A/N: Have you ever wondered what Draco was thinking...or all else doing when he wasn't with Hannah in my Potter Twins Series? What did he really think of Hannah Potter when they were only first years? Well, those questions will now be answered as here is Draco Malfoy's perspective in the Potter Twins and the Philosopher's Stone! If people like it, I may the entire series like this (and maybe have a spinoff for Ivy and Blaise.).



Potter this, Potter that, Potter blah, blah, blah! That's what I heard for as long as I can remember. Everything there was to talk about was Harry Potter. The Boy Who Refused to Die, as I called him. The one who made the Dark Lord disappear.

Every year since the Dark Lord disappeared, exactly on Halloween, whenever I went to do shopping with my Mother or my Father, I would hear the same thing.

"It was (insert number here) years since Lily and James were killed."

"Yes, it was. Did anyone find out why You-Know-Who went after them in the first place?"

"Your guess is as good as mine. Do you have an idea on how the Potter twins survived?"

"No. But I heard that they went to live with their Muggle relatives."

The Potter Twins. Ugh! Everywhere the Malfoy family went, we were bombarded with Potter talk. Mostly on Harry Potter, but I heard a few snippets of conversation about his twin sister…Hannah.

"Did you hear how they treat her down at the Muggles?"

"Yes, the poor dear. I doubt she'll survive until she's old enough to go to Hogwarts."

"Yes, I also heard she has no friends. Such a shame, only having your brother to talk to."

"She should be proud! After all, he did save her life!"

That got me. I knew a woman could be strong, dependant and have the ability to make do on her own. Hannah Potter could not possibly have been a snivelling salute to the Middle Ages, where women relied on men to do everything; be it bring them food for the supper or something larger. Pathetic.

Little did I realize how right I was. Hannah Potter was not a snivelling, bratty little princess who needed her ass saved repeatedly (though, she was a tad clumsy.). Not even close to that.

Hannah Potter was a fighter. She would kick your ass if you pissed her off enough. She was perfectly capable of not only knocking a few teeth out, but she could also knock your lights out, as well, should the need arise.

Trust me, you didn't want to get on her bad side. There were quite a few people who were in her bad books and her in theirs, and if they picked a fight with Hannah, they'd be going to the hospital wing at Hogwarts for a new nose job.

She was a snarky, temperamental, hard headed, headstrong, slightly asinine, cunning, clever girl, I can say so right now.

But, that's if you didn't get to know her like I did.

I got to know her from her time at Hogwarts and learned a lot about her and how she acted.

She was protective of the people she loved. Her brother especially. I swear, I insulted him one time (I'll explain later.) and she slapped me so hard I can still almost feel the sting.

She was intelligent. She was one of the top three smartest witches in school, beside her best friend Ivy Duff and her friend Hermione Granger.

And…she was a tad bit…abnormal. She hung out with three people in three different houses! A Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw! All three of whom (minus Duff) were completely off their rockers! And some of that insanity rubbed off on poor Hannah. (Oh well, she doesn't need to be locked up or anything.)

She was musically inclined. She had the ability to sing her heart out and play guitar to her heart's content and still want to play some more…and damn, she was phenomenal! The girl had a voice!

She was cunning. She could discover a way to get what she wanted without using violence (though I have a feeling that she preferred to use violence to solve her problems, but that's just me.).

She was all that and a hell of a lot more. She was an amazing person, and she still is even now.

I didn't know what love was when I was eleven. I mean, sure, I had kissed and dated a few girls, but, hey, I was a Don Juan when it came to that. I always had to have a girl on my arm.

I only thought I was in love once before I met Hannah. Her name was Astoria Greengrass. She was sweet, snarky and funny. The perfect girl for me.

I really thought I had found the love of my life, the mother of my children, my future wife…but two words changed it all.

1) Theodore.

2) Nott

He charmed her, swayed her to break up with me to date him, only for him to ditch her three weeks later for Pansy Parkinson.

He left me heartbroken. She left me heartbroken. I had refused to leave my room for a week until my Mother came up and let me vent and vent my little nine year old heart out over "How life wasn't fair." and how "I would never be in love again."

I still remember Mother's words to me, and I plan to tell them to my children someday too.

"Draco, you're only young yet. So, you thought you were in love and it was stolen from you. You'll always find another girl…and who knows, you may fall just as deeply in love with her as you did with Astoria. There's plenty of fish in the sea, and that fish for you is probably swimming in that world right now, most likely not knowing that you exist yet!"

Mother was right. But I still refused to love again after that. I vowed the day I left my room that I would never let myself close to another woman. I'd never feel so unMalfoyish again. I built walls around my heart that day, swearing to myself and the world that they'd never come down for any woman.

Man, that assurance didn't last long.

That black hair, those metallic blue eyes, that innocent little smirk…they all tore down the walls I had spent two years building in two weeks!

My name is Draco Lucius Malfoy. And this is the story of how those walls were demolished and I fell completely and irrevocably in love with Hannah Lillian Isabella Marie Potter.