What if I told you
What was really going on
No more masks and no more parts to play

Theres so much I want to say
But Im so scared to give away
Every little secret that I hide behind
Would you see me differently?
And would that be .such...a bad thing
I wonder what it would be like
If I told you

What if I told you
Thats its just a front
To hide the insecurities I have

It seems time slows down when it comes down to things like this; a wedding, a date, a word spoken, but when it came to seeing Erik again every single second felt like a year within itself. Pushing himself down the long hallway, Charles listened to the rhythmic tapping on the two oak doors that framed the house's entry.

Cringing as he heard multiple footsteps reach the door before he did he cursed softly "bloody chair…" Pushing himself to the door he froze hearing loud voices yelling, exhaling he wheeled around the corner and smiled. There was Alex, Hank, and Sean yelling happily hugging Raven as Erik stared awkwardly behind her.

Until he spotted Charles that is, Erik's heard turned gazing at the telepath with a slightly worn but kind smile as he stepped around Raven and approached him. 'The helmet he's not wearing the helmet; he didn't bring it with him. But why…' Charles's thoughts trailed off as Erik stood at his side.

"Hello Erik. Or is it Magneto now?" Charles murmured blinking up at his former enemy, wondering what Erik would say the anger bubbling in Charles was still there but he'd let Erik have it later when there weren't any witness's.

"It's Erik. It's always been Erik; Charles." The metal bender replied a smile curved to his lips, a startled laugh broke from Charles' lips when Raven spoke enthusiastically "And I'm still Raven!" He laughed more when she threw herself and Charles into a small but affectionate hug.

~Later That Evening~

Everyone in the house was gathering for dinner as they usually did, but tonight two more chairs we're being added at the table. For Raven and Erik of course, Charles wheeled himself forward to his usual spot at the front of the table. He was honestly surprise to see the metal bender come down to dinner as he normal ate alone.

Erik seated himself to the right of Charles and nodded in acknowledgement to the telepath. Blinking Charles nodded in return and grinned broadly when Raven walked into the room and sat to the left of him. "Hello Raven." He greeted, Raven was the one person he could forgive easily. Erik on the other hand he despised.

"Well dinner was made by Alex so it's probably going to be macaroni." Hank joked from down the table elbowing Alex in the ribs. So it was mac and cheese as Hank predicted. Most of the table laughed but ate it willingly, including Charles.
After dinner was over and dishes washed by Alex and Hank, Charles excused himself to his study where he would set up a chess game and move one piece. Night by night he had hoped his friend would return to move the black metal piece sitting on the opposite side of the board.

Moving himself from the wheelchair to the armchair he stared at the bored blankly, reliving the same memories. Suddenly a pawn from the black pieces slid forward one square. Gasping Charles' head snapped up and he stared as Erik strolled into the room "Would you like some company?"