This is a series of drabbles (usually around 500 words) all relating to Julian Bashir from DS9. Multiple Ships and friendships will be used as this is based slightly on the RP group USS Tumblr. Each chapter can have up to 3 drabbles depending on length.

Tell Me a Secret from the Past (asked for by B'Elanna) (Julian, Amsha and Richard Bashir, Jack, Lauren, Patrick, and Sarina)

Julian hugged his bear Kukalaka close to his chest as he viewed the waiting room. His mother kept one arm around him; as if she was afraid he would run off or be taken from her. She was slightly tense. He saw other mothers doing the same with their own children. A few were exceptions.

Across from him, next to the nurses' station, sat a blonde boy who perhaps a few years older than Julian and quite happily playing with a set of multicolor blocks. He kept placing them in order by size and color before putting them in the box and redoing it. His mother was calmly reading a PADD in the seat next to where he was sitting on the floor, occasionally looking down at her son to check up on him.

Across the room sat two brunette children, possibly Julian's age. The girl sat in a seat, her one leg swinging back and forth as she read something. The boy was leaning over his chair, playing some kind of game, occasionally tossing black chips at the blonde boy. He spotted Julian watching him and smiled before tossing a red chip, hitting Julian in the forehead.

"Jack!" a woman entering the room just in time to see the boy's latest action stated, breaking the near silence of the room. "I thought I told you not to throw things at anyone."

"It's no use," the little girl drawled. "Besides, he's been staring at us."

"That's no excuse, Lauren."

Julian had intended to continue listening to the conversation, but the doorway leading back to the rooms opened and his father walked into the room. He looked tired and worn and it surprised Julian who had always seen his father look energetic and ready for the next challenge presented to him. He still was wearing the Ambassadorial outfit he had worn to a ceremony with the planets leaders, a bright burgundy purple tunic with small white stripes around the hems.

"Amsha, it is time to bring him back." His mother's arms tightened around her son.

"Are we sure about this Richard? Do we really want to do this?" Richard looked as torn as his wife, although Julian wouldn't recognize it as such until he was much older.

"It will give him a better life, and we already discussed this. We can't turn back now. We already signed everything for things to go through." Amsha looked down at her son before smiling weakly.

"Come on, Julian, let's go see the Doctor." She picked him up, and he held on tight, watching the other children watch him as he was taken into the area beyond the waiting area. Just as the door was closing, his eyes caught a small blonde girl sitting silently on the chair that had been out of Julian's view before.

Miles O'Brien – Haunt Me. (Julian, Miles & Ezri)

Julian watched as his friend stared into a glass of whiskey, alone in the still holosuite.

"It's ok, Miles," he stated, startling the other man who looked at him with wide eyes. The grief the man had been feeling now swirled with shock in his eyes.


"Not for long," he stated, knowing the question on Mile's face. "I wanted to let you know it's okay."

"NO, it's not." Miles stated sitting down on a dusty rock outside of the Alamo. "It won't be ok, Julian."

Julian sat on the rock, saddened himself that he couldn't feel anything. He couldn't feel the breeze that was programmed into this game. He couldn't even clasp Miles on the shoulder to comfort him like he wanted to.

"Girani is a good physician, Peterson to. DS9 will be fine without me. "

"I watched you die, Julian. I don't really care about who's replacing you at your job."

"It was going to happen, Miles. It was inevitable. There was nothing anyone could do. I had an aneurism. They have them, and they aren't always detected."

"There is nothing okay about losing my best friend. About joking with him one moment and seeing him dead on the floor the next."

"Well, I suppose it wasn't the most graceful exit I could have made. On the bright side I can at least say I went in the arms of a beautiful woman."

"I'm sure Ezri is forever grateful for the honor," Miles stated sarcastically, glaring at his friend, who was starting to fade away.

"It will be okay," Julian repeated, this time with a grin Miles knew by heart. The one that said "I'm about to say something grand about myself". But nothing was said. He felt a slight pressure at his shoulder and then Julian was gone.

"No, it won't." Miles said quietly, staring at the spot where his friend used to be.