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Lucy's brothers are Natsu and Gray. One day their mom, Erza, Decides to enroll them in Fairy Tail High School. There she falls in love with Loki Stellar, but how can she be with him when Natsu and Gray think nobody's good enough for their sister, and scare every guy away from her?


Natsu Fullbuster Dragoneel: fire dragon slayer. He is fun-loving, strong, rowdy, and protective of his friends and family. He's the brother of Gray and Lucy, and the son of Erza. His hobbies are eating, sleeping, video games, and fighting with Gray. He also has an exceed named Happy.

Gray Fullbuster Dragoneel: ice mage. He is cunning, smart, charming, strong, rowdy, and protective of his friends and family. He's the brother of Natsu and Lucy, and the son of Erza. His hobbies are stripping (he just doesn't know when he does it), beating Natsu at video games, and fighting Natsu.

Lucy Fullbuster Dragoneel: nature magic (An: I gave her a different magic so all the stellar sprits could be real people.). She is smart, fun-loving, strong, rowdy, has a bad temper, and protective of her friends and family. She's the sister of Natsu and Gray, and the daughter of Erza. Her hobbies are reading, gardening, beating her brothers at video, and singing.

Loki Stellar: star magic (An: I am only giving the details about Lucy, Natsu, and Gray, but I'll tell you names and the magic of a few others.)

Erza Scarlet-Requip/Exquip (the knight)

Lyon Fullbuster (Gray's Cousin)-ice mage

Gazeel Dragoneel (Natsu's Cousin)- Metal dragon slayer

And many more.

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AN: I will always let you know whose P.O.V it is

Lucy's P.O.V,

My name is Lucy Fullbuster Dragoneel. Mouthful isn't it? My mom's name is Erza Scarlet. Yes, we don't have the same last name, but there is a good reason for that! Anyway, I also have two brothers who are way overprotective. Their names are Natsu Fullbuster Dragoneel and Gray Fullbuster Dragoneel. They always fight! Then they make our really scary mom really mad! Mom was known as the strongest girl in Fairy Tail High School for Magic (also known as FTHSFM). We live in the town of Clover, and Fairy tail is in the town of Magonlia. Today we're packing to move to Magonlia because mom says we need to be with more people like us. You know; Dangerous, Rowdy, caring, loving, nice, protective, and, beats up anyone who messes with family. Gray, Natsu, and I think it's because that's where boyfriend lives. That's the reason I just know it!

"Lucy! Help me! This box is heavy!" Happy yells.

"Alright, I'm coming!" I yell back.

Happy is our blue cat. A bred called exceed. Exceed is a cat that can talk, and use magic energy to have wings and fly. Our cousin, Gazeel (He's actually Natsu's cousin, but we all consider him as family), has one named Lilypanther and his sister, Wendy, has one named Charlie (Happy is in love with her).

So I helped Happy and now Mom, Happy, Gray, Natsu, and I are in the car. Mom's driving, Happy's eating a fish in the front seat (Don't ask!), Gray by the left window, Natsu by the right window (having motion sickness), and me in the middle. I, soon, fall asleep on Gray's shoulder because it's warm! Before I fall asleep I hope that my life will be good in Fairy Tail.

"Wake up Lucy! Wake up or I'll burn your clothes up!" Natsu yells.

I shot up and scream "I'M UP!" Natsu laughs.

"Come on and help you two lazy bones!" Gray yells. Natsu and I get out of the car.

Natsu gets head to head with Gray, "who ARE you calling lazy bones, STRIPPER?" Let me explain Gray learned Ice magic from Ul, and one of the ways he trained was by stripping in blizzards so now he has a HUGE stripping problem.

"Who ARE you calling Stripper, Flame Brain?" Gray retorts.

"You, Popsicle!"


"I'm not weird, you are!" Natsu yells.

"You eat fire that's as weird as it gets!" Gray yells back.

While their going on and on, I'm grabbing boxes and putting them in the house. Mom finally has enough, and goes outside and asks, "Are you fighting?"

Now this may not scare you, but this is Erza Scarlet, one of the strongest mages ever! The boys get scared and put their arms around each other.

"Nope! Getting along like always right buddy?" Gray says nervously.

"Aye!" Happy two says (Natsu).

"Good let's get a move on!" Mom says.

So they help us bring the boxes in.

"I get to pick my room first!" I say excitedly then run upstairs before they could say anything. I chose a pink room. Natsu picks the one on the right of mine that's a flaming red. Gray chooses the one on the left of me that's a light blue. Mom chooses the only one down stairs, and it's just plain panel. The room next to hers, mom puts all her extra armor. She un-packs stuff for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and her room. Natsu puts a chestnut colored dresser in his room, a mini refrigerator, a flat screen TV, and a king sized bed with flaming bedding. Gray has a white boyish looking dresser, a flat screen TV, a freezer to put all his ice sculptures in, and a king sized bed with ice bedding. My room (it's different than the show) has a radio built into the wall, a white with red roses dresser, pink tulips in each corner of the room, a king sized bed, bedding that looks like it was made from vines, and the softest pet that looks like it was made by different colored flower pedals. By the time we got done it was 1:00 in the morning. So we said our goodnights and go to bed. Tomorrow is the first day of Fairy Tail High School.

The End of chapter 1

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