"Fakir." A high pitched voice called as a red haired freckled faced girl walked into the room, the writer busy at his desk, his hands scritching across the paper. "Fakir." The small girl called out again, this time, the male ackwnowledging her prescence. "Yes moron?" Fakir said as he turned to her, pinching the bridge of his nose and sighing as he placed his quill down by his paper. "U-um, errr, well I was wondering...w-what's...errmm...err...aaaah..." the small duck girl fiddled with her dress as she looked at her feet, stumbling over words, trying to ask the question. "Spit it out, I haven't got all day." the writer cried out exasperated as he threw his hands in the air, making the girl jump slightly before she sighed. "Nevermind." the red head muttered before turning her heel to leave, only to be stopped by his hand on her wrist; her sapphire eyes wide.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have snapped like that...continue...Ahiru." Fakir sighed as he held her at an arms length, sighing in relief as the duck girl stayed. "Well...I...errr...w-what d-d-do you...errmmm...feel for me?" Ahiru stumbled over her words, fading off on the last few words, her stomach in knots; eye sight blurry. Fakir's face lit up like a christmas tree in july as he heard the last few words, his eyes darting to anywhere but her face. "W-what made you ask that question!?" the writer yelled out, startling the poor girl, her heart racing. "I...I just wanted to know cause you've kept me around so long and I never knew whether you felt anything for me or not and now I feel stupid because I asked...I'm sorry Fak-." Within her rant, the writer stood up, pulling the girl close to him, closing the remaining space between them before pulling back to look in her eyes.

"You talk way too much." Fakir sighed as the small duck girl looked at him with shocked blue eyes, her face red as a beet and hands trembling.