Daleatu really liked his name. But more than that he liked his Dragonsong. Which is why he collected syllables like other people stamps, in order to be able to sing more and more of this awesome melody. It was really, really catchy and all his friends liked it too and were happy their syllables were a part of it. A friend of his even wrote accompanying music for several instruments and another created an easy to learn dance to go with it.

He noticed the obvious problem with that slightly too late. One day he was songed by a stranger from the neighboring country. Turned out one of his friends recorded a Music Crystal with his full name and the accompanying instrumental piece. And took it to work and a coworker who was a wizard made a copy. And then a copy of the copy.

That guy songed him about twenty times in succession and after the third time he sang along, chuckling. Well, then someone else songed him. And a third guy, the same place. When the tenth stranger songed him, this time in a place a hundred kilometers away from the first place he flew over to the first guy.

He told him that he should please stop distributing his Dragonsong to other people, or at least substitute his name for some other lyrics, but it was too late. Daleatu's name was a smash hit. Song. Song. Song. Hundreds of people songed him each day. He asked his baker for a syllable. He refused, it was too funny. His other friends and family already gave syllables and to get one from random people? He got irritable and short tempered. Song, song, song, song. He began to hate his name and drove new people away before he could ask them.


He lost his Job. He was accosted by random people on the street who heard his name, he was arrested for shifting in a busy street and setting a quartet of street performers on fire.


The police officers laughed at him.


His attorney wouldn't give him a syllable.


His life was ruined because of his accursed name. None of the other inmates would give him another syllable. He stopped doing anything at all and only stared at the wall. Finally he made it right. He calmed down and learned meditating. He got out of Jail and got a new Job. He was friendly to one of his Coworkers and finally felt he had made enough of an connection with her and told her about his stint in Jail and asked if she would still give him a syllable. She said yes and he calmly told her his name.

Her jaw dropped open.

She sprang up and exclaimed:

"Wait, YOU are Daleatucuerpoalegriamacarena quetucuerpoespadarlealegriay cosabuena daleatucuerpoalegria macarenaheeeeeymacarena?"