Big Brother (Prologue)

Isn't Spike, like, 30-something? Let me know, because I have no clue how old anyone is. I'm doing this during commercials, so it's probably gonna suck. Oh! It's back on!

I'm back.

Disclaimer: If I owned Flashpoint, I would be on the show.

Mackenzie Danielle Parker's POV

I paced the street, waiting for Matt's car. The back of my neck tingled, and I whirled around. Nothing. Uneasily, I turned back around. My grip on my notebook tightened. I kept glancing back, and the loud honk of a car startled me.

"Oh, sorry." I said, hopping in.

"What happened this time?" Matt said, sighing.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." I lied, glancing back. He eyed me, but drove me home.

"Thanks, Matt." I said, getting out. I walked in, and then locked the door behind me. I set my notebook down. I walked around, just in case. Then I sighed, and ran a hand through my hair. I was being paranoid, and I knew it. I sat down on the couch and flipped on the T.V. I put on Leverage. It was my new show addiction. Just as Nate said, "We call it… Leverage." I heard the door open. I swiveled around. Nothing. Slowly, I turned back around. To find a guy standing in front of the T.V. I screamed. He held up a gun and smiled a cruel smile.

"Hey, now, Miss Parker. Wouldn't want to draw attention, would we?"

I told you it was a prologue! It's short, but I'll update. I promise. PEACE!