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The sun licked at Fiyero's closed eyelids and with much remorse he opened them, the blue colour illuminating the partially shaded area where he lie. His body ached a little, probably from all of the walking he had done with Galinda before curfew the night before. The girl was beautiful with her slight curled golden hair, but she did an awful lot of shopping and asked him over and over if she looked too fat in anything. It was beginning to get on his nerves, but he had the chivalry of a king and had to accustom to her every need. It was in his blood to do so for whomever he was dating. Even the women he had just used for things had been treated with kindness.

Slowly, Fiyero removed himself from his bed. It shouldn't come to a surprise that all he ever slept in were his undergarments, he saw no point in things like pajamas. He had never been one of the formal people who found the need to cover up their body. He knew he was charming and handsome, any girl would kill to have him as their boyfriend. But, for some reason, he had slowly begun to want to change that… oh right, it was because of the green girl. The image of her sneering lips against his actions was engraved into his mind. Even when his driver almost ran over her, The driver must have seen green and thought it meant go, she hadn't taken on any hatred to him, just annoyance.

Fiyero liked Elphaba's fierceness, and the fact that she didn't grovel at his feet, but instead came over with a book to hit him on the head. It wasn't exactly something he wanted, but it showed that she didn't care about status. Why was that so intriguing to him? Fiyero, you are an idiot, he told himself. And it was true, as he had always said, he was brainless.

Shaking himself from the topic of the girl, he began to search for a new pair of clothes. He was too fashionable to war the school uniform and found something more fitting for himself. That was something else about being the prince, not only were you left to your own room, but you also got to be excluded from many of the rules. Fiyero grabbed his school bag that was a dark brown leather colour and fitted the strap around his shoulder. If he wanted to eat something he needed to leave now, because classes started soon.

Ha, now you are actually worrying about going to class, what the hell is wrong with you Fiyero?

Again, Fiyero shook his head, he needed this dumb thoughts to go away. A piece of his curly hair found itself placed against his forehead and he swept it back in annoyance. What an interesting today would be indeed. It hadn't even started out well.

He walked along the sidewalk of Shiz towards one of the cafeterias. The smell of fresh pancakes wafted towards him, and he walked at a little bit of a faster pace. As he was walking he saw Galinda, her sparkly persona seemed to sparkle in the light, and when she saw him she burst into a run. Before he knew what was happening the blonde had her arms wrapped around his neck and had planted a big glossy kiss on his cheek. "Fiyero!" She said with delight. He smiled down at her, but on the inside he was slowly starting to think about leaving the poofy girl. She was pretty, but boy was she annoying. Especially this early.

"Hey, Galinda," he responed, lightly hugging her back and giving her a half hearted kiss on the lips. Her eyes were closed deeply, his were not. That was something else about this relationship. Galinda was nice, but he didn't feel a rush of pleasure as they kissed. There was no feeling there, but if it made her happy then he supposed it made him happy as well.

"Are you getting food, dearest? Because I am off that way as well," Galinda looked up at him with her bright eyes after breaking off the kiss. Fiyero hesitated, he hated spending all of his time with her. There was just something unsettling about her. It felt all wrong. It hadn't a few nights before. What had changed?!

"Well, I was actually off to go do something alone for a minute. Just need to get a few, uh, thoughts out of my head," Fiyero told her. She looked disappointed, but perked up instantly.

"Lunch for sure then?"

"I… wouldn't think of anything else," he gave her another smile and when she began to walk back to her friends, he let it drop, running a hand through his hair. He really did need to get some thoughts out, so much for food, though.

Walking again, Fiyero found his feet taking him towards the canal towards the south side of the campus. The waters rushed at a high speed, therefore giving it the nickname of suicide canal. It seemed like the perfect place, however, to just sit and relax. When he got close to a tree he found himself climbing it. He was sure he had a good 20 minutes before class started.

He went into the tree and found himself a perch, his hands running across the rough bark as he did so. Looking below him, he watch the dark blue waters of the canal, clashing against the sad excuse of a a barrier between it and the university.

"Come on, Elphie!" he heard the familiar high pitched voice of Galinda only a few minutes later.

Behind her he saw the green girl, her face was contorted into an everlasting sneer, and he could see why… she had been Galindafied. "We have to find Fiyero and ask him what he thinks!"

"No one cares what that stuck up prat thinks about the way I look Galinda!" Elphaba exclaimed to the blonde. But Fiyero actually did like the way she looked. The way her hair seemed glossy and wasn't pulled into a braid but was let free to frame her diamond shaped face made a strange sensation run through his veins. But she didn't need to do it to make herself beautiful, because for some reason she was no matter what she wore. Again, a voice in the back of his mind called him an idiot, but he was beginning to stop listening.