This is a series of drabbles (usually around 500 words) all relating to Julian Bashir from DS9. Mulitple Ships and friendships will be used as this is based slightly on the RP group USS Tumblr. Each chapter can have up to 3 drabbles depending on length.

B'Elanna: Humor Me (B'elanna Torres & Julian Bashir)

B'Elanna compressed her lips, attempting not to laugh at the sight before her. She had just returned home after a numbingly boring formal dinner with Tom to find her daughter, and Julian Bashir (who had offered to babysit on the occasion) decked out in various pieces of plastic jewelry.

Julian himself was wearing a pink tiara and several necklaces and a pair of clip on earrings.

Oh, did B'Elanna wish she had the doctor's holocamera at the moment. There were so many people who would give up rations for this image.

"So how was she?" She asked, as Tom took the besparkled six year old to bed.

"She was fine," Julian said as he removed his earrings. "A little too eager to see me dressed up I think."

"The Tiara suits you."

"It does doesn't it."

Miror Jadzia Dax: Love Me (MU!Jadzia Dax & Julian Bashir)

They had been dancing for hours. Swing, Tango, line dancing, whatever type of dancing Vic would allow in his club. To be honest, it was the most fun Julian had in a while, and it was mostly due to his company.

Jadzia twirled away from him, laughing, and he brought her back to her. She slammed into his chest, smiling away, not minding how close he was. Her eyes were sparkling blue, and it was clear that she was enjoying himself.

Julian figured if he let himself, he could fall for that night.

Q - Love Me (Q/Bashir, /Q)

Julian stood on the beach, dressed in a simple pair of swim shorts and an unbuttoned shirt, looking out into the water. He had no clue how far away from DS9 he was, or what time period he was, but he was enjoying the few minutes of absolute quiet. Well, not absolute because the sound of the waves hitting the beach and there were birds in the air. But there was no sound of people rushing around.

"And to think you would have missed out on this." Julian rolled his eyes as he turned to spot his companion smirking on a beach towel. Q wore the red and white stripped full body suit and a straw hat, looking slightly comical.

"Are you looking for thanks, Q?" He asked walking over to the towel and sitting down. He leaned back, putting his hands behind his head and watched the birds fly in the sky. Or was that a pterodactyl…

"Just pointing out that you almost missed out on this." He lay on his side and looked down at Julian. "Do you think we should bring Ezri here?"

"Of course. She would love the sunset." Julian smiled before continuing, "Thank you for bringing me here first." He sat up slightly and brushed his lips against Q's before settling back down on the towel. "I like it here."