I was being chased by some little girl; she would not stop chasing me! I know I ran for about 30 minutes now. I was hiding in the closet in the hall. Trying to be quiet but I was sure breathing heavy. "Where are you big Mike, I got a present for you!" I heard the little girl saying from the hall. I tried to keep quiet but it was no good she found me!

She grabbed my hand and took me out of the closet. "There you are big brother Mike! Why was you hiding from me?" The little girl asked me. "Well you were trying to kill me!" I said. "Who me, nah. I was just teasing. Hey let's play a game!" I stared at the little girl. She took me to my room.

When we got there she was smiling like a little humming bee. What am I kidding she always does. "Hey Big Mike!" She smiled. I looked down at her. "What midget?" I asked her. Just than the little girl grabbed my face and kissed me! "What are you doing?!" I asked her. She was smiling. "This is my game, I kiss you, and you kiss me." She said smiling.

"No, you're just an eight year old! I'm twelve. It's not going to work!" I said, just then I stared at the little girl. She look like she was about to cry. "But I thought you loved me! You big lier!" The little cried. "I never said I loved you." I said staring at her like I thought she was stupid.

She ran out of my room. I was glad. I laid down on my bed. I closed my eyes. Just than I felt something on my lips, also sitting on me. I opened my eyes and it was that little girl! I pulled her off of me. "Oh come on Mike!" The little girl cried. "No, mom will kill me if I do that this time." I said. She looked sad. "Fine." She said.

Just then that little girl started taking her jeans off! "STOP IT LITTLE MIDGET!" I shouted. It was no use. She was taking all of her clothes off! "Do you like?" She asked me smiling. Just then I heard my mom coming to come in my room!

I quickly shutted my door and locked it. "Mike what's going on why did you shut our door like that?" My mom asked. "Well, I am changing!" I shouted back. "Hey wha.." I grabbed the little girl and putted my hand on her mouth. "Who was that?" My mom asked. "Me, I am practicing girl voices," I quickly said. "That sounded like a little girl?" My mom asked. "Yeah! I am good!" I shouted back. "Well okay." I heard my mom walk away.

I sighed. "Oh Mike your such a hunk!" The little girl said smiling. "Look, put your clothes on and go home." I said handing her clothes to her. "As long as you kiss me, and promise me that I belong to you! I am yours, and no one else!" I stared at her. "You can't be serious." I said misery. "Fine, I guess you will be having a sleeping buddy tonight." She said looking at my bed. "FINE!" I kissed her. She kissed me back, than she started putting her clothes on.

Afterwards, she left. Before she left she had to mess with Scott. She ruin Scott's homework than flushed it down the toilet. Which was pretty funny, even I was laughing for once at what she did. Scott on the other hand was upset thinking that he was going to get in trouble at school tomorrow.

After the girl left, it sure was great. I finally just went to sleep. Scott cried all night, still upset about his homework. I guess he did not want to do it over, nether would I. I mean school is boring! Well I wonder what will happen tomorrow. I really do wonder… For the first time…..