A/N: So this is kind of a follow up to "Two Friends." Thanks to countrygirl2005 for the hint about a potential sequel about a first date. This is what sprang from that! Hope you enjoy. :)

Chapter 1: It was just a donut.

A week after the return from Atlantis in Pegasus Project..

It wasn't a date. It was just coffee and a donut.

As Daniel watched Vala lick her finger and madly stab at the wax paper, trying to lick up every last sprinkle, he couldn't help but smile a bit. His smile hidden, of course, by his coffee cup. She was still talking a mile a minute about the mission they were heading out on later in the afternoon. There had been no lack of enthusiasm from Vala about a trip to Uloe, a world that was offering some substantial resistance and abuse to any Ori nearby. Vala had been there many, many years ago, before she had become host to Quetesh, and her eyes hadn't stopped sparkling since the planet had been mentioned. From what she had said, and had not stopped mentioning since, the Uloe were very close technologically to what she knew of Earth. Of course, she had used that as a not so subtle message to make everyone very aware of how she wanted to learn more about Earth.

She'd been nothing if not persistent in her endless requests for Earth culture. Nagged him until he'd actually snapped at her to shut up yesterday morning. She'd left his office in a huff after that and had barely spoken to him for hours. By 2000, though, she had meandered back into his office; taking up where she'd left off on her internet search of Colorado Springs tourist attractions she wanted to see. The list was about as long as her Christmas list was at this point which did not bode well for Daniel's future credit card bill.

She'd seemed somewhat surprised to find that her search was still up on the computer, but she hadn't commented on it. Daniel had just ignored the situation and concentrated on his translation. He'd had no reason to close her search down. It wasn't a big deal. They'd passed the next several hours in companionable silence. Vala had actually fallen asleep on the couch around 0200 and, he wasn't sure exactly when, but he'd dozed off at some point himself with his head down on his desk. She'd awakened him around 0420 by falling off the couch.


Once they'd fully awakened and sorted out that she wasn't in any way injured, she'd professed desperate hunger and started her nagging again. Which was why Daniel found himself at Dunkin Donuts at 0500 watching Vala lick sprinkles off her fingers.

"Mmmm. I like the pink ones."

Vala's cheerful voice broke through his thoughts. He frowned, "How can you tell a difference? All sprinkles taste the same."

She gave him a goofy smile. "No, silly! Not the sprinkles! I like the pink softies...no, no that isn't it...wait..." She held up a finger to forestall any questions, or suggestions. Frowning for a moment, she snapped her fingers, "Smoothies!"

"Smoothies?" Daniel glanced over his shoulder to look at the menu. "You like the pink smoothies?"

"Well, I like the color anyway." She pouted. "I've never actually had one, now have I?"

With a deep sigh, Daniel handed her a five dollar bill. He found it difficult not to smile as her eyes lit up and she practically ran to the counter to order her smoothie.

"I'd like a pink one, please."

His smile widened as he listened to her conversation with the clerk. She was so enthusiastic and insatiably curious. She wanted to know and understand everything. At times, he even found himself struggling to find answers for her. Seemed like he was doing more research to answer Vala's questions than he was doing for the SGC. She definitely made life interesting.

"What are you smiling about?" Vala plopped back down in the seat across from him. She looked over her shoulder curiously, then frowned quizzically at him.

"Nothing." He shook his head, grabbing another sip of coffee.

She sipped her smoothie and eyed him suspiciously.

He ignored her and checked the time. "We should probably get back to base."

"Ok." She pulled her coat on without a word of protest, happily drinking her smoothie. "This was so great, Daniel." She said exuberantly while he held the door open for her. "I'm so glad you brought me!"

Daniel shrugged, "It was just a donut, Vala."

She smiled sweetly as she walked over to the passenger side of the car, "It was a really good one, Daniel."

Daniel slowly opened his own door, considering the situation. It had been a nice morning, despite the rather unexpected wake up call, and the donuts had been good. But even as he tried to tell himself that it had just been a nice thing to do, he realized he'd actually enjoyed the time they'd spent talking about the mission. Shaking his head and closing his door, he asked himself, It was just coffee and a donut, right?