed us you were but...to actually see you...I..."

Char smiled as he looked into her eyes "Yes, I'm alive." he said, "Confused as hell, but alive. Hopefully though, you can shed some light as to what happened in my...absence."

Nanai managed to wipe away her tears and nodded as the two broke apart "Yes well, as you know, the year now is 0094, its been nearly one year since the failed Axis dropping. According to official Federation records, both you and Lieutenant Amuro Ray have been listed as MIA, presumed KIA." She began. "However, these reports are of course, false. Both you and Amuro were found adrift in the Nu Gundam and the Sazabi's Cockpit, but due too the Psyco-Field effect that stopped Axis's decent, both of you were put into Coma's."

Char nodded, allowing her to continue "You were both brought into the Federation's custody," she said before she scowled a bit "or more specifically, the Vist Foundation."

Char blinked at that, having heard of the Vists, "The Art Dealers?" he said, as Nanai shook her head at that.

"They're more than that," she said, "We found out just recently they are major stockholders in many industries, including those that produce Mobile Weapons, like Anaheim Electronics, they almost completely own them and make profit off of arms dealing. From what we have gathered, they have been manipulating events in the earth sphere ever since the Universal Century began, and practically control the Federation."

His eyes were wide as Nanai continued "We think they even had a hand in the terrorist attack in U.C 001, when the Laplace colony was destroyed." she said, "We know that after that day, the people on Earth completely lost trust with the spacenoids, and favored the extreme right-wing conservatives."

Now Char's eyes were narrowed, but he nodded. He knew after the Laplace Incident, the prime minister residence was forbidden to be in space and harsh restriction laws limited the rights of spacenoids were passed. All space colonies were forced to be under the control of the Earth Federation. This not only made space colonization seemed more to be a forced deportation of people, as the Earth became overpopulated, but also revealed the selfishness of the people on Earth.

"So, the Vist were behind it all?" He asked, and Nanai nodded "We believe so," she said. "But we lack any hard proof to present what we know too the right people. This isn't like the Titans, this is much different, and runs far deeper into the Earth Forces core."

He nodded a bit "I see..." he said, "But what confused me is how the Vist has so much power to begin with."

"Well, we don't know the details," Nanai said, "But it has something to do with a thing called 'Laplace's Box'."

"Laplace's Box?" Char asked, with a risen eyebrow "What's that?"

"No one knows for sure," Nanai said, shrugging. "From what we have gathered, its the source of the Vist Foundation's control and wealth. Whatever it is, it has the power to free the colonies from earth, and bring about the complete downfall of the Earth Federation. The Vist foundation is using Laplace's Box as a bargaining chip against the federation, threatening to release its content if they don't do what they want."

Char sighed at the fact that the Vist had the Earth Federation and it's military pratically wrapped around their finger.

"That's just perfect," he said sarcastically, "What else is there you can tell me?"

Nanai seemed to grin, making Char blink, "Well, there is a Guerilla movement against the Federation Government and it's policies, made up of former Federation and Zeon Forces, many of them veterans from the One Year War, Operation: Varuna's Tears, Operation: Stardust, the Grypes Conflict, and the Neo-Zeon Wars," she said, "Their a lot like the AEUG and Karaba back when the Titans were around, in fact they have a fair share of allies in Karaba. They call themselves Shord na Saoirse, or swords of freedom."

"Oh?" Char said, perking his interest as Nanai nodded "Yes, they've been around ever since Operation Stardust." She said, "They use Mobile Suits and ships used by both Zeon and Federation, with modern suits to ones dating back all the way to the One Year War, but they've upgraded their units to more modern standard. One of their Zaku II's could probably stand on its own against a Jegan. They have been one of our closest allies after the Second Neo Zeon War ended, and they helped us find you."

The more Char heard about them, the more he began to like this 'Sword of Freedom' group. "Interesting..." he said, "Where are they based?"

"We know their space forces are centered around the Shole Zone, where Delaz's fleet hid out until Operation Stardust." She explained, "As for their earth-side base, we think its somewhere around Antarctica." She grinned once more "But their not our only ally." She said, "Ever heard of Mars Zeon?"

"Mars Zeon?" Char asked, confused. Nanai then explained "Their Zeon forces who fled after the battle of A Baoa Que, however instead of settling on Axis with Neo Zeon, they settled on Mars, and have been there ever since. They have been building up their military, and Industrial might there ever since. They've been rather quiet for a while, but after the last Neo Zeon war they started becoming more active. They, like the Sword of Freedom, use upgraded One Year War Era Mobile Suits and ships from Zeon."

Char smiled a bit, knowing that at least they had no shortage of allies at the moment "This is good news," he said, "But what about Amuro? Have you located him?"

"No sir," Nanai said, shaking her head "You were kept at seperate facilities, and the Swords only knew where you were located. All we do know is that he's probably being kept comatose like you were."

"I see..." Char said, "But why would they keep us alive though?"

Nanai sighed "Your not going to like it, but..." she began, "We believe the Vist Foundation was going to attempt to make Cyber Newtype Clones of you and Amuro, and make their own small private army for their use only."

His eyes narrowed upon hearing that, "I see..." he said, "Then we're going to have to find Amuro, and get him out of the Vist Foundation's grasp...besides, I owe Amuro that much, he does not deserve to spend his life in a coma while people like the Vist make a Cyber Newtype army of his clones."

"I agree," Nanai said, "So do the swords, as they already began searching for his whereabouts, but we've had no luck in finding him yet."

Char sighed a bit as he closed his eyes, and began to think. From what Nanai had told him, the Earth had not improved at all after his rebellion one year prior, but now he knew there was a hidden faction that might have been responsible for everything that has happened in the universal century since year one. He was even beginning to suspect they might have even had a hand in his Father's Death.

If the earth didn't change, and soon, a repeat of the Titans could very easily happen. And that was something he needed to avoid, for the sake of all humanity, not just for Newtypes, but for those living on earth as well.

Char has learned his lesson from his rebellion, thanks to Amuro, he now knows he can't force humanity's evolution from earth. However he also knows humanity must at least begin leaving earth for the colonies, and in larger numbers than they are now. Otherwise the Earth will become a desolate and lifeless world, crushed by the weight of humanity's overpopulation, something he wants to avoid.

However...a plan soon came to mind as he remembered what Nanai said of 'Laplace's Box'. Whatever it is, it could be the key to finally make humanity see they must expand into space, and leave earth behind. He opened his eyes, and smiled. Nanai instantly recognized that look, that being the look Char gives when he has a plan, or at least in the progress of making one.

"Nanai, what do we know so far of the Vist Foundation, and their connection too Laplace's Bo?" He asked, "Specifically, who in the foundation knows where we could find it?"

"Like I said, we have little information," Nanai said, "But from what I know, none of the leading Vist members know the Box's exact location, instead several of their highest ranking members simply know clues and hints as to where it might be. But..."

"But what?" Char asked.

"But...recently, the Federation began the UC Project," She began, "Its a project meant to modernize the Earth Forces military after what happened in 0093. However, the project is being funded by the Vist Foundation, and lead by Cardeas Vist, the current head of the Vist Foundation."

"Really, now?" He asked with interest, and Nanai nodded "Yes, though its just a gut feeling...I think if we pay attention to the U.C Project, it might lead us to wherever Laplace's Box is."

"I agree," Char said, "Keeping an eye on the U.C Project, an in extension the Vist Foundation, is in our best interests. In the meantime, we should focus on finding the location of Amuro, as well as cause as much trouble for the Vist Foundation and Federation as we can." He grinned a bit "Just like our days in the AEUG."

Nanai smiled a bit hearing that "That's the Char Aznable I know," she said, "Right now, we're on our way to meet with the leaders of the Swords of Freedom at the Shole Zone, we should be there soon...in the meantime, I want you to meet someone."

Char rose an eyebrow in confusion, but Nanai just motioned for him to follow her out of the room. He did so, and a minute later he found them inside their old quarters, which hadn't changed much since his absence. However he instantly took notice of the small cradle at the far end of the room.

His eyes widened a bit as he looked at Nanai, who just smiled as the two approached. There, sleeping in the cradle was a small One Year old baby boy, wrapped around a light blue blanket. "Char...meet your son, Giorgio." Nanai said.

Char's eyes widen in disbelief as he looked at the baby in the cradle. Without knowing it he was kneeling and looking at Giorgio...his son. His and Nanai's son.

"My...My son?" he said, and Nanai nodded as she Char place a shaking hand on his child's head, causing the infant to squirm a bit at the contact. Nanai soon kneeled next to him, her hands on the Red Comet's shoulders.

"Yes, Char," she said, "He is your son, he's our son."

Char Aznable, for the first time in many years, was speechless. He had expected many things after waking up from his Coma, but...becoming a father? That wasn't among the things he expected.

Nanai at first appeared worried by Char's expression, however he then began to smile a bit, as he began to gently stroke his son's head. "Well...I'll admit I didn't see this one coming." He whispered, being careful to not wake up the child. "You named him after your brother, right?"

Hearing that, she smiled and nodded "Yes, it was the first name that came to mind." She said, and Char nodded.

"A good name," he said, before he frowned a bit. "I...I can't believe I missed it though...being with you the day..."

Nanai knew what he was talking about, and just hugged him "It wasn't your fault you missed out the day he was born, Char." she said reassuringly, "If anyone, blame the Vist. Besides...your here, now."

Char smiled as he hugged her back. It was then he remembered a certain blonde haired sibling of his.

"Nanai, what about my sister, Artesia?" he asked worriedly, and Nanai smiled at that, knowing his concern for his younger sister, like any responsible big brother would.

"She's fine Char, she's with the Swords. As their Chief Medical Officer," she said and she saw Char smile in relief at that.

"That's good," he said, "And what of Mineva?"

"She's fine as well, she's currently hiding out in our base of operations, the Palau Mining Asteroid." Nanai said, "Of course, we had to do backroom dealings with the Federation to keep her out of their hands."

Char sighed "At least she's safe," he said, "I hate to get her involved with all of this, but more will follow us with her on our side."

Nanai nodded at that, however before she could say anything, Giorgio began to whine a bit as he woke up. Char smiled a bit as he picked the young child up into his arms, and saw his green eyes "Well, looks like he got your eyes." he said. Nanai smiled and nodded, "Yeah, he does." She said, happy that at long last, their family was reunited.



Shole Zone


The Rewloola and its escorts, after making sure the Federation wasn't following them, finally made their way towards the Shole Zone, making way towards the Shord na Saoirse base in the 'Garden of Thorns', where 11 years prior, it was the headquarters of Delaz's Fleet.

Char was on the bridge with Nanai, and Captain Hill Dawson. Char glanced out the window as the Rewloola passed by the wrenched debris of different warships and mobile units dating back all the way to the one year war.

He sighed sadly at the loss of so many good soldiers and pilots. Men and women. Ages 15 to 50.

'So many lost...,' he thought somberly, as he saw a couple of Mobile Suits, a GM and a Zaku entangled as if in a lover's embrace. Holes in the torsos where there cockpits used to be, 'And all for what? Greed? Power? Prestige?'

He continued to look at all the wrecks, however one in particular caught his attention. A single warship, with a design Char knew all too well.

'A Pegasus-class?' he thought, as they neared the wrechage, and Char got a better look, and noticed that it was indeed a Pegasus-class vessel, specifically one from the Albion subclass. However Char also noticed that this vessel didn't have nearly as much damage as the other vessels in the Shole Zone had. And unless his Newtype Senses were betraying him, he could swear he could sense people onboard it.

"Captain, Mobile Suits detected!" One of the operators said. Char looked, and outside he noticed several Mobile Suits appear from behind the different sets of debris. He he recognized several models, including Zaku II Kai's, GM Customs, and Gelgoog's. However there were a few units he did not recognize, namely several units reminding him of the GM Kai used around 0083, while others were of designs he had never seen before.

Then, the so-called 'Sunk' Pegasus-class warship began to light up, as its engines activated and the lights turned on. Thanks too the lights, Char could now see the name of the vessel, but was surprised to see written on the side was 'MSC-07 Albion'. The same Pegasus-class that ran the gauntlet of the Delaz Fleet.

"This is the Albion to approaching Zeon vessel, please transmit clearance codes," came a voice on the radio.

Char then watched as Nanai moved toward one of the operator stations, took the headset, and pressed a button.

"This is Nanai Miguel on the Rewloola, sending clearance codes Talon-11-Hawk-38," she said, and Char raised an eyebrow at that, wondering where she got clearance codes.

There was a small pause on the radio "Clearance Codes accepted, welcome back Rewloola." Came the reply. "The Commander's wish to speak with you as soon as you dock with the colony."

"I will, thank you. Rewloola out." Nanai said, as she removed the head set. The battleship continued forward, as the Albion moved in to escort the Zeon Vessels towards their head quarters.

A few more minutes later, the bridge crew of the Rewloola soon came across a O'Neil Cylinder Type Colony, which looked very damaged, yet still serviceable. It appeared to have been designed on a Close-Type design similar to the Side 3 Colonies.

"The Garden of Thorns," Nanai said, "Once the hideout for Delaz's flee in 0083, now the headquarters of the Swords of Freedom's space forces."

Char nodded as he looked out the window, and noticed multiple warships which, unlike the other ships in the shole zone, were fine and working perfectly. He saw Salamis-class Cruisers, Magellan-class Battleships, Musai-class Light Cruisers, Chivvay-class Heavy Cruisers, Zanzibar-class Cruisers, he even saw a few Gwazine-class Battleships, and Pegasus-class Carriers.

However, what really caught his eyes were the two large asteroids which appeared on either side of the colony. Char blinked in surprise, not believing what he was seeing.

"...Axis?" He asked, and Nanai nodded "Yes and no," she said, "After your rebellion one year ago, both of the pieces of Axis were sent into the Shole Zone. The Swords of Freedom recovered them, and situated them around their station as a defense network, acting as two separate bases, Axis Alpha, and Axis Beta."

Char was suprised, as his respect for the Swords of Freedom grew more and more.

"The Swords are really resourceful," he commented, and Nanai nodded.

"And original," she said, "You see the mobile suits that look like GM-Kai's?" she asked and Char looked at the grey with black trim mobile suits that looked like GM-Kai's, "That's actually a new model based on the GM Kai, the TMSF-081 Patriot, they have been upgraded to more modern standards, and with new weaponry. They manufacture them on their own using facilities they built with their allies in Gründer."

"Gründer?" Char Asked.

"Gründer Heavy Industries," Nanai explained, "Their a new corporation that just began rising into power, their already becoming the biggest competition Anaheim's ever had when it comes to Mobile Suit production. They've been managing to produce several models of State of the Art Mobile Suits which can easily surpass almost anything Anaheim's built. Officially they work for the Federation like Anaheim, but the CEO of Gründer is an ally of the Swords, and has been selling them Mobile Suits and equipment for a while now. They made the Patriot's just for the Sword's to use."

Char instantly began to like Gründer Industries "I'm guessing Anaheim and the Vist Foundation don't like them very much?" he asked.

"You have no idea." Nanai said with a giggle as the Rewloola began to dock with the colony.

The Neo Zeon warship fired it's reversed thrusters, making it slow down until it reached the docking hatch, resulting in a dull thump and the sound of air pressurizing.

"Well. Let's go Char," Nanai said, and the Red Comet nodded and left with his lover to the boarding hatch. When they arrived the hatch opened, and the other side were three individuals who were wearing lightish grey uniforms with a black trim, with two of them carrying an assault rifle and wearing.

Char blinked, as he thought that the uniforms looked like a good blend between the Federal Forces, and Zeon uniforms.

(Patriot-112 A/N: For those of you, who are wondering, think of a light grey version of the ZAFT Uniform from Gundam SEED)

The figure in the middle was a woman who looked in her late teen's with short ear length dark blue hair and green eyes, standing at around 5'10. "Miss Miguel," she said, saluting. "Lieutenant Emily Amada, I'm to escort you too the commander's."

Nanai returned the salute, "Thank you Lieutenant Amada, please lead the way,"

The young woman nodded and then turned around and led the two through the hallways, the clacking of boots echoing off the walls. It took 5 minutes for them to reach their destination. A pair of doors guarded by two soldiers in a dark green version of the other's uniforms, each wielding Bullpup-style Assault Rifles, appearing to be modernized versions of the S&T Daewoo XK8 Assault Rifle.

The two soldiers saluted as they approached, and opened the two doors. They were then lead into a well sized meeting room, with a large T.V screen at the end which currently was displaying the area outside the Shoal Zone (Think the room where Mason meets Kennedy in Black Ops).

Char could see two figures looking at the map, as he and Nanai walked to a chair.

"Admiral, Vice Admiral," Lt. Amada said, as she saluted, "I brought Miss Miguel and Commander Aznable as you requested,"

"Thank you Emily, you may leave." The first one, with a woman's voice said. Emily nodded, and left along with the two soldiers, the door closing behind them.

Char and Nanai then heard a light chuckling "Char Aznable, the Red Comet," the second figure, a man said, in a voice Char vaguely remembered causing his eyes to widen. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

The two figures then turned away from the map on the screen, revealing their faces and attire. The first, was a man who looked to be in his mid to late 30's with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a red and black version of the SoF uniform.

The seocnd was a woman who appeared to also be in her 30's with black hair with brown streaks tied into a pony-tail, and brown eyes that held kidness, but also a determined ferocity. She was wearing a custom brown and black version of the same uniform.

"I-It can't be...," Char said in shock.

"But it is, Char." The woman said, as she grinned "Its good to see you again, we haven't seen you since, what? A Baoa Que?"

"Nasha...Zar..." He said, slowly grinning "How the hell are you two still alive?"

"What? Did you think an armada of Feddie ships could bring us down?" Zar Hellfury asked with a chuckle, "I thought we taught you better than that Char."

"We managed to hitch a ride back to Side 3 on a Musai when the fortress fell," Nasha Artemis said. "But, shortly after Zeon's surrender we didn't like how the Republic was more controlled by the federation than anyone else, so we left along with a few other former Zeon pilots. After Operation Stardust, we took control of the Garden of Thorns since Delaz completely abandoned it afterwards. When the Titans came around, a lot of Federation Soldiers defected as well, and joined us. So we founded the Swords of Freedom, to fight those who both cling to Gihren's philosophy of Zeon, and bastards like the Titans."

"We weren't as popular as AEUG was though," Zar said, "We kept most of our operations secret, since we had our attention more on the real enemy of the Earth Sphere."

"The Vist Foundation..." Char said, and the two nodded.

"That's right," Nasha said, "Their very powerful and very dangerous, their almost as bad as the Titans were, if not worse. And after your rebellion back in 93, they've been growing in power."

Char sighed at that, "To be honest, I'm still reeling from the fact that they were responsible for this whole mess," he said, "The Bombing of Laplace, the One Year War, everything," he then looked at his old friends from the One Year War, "Exactly how many Forces do you have?"

He saw them both sigh at that. "We have quite a few supporters and forces, but not enough." Zar said. "The Majority of our fighting strength lies in outdated and refitted weapons and equipment dating back all the way to the one year war. We've managed to upgrade most of our fighting force to modern standards, but not all of them. Gründer Heavy Industries have been helping us, but even they have limits as to what they can do."

"Most of our space forces are stationed here at the Garden of Thorns," Nasha said, "The ships we have the most of are from the Salamis, Musai, and Magellan-classes and their variants, along with many supply ships like the Papua-class and Columbia-class. We have a few Zanzibar-class Mobile Cruisers, Chivvay-class Heavy Cruisers, and even a few Pegasus-class ships we've captured or salvaged."

"In fact, the Albion and all of her crew, as you've already seen, defected to our side a few years after stardust." Zar commented. "Anyways, we also have a few battleships, including four old Gwazine-class, we even have the last Dolos-class Heavy Carrier that survived the one year war, the Midolo." He then grinned "But our flagship is a real kicker...a Dogosse Giar-class Battleship Synaps."

Char's eyes widened upon hearing that "You have a Dogosse Giar-class?" He asked, "But...I thought only two were made, the Dogoose herself, and the General Revil."

"Officially yes," Nasha said, grinning herself. "But about a year afterstardust, we discovered an incomplete Birmingham-class Battleship which was just left to rot after Stardust, since battleships like the Magellan and Birmingham classes were considered outdated. However we managed to...liberate it, and take it back here. After getting the schematics of the Dogosse Giar, we made enough modifications to transform it into the only other Dogosse Giar-class in existence."

Char's mouth was gaping upon hearing that, "..Wow..." he said, "You guys sure know how to improvise..."

"Hey, we know how to make the impossible possible," Zar said with a chuckle, "However we usually keep the Synapse along with our other larger ships like our Gwazine's and the Midolo on reserve."

"On earth however, things are a different story," Nasha said, with a grin. "We have several bases and facilities at Antarctica, and they have decently sized submarine fleets, plus two Himalaya-class carriers. They've been managing to produce numerous mobile suits and other combat vehicles for a while now, building up sufficient fighting forces. We still don't have enough to take on the Federation head on, but we have enough to begin hit and run warfare like the AEUG did."

Char just looked bewildered while Nanai giggled at his expressions "You two have been busy..." he said, and Zar chuckled.

"We've had a little over ten years to prepare Char," he said, "Of course we've been busy." But then he turned serious. "But now its time we made our move." He said, "But we're going to need you and Neo Zeon's help if we're going to pull this off."

Char simply smiled "How can I help?" He asked, and the two just grinned.

"That's the Char Aznable I know," Nasha said, before picking up a remote, and clicking a button. The T.V Screen then displayed the image of a Mobile Suit "A few months ago, we received intel from our spy network that Anaheim just finished development of a new mobile suit," she said, "The MSN-06S Sinanju Stein, it was developed off of data from the Nu Gundam and your old Sazabi, making it just as dangerous as both units."

Char looked at the suit, and couldn't help but be amazed by it, "Impressive, Anaheim sure does know how their mobile suits," he said honestly, and everyone nodded.

"True," Nasha said, "And that's why we're gonna steal it from them," she then grinned ferally, "And you are gonna be it's pilot,"

Char blinked in suprise at that, "Say what?" he said and he looked around seeing the three people with him grinning.

"That's right Char," Zar said, "We and the other Commanders voted, and decided you're the best choice for the Sinanju Stein,"

Char was floored by that, and looked at Nanai who nodded, and looked back at the image of Anahiem's newest model. Then his smile came back full force.

"I'll do it," he said, and everyone grinned at that.

After he said that, a beeping was heard and Nasha used the remote to change the screen, and soon a man appeared, wearing the same grey uniform as Emily, only he was not wearing a cap, and looked to be in his twenties with reddish brown hair and cyan colored eyes.

"Yes? What is it, Ensign?" Nasha said, and the man nodded.

"Ma'am, Captain Uraki's Team just reported in," the Ensign said, "They said they found something and are asking to speak with you,"

"Put them through," Nasha said, and the screen then changed to the image of a 30 year old man with short military crew cut black hair and black eyes wearing a dark blue SoF uniform.

"Ma'am, glad your here, your not going to believe what me and my team just found." The man said, grinning.

Nasha rose an eyebrow at that "Well, out with it!" She said, "What did you find?"

"While out on patrol, we stumbled across what appears to be an old abandoned Titan Base." Kou Uraki said, "It looks like it was abandoned after the Titans Policies were revealed to the public, they left in such a hurry they left behind all sorts of good stuff."

"Like?" Zar asked, though he was beginning to like where this was going.

"We found two Salamis Kai-class Cruisers, three Alexandria-class Heavy Cruisers, and a Lombardia-class Cruiser," Kou said, shocking everyone. "And that's not all, we also found about thirty seven GM Quel's from the Konppeitoh Army, eight GM Custom's, and to top it all off, we also found an RX-78T Gundam Titan Version."

"Hot Damn!" Zar said after a few moments of silence, "Looks like your boys really hit the jackpot today, Uraki!"

The man gave a cocky grin at that, "That we did, sir. Especially with the Gundam," he said, and then became sheepish, "Though do you mind sending some help? I doubt we can bring all of this back to base ourselves,"

Nasha chuckled a bit "Don't worry, I'll send you some Papua's and Columbia's to help out," she said, "We'll also send in some men to get those ships here as well."

"Roger that, we'll get things ready here, Uraki out." Kou said as the transmission ended.

"Well...that was interesting." Nanai said, and Char nodded "Indeed it was," he said, "Looks like you guys tend to have lots of luck."

"You have no idea," Zar said, "Anyways, back to how we're going to steal the Sinanju. We just found out that Anaheim is transferring the Sinanju from Grenada to Von Braun."

"So, we're stealing it during the transfer then?" Char asked, and the others nodded.

"That we are," Nasha said, "Of course, its not going to be easy. The Sinanju is being guarded by a small Earth Forces fleet of 7 ships, including an Irish-class battleship." She then grinned "But this is nothing to the Red Comet, I assume?"

Char just chuckled "Just give me a Mobile Suit and enough support, and that Sinanju is as good as ours." he said.

"It's good to have you back Char. It will be just like Loum," Zar said, as Nasha nodded in agreement. Char just smiled.

"Indeed," he said, and then became serious, "Before I go after the Sinanju, what can you tell me about my sister?,"

Zar and Nasha understood his concern as a brother and decided to tell him, "Let's just say she's a morale booster for many of the Zeon members of our group," Nasha said, "Not only as an excellent doctor, but because of her heritage,"

Char's eyes widen in alarm, "Wait! You told them!?"

Zar raised his hands in a placating manner to calm his friend down, "Hold on Char, let us explain first!" he said, "You see, after your rebellion a year ago, most of the Zeon Remnants were broken, believing that there was no one left to continue on the ideals of Zeon Deikun."

"However that was where your sister and Mineva came in." Nasha continued, "Sayla came to us, and told us her idea to increase moral among the Zeon Troops by revealing her heritage, and teaming up with Mineva. She did this so that the Zeon Soldiers would become disillusioned from Gihren Zabi's cause. She worked with Mineva to do this, as a way to show the end of the feud between the Deikun and Zabi Families, to unit Zeon under one banner."

"Not only has this increased the overall moral among the Zeon Troops of SoF, but its also gained us the loyalty of Zeon Remnants on earth." Zar finished.

Char had to sigh at that. His sister was certainly the type to put herself in harm's way, just for the sake of peace. She proved that time and again.

"My crazy little sister," he grumbled, causing the three people to laugh.



Back on the Rewloola


After going over the plan with Nasha and Zar, Char and Nanai once again found themselves on the bridge of the Rewloola, as they assembled the fleet that they will use to take the Sinanju Stein. In addition to the Rewloola, and its current escorts consisting of the three Musaka-class Cruisers, one Endra-class cruiser and the two Musai-class Light Cruisers, Zar himself will be setting out in his own warship, the Tivvay-class Fast Heavy Cruiser 'Devil's Advocate', the Garencieres, commanded by Captain Zinnerman, and, to Char's surprise, the Argama, the same ship he served on during the Gryps Conflict.

Nasha explained to him that after the First Neo Zeon War, the crew of the Argama had switched to the more advance Nahel Argama, after the former was damaged during the Dublin Colony Drop. Karaba was meant to repair it, but by the time they were done, the war had ended. Hence Karaba had decided to give the Argama too the Swords of Freedom, for them to use.

Char was happy to see the old girl again. Because, espite it being of Federation build, it was a splendid ship and a force to be reckoned with. It was also the first and probably last time he served with his adversary, the famous former Captain of the White Base, Bright Noa.

Thinking of the Londo Bell Commander, Char wondered what happened to him after his Rebellion. He shook his head at that, deciding he'll wait to find out later after the mission.

"Commander Char, all ships report ready." Nanai said, "We can mobilize at a moment's notice."

Char nodded "Very well," he said, "Open a comm with all ship."

Nanai nodded and ordered one of the Bridge Operators to open a channel to the fleet. When he did and signaled Nanai that it was done, Nanai turned back to Char and nodded.

(Begin Playing: MSG Char's Counterattack Main Title)

"This is Commander Char Aznable," he began, "As many of you have recently discovered, I am in fact still alive. For the past year, I have been kept prisoner by the people you know as the Vist Foundation, who, from what I have been told, have been responsible for everything that has happened in the Universal Century."

"As you know, by the day the Earth Federation grows more and more corrupt, as their souls are still brought down by earth's gravity." He continued, "If they are not stopped, a repeat of the Titans is inevitable, and that is something we must prevent, for the sake of all humanity, both those on earth and for the spacenoids."

"They're are, of course, Zeon Remnants, who strongly believe in the ideals of Gihren Zabi, and agree the Earth should be purged of all Earthnoids." He said, before pausing. "And too those who do, I say this: How can you justify the slaughter of billions of innocent men women and children? In the first half of the one year war, nearly half of the human population in the earth sphere was wiped out, all because of Gihren Zabi. If he had it his way, Gihren would have destroyed the earth out-right! My Father, Zeon Deikun, believed humans were to leave earth alone, and begin our lives anew in space, rather than to cling to it like parasites, remaining until there is not a single resource remained on earth. This is the flaw the Federation is making, and it is the same flaw that Gihren Zabi was making."



With Nasha


Unknown to Char, Nasha was hearing his speech as well, and she was playing it on all SoF comm Channels, so that everyone in the resistance group could hear it, both on earth and in space. 'You show e'm Char.' She thought, as she grinned.

"It is also, thanks to Gihren Zabi, that all of the earth federation, and the people living on earth, believe that all Zeon are driven by his ideals. Even the Republic of Zeon is not spared from this view, as many on the earth resent them with hatred. The time has come for us to prove them wrong!"


SoF Antarctic Base


Meanwhile, in a medical bay in an Antarctic base which was largely empty, a woman in her 30's with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes smiled as she heard the speech. 'Nii-san...you finally understand.' she thought.

"We will prove to the Federation, and too all of the earth sphere that not all of Zeon are fanatics to Gihren Zabi! To any who still cling to his ideals, then you shall find no help from us, and you will be stopped."


Onboard the Devil's Advocate


Zar listened to Char's speech with a smile on his face "Just when you think he didn't have another speech in him..." he said, "I trained him well."

"Today will mark the day we cast aside our dark past, and begin anew! Just as all humanity must do, as we cast aside our ancient past on earth, and begin anew in space!"


Onboard the Rewloola


"The journey ahead of us will not be easy, for the Federation, Vist Foundation, and Gihren Loyalists will be fighting us to the bitter end." Char said. "I have not had the pleasure of fighting along side many of you, however I know all of you will do you best for the sake of the earth, and for all of humanity."

He then paused for a moment, and chuckled for a moment "This...would usually be the part where I would say something like 'Sieg Zeon' or something like that..." he said, "But that is something to be said by a Principality Loyalists... So I will end this by stating that in the end, we will succeed...all that I ask of you, is for you to help me bring about the world that my Father, Zeon Deikun, envisioned all those years ago."

"I will not force you to make this decision. The choice is yours alone, and I will certainly not make you swear a bogus oath of loyalty, like Gihren's idol Adolph Hitler made the German Army do during the Second World War."

"Our ancestors built a place for us here in space, thanks too their indomitable spirit and the strength of their resolve. Now its time that we tap into that same resolve to protect what they struggled to build. Let us show the Federation and the Vist Foundation what happens when they threaten our homes!"

When he stopped speaking, there was a brief silence, then, across all of the comm channels, there was a massive wave of chants, cheers and cries which filled the comm channels throughout the fleet.

Char smiled, knowing he still got it. He felt a pair of arms wrap around his, and turned to see Nanai smiling at him, and he returned.

"You did well, Char," she said, "Not only will you gain the support of Spacenoids, but Earthnoids as well,"

Char nodded knowing it was true, "Yes, and my father's dream will become a reality. And I will bring peace to humanity, and for our son to grow up in a brighter future."

Nanai nodded "Yes, so we'd best get started making that future." She said, and Char nodded as well as they took their positions. "Captain Dawson, if you would?"

Captain Dawson smiled and nodded "All Engines, ahead full!" He ordered. Outside, the Rewloola's engines ignited once more as it accelerated forward. Soon following suit, the other vessels of the fleet ignited their engines, as they moved forward towards their mission, and begin the redemption of Zeon.

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