TA-DAAA! Here it is...the sequel to Trigger!

This takes place one month after the end of the first story. If you haven't read it yet, go to my profile and the story is called Trigger. I highly recommend you read it before reading this because chances are you won't really understand what's going on (nor will you be as excited about the title, I presume ;).

Like I said once, this is inspired by themes from: Jurassic Park, X-Men 3: The Last Stand, and Push (again). This story will (hopefully) be a few chapters longer than Trigger, and possibly even better. ENJOY!

Rated T for action violence (some involving animals), drug use, and experimentation scenes.

Disclaimer: If I owned Victorious, it would not be ending.

Tori's POV

"Can you go any slower?"

"I am trying!" I yelled back exasperatedly, my hands starting to shake violently. Jade was floating a foot off the ground in an awkward sitting position, her legs sticking straight out in front of her. My strength was running out fast; it was one thing using my Kinecter powers to bring the TV remote over when I was too lazy to get it, but holding up an entire body and walking six blocks with them was different. "It doesn't help you're like, two hundred pounds!"

"Am not!" Jade replied indignantly. "You just don't want to admit you're tired even though I told you to practice before we came out and did this!"

My face grew red and hot. "I will drop you."

"Go ahead," she taunted, testing my patience.

As much as I wanted to, I couldn't. I wasn't that kind of person. So I huffed a sigh at Jade's smirk and continued walking forward at a snail's pace, concentrating on keeping her elevated.

We'd just gone to spy on a black market business that was accused of guns and other weaponry to the gangs of Orlando. After splitting up, I went onto the roof to look through the windows of the warehouse while Jade hid out in the garage full of getaway vehicles.

Unfortunately, I slipped and the workers noticed me. They made their way to the garage and got into the trucks before I could warn Jade, and her legs ended up getting run over, which broke them both in several different places. Now I had to half-carry, half-use-my-powers to bring her back to Hawthorn Lake so she could heal properly.

"Where's Robbie when you need him?" Jade sulked.

"Probably with Trina," I grunted.

"Hmm… I forget they love hanging out with each other. But Trina's friend-zoning Robbie, right?"

"I guess you could say that. She just likes him because he can take her to Hawaii whenever she wants without having to sit on a plane with strangers for hours and it's free," I replied, exhaling loudly when I saw the outside staircase of Hawthorn Lake. "Can I put you down now?"

"Yeah, inside the apartment!"

"I'm not carrying you up the stairs!"

Jade turned her head to look at me, her blue eyes glowing with such a serious intensity I almost lost concentration and dropped her. Squeaking like a frightened mouse, I said no more and quickly followed her command.


Almost a full ten minutes later, we were at the door to Beck and Jade's apartment. She handed me the key and I unlocked the door, stumbling inside and dropping Jade on the floor.

"Ow! Tori!" she yelled at me.

"Sorry," I mumbled, flopping down on the couch as she vigorously started massaging her kneecaps. Most of her legs had healed, leaving holes and bloodstains on her jeans from where the bone punctured and fluid leaked out. I heard footsteps and Beck came out of the bedroom, running a hand through his hair, his eyes falling upon his girlfriend.

"Jade, what happened?" he hurried over, kneeling down and putting a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm fine. Just give me a few—OWW!" she screamed, accompanied by a loud pop as her thigh twisted into its hip socket. "Oh god…geez…"

"What did they do to you?" Beck's eyes were wide with concern. "Tori! What did they do? What happened?" He got up and grabbed my shoulders, pulling me into a sitting position.

"A truck ran them over."

"A what did what?" Beck went into an unnecessary, full-out panic mode.

"Can you get me a new pair of pants, kid?" Jade asked in a tight voice, still refusing to use my actual name. "They're in the bedroom closet on the second rack. Any one will do." I nodded. "And excuse me, Beck, but you need to calm down your attitude. We both got out, so we're fine, okay?"

"Fine? How do you call that fine?" he exploded, pointing at her legs. I disappeared out of the room as the couple started arguing again. Going into the small closet, I located some sweatpants and unhooked them from the hanger, bringing them back out to the living room.

"Stand up, then. Stand up and prove that you're perfectly fine."

"I'm not going to. When do you become so paranoid about this kind of thing, anyway? This is my job, and we both know the consequences that come with it!" Jade was red in the face, still sprawled out on the ground.

"And you know how much I hate it when you get hurt on the job!"

"At least I have a job, because one of us needs to pay for your therapy bills! "

There was a silence so awkward you could taste it. I set the clothes next to Jade, walking back towards the door, my hand fumbling for the handle.

"We talked about this before," Beck said, his face like a tomato but trying to remain calm. "We have money, Jade. I don't know why you keep insisting on going out and risking your life and Tori's."

"Because it's the right thing to do. I'm not going to sit around like you do all day. I'm trying to make a difference; I'm trying to make Orlando a safer place."

"I have a reason for that too, okay? I lived under Archelaus's influence for six years! I need to take a break from listening to anyone for a while, you know."

"It's already been a whole month. The only thing you were ever asked to do track down, hurt, and kill innocent people. And you actually obeyed him! If anything, you should be trying to make up from your actions, not taking a 'break.'" Jade was spitting as she shouted.


Covering my ears, I wrenched the door open and leaped outside, slamming it behind me. I hated it when they argued, which was almost every day after Jade and I returned from either a successful or unsuccessful mission.

Beck had used the excuse of needing a break from doing anything since he had been with Archelaus for six years, and he also took therapy lessons for his mental and emotional health a few times a week, which by all means was quite costly. Not only that, but they were turning him into an extremely-protective, sometimes-annoying and overly-attached boyfriend, in his awkward attempt to recover from the past of ruining other peoples' lives.

Jade was easily upset by his actions and concerns, and it didn't help they lived in the same place and shared the same bed. I knew she was happy to have him back, but nowadays he had become pain and was always getting in our business. The only reason why he just didn't come with us himself was because Jade threatened to break-up with him if he did.

I went into the next-door apartment, which was Trina's and mine. It was identical to Beck and Jade's, but a little cleaner and more organized if I do say so myself. I still was not attending a school, which my parents back in California were pushing for me to do, but I lied to them, because it was already the end of my senior year anyway and I didn't plan on going to college anymore.

Entering the bedroom, I saw a note on my bed. Instead of having one queen or king-size mattress like the other rooms did, Trina exchanged it at the store and got two twin-size mattresses and had Robbie build a frame for each one. We still shared the same room, but it was better sleeping separate.


I'm out with Robbie. We're in London visiting all of the old pubs and castles. If you need me, you can call, but otherwise don't unless there is an emergency. On second thought, just go see Beck or Jade. I'm kind of busy.

Still love you though!


I shook my head, smiling at the message. Suddenly, there was a loud thump on the far, and I could hear Jade cursing loudly through the thin insulation. Sighing, I rubbed my temples, wishing that they could just get along for once. Jade was going to snap at some point from Beck's intruding behavior, and I feared that the result would be in one of them leaving the rest of us forever.

Walking back out to the kitchen, I decided to make myself a sandwich, mostly because I was bored, and had no one to talk to. Well, there was André, but he was probably busy in his lab…again. Usually I hung out with Jade, but right now she was experiencing some issues with her boyfriend.

Retrieving the ingredients from the fridge, I laid them out on the counter then went to find a knife and plate when there was a heavy knock on the door.

"Who is it?" I called.



I opened the door to find the twenty-year-old standing there, wringing his hands together agitatedly. "Hello!" I greeted, gesturing him to come inside, but he refused, standing there with his feet planted firmly to the ground. "What's up?"

"You need to come down to the lab immediately."


"Just come, please. It's very important. And get Beck and Jade, too."

"Why can't you do it?" I asked softly, taking a step forward and locking the door behind me.

"Um, you're better at being persuasive than I am," he admitted. "And you know, you're the only one around here who actually gets along with Jade. Be quick about it though. See you down at the lab."

I was about to ask him about Robbie and Trina, but he was already jogging off. Shrugging my shoulders and feeling very small, I knocked several times on the bickering couples' door. Beck opened it immediately, his hair practically standing on end and his eyes were full of blinding anger.

"What do you want, Tori?"

"André needs us down in his lab. Both you and Jade."

The door opened wider, revealing Jade still on the floor, struggling to pull up her black combat boots and tie them. Her sweatpants were already on, bunched up at her knees, revealing the lines of blood on her skin where the bone had broken through but now healed over. She brushed them off and wiped her hand on the carpet.

"Do you need help?" I asked as Beck pinched the bridge of his nose.


Jade finished within the next few seconds and, glaring at both of us, stood up with the help of the couch arm, a look of pure defiance on her face.

"See? I can walk," she spat in her boyfriend's face.

"I asked you that question like, ten minutes ago."

"Guys…" I said, not wanting them to start fighting again.

"Whatever." Jade's voice was sharp as a knife. She led the way, and I hopped right behind her, separating her from Beck, hoping that they wouldn't say anything offensive to each other. We trekked the long distance over to the alley that had the door to André's lab, which I took the burden of finding and opening.

André was waiting on the other side, pulling us into the main room. Robbie and Trina were already there, looking bored and standing next to each other awkwardly. Robbie was holding Trina's huge black purse, and she was holding his ventriloquist dummy Rex with an expression of disdain on her face.

"What's going on?" I said.

"Look. I was just watching the caliber news—"

"Hold on, we have our own news channel?" Beck interrupted. I noticed that Jade had drifted away from him and was now standing closest to me, her arms crossed tightly over her chest.

"Technically yes, but it is inaccessible to humans as they need a passcode to view it. Agency used it a long time ago to give us updates on the big events going on, and after Archelaus came, it stopped. But now they've brought it back.

"I was watching it earlier, and Sikowitz came up with a very important announcement." André grabbed a remote control and turned on the largest monitor. We all glanced up at it.

Clicking the back-track button, we watched as the current head, president, leader—whatever you want to call him—of Agency, Erwin Sikowitz, walked back up to the stage and stood in front of the wooden podium. Then André paused it, right as he was leaned towards the microphone.

"Sikowitz just made an announcement today. I think he's going to start a war between calibers and humans."

Yep. I'm jumping right into things this time around, since you (should) already know the basis of the story and the AU I created. Maybe the characters' interactions (especially Beck and Jade) seem kind of harsh and unrealistic, but try and look at it from the story's point-of-view. And if it's still OOC, then let me know and I'll fix it up.

BIG NOTE: Tori is seventeen years old. No, she did not have a birthday since the previous story. That was the mistake I had to go back in fix in Trigger. She is also seventeen y.o. in that one, not sixteen, which is what I first wrote. I changed it because it would mean less complications with school, and fit better with future plans I have for her character. ;)

Tell me what you think of it so far! :D