It wasn't always like this. Have I become drunk on my power? Well, I am essentially a goddess. And I'm still a hunter, a damned good one. I smile. The bastard screams as the blue flames

consume his body.

"Bastard, bastard you deserve to die." I hiss. The son-of-a-bitch was using his powers to kill for no other reason than the fun of it. I've met so many of his kind. Hard to believe we come from the

same divine race, share blood.


I turn around. How could it be? It's Karasuma. She has a gun pointed right at me. How did she recognize me? My fire is blue now and my hair is long and I wear it loose. Gone are the pigtails of

two years ago. They seem so silly looking back, but I was just a silly little girl back then.

"I just made your job easier, Karasuma."

She ignores this. "We were on his trail. We were going to capture him. We can reform them with psychiatric care. We've discovered that."

I snort. "I am the goddess of vengeance. I have unleashed the holy cleansing fire upon this earth."

Her eyes narrowed. "Just witches?"

I pause. She knows. "I had to punish them. They were evil."

"We've found over twenty-five burned bodies. They were all evil?"

"Murderers. Gangsters. Sexual predators."

Her eyes widen. She thinks I've lost it. "Where's Amon?"

The tears sting at my eyes. That's when my fire turned blue, hotter than red, a fire beyond my control, one that demanded vengeance.

"A witch, a relative of one that Amon hunted came for vengeance. He's been in a coma for the past year and a half."

The tears don't come. Dojima and Sakaki show up. Their eyes widen. There are two new ones I don't recognize.

"When's it going to stop, Robin?" Karasuma asks. I have no intention of fighting them. We're fighting the same war.

"When evil is cleansed from the earth."

"That'll...that'll never happen." She tells me softly. She approaches me.

"Don't make me fight you." I tell her. I throw out my hand. A wall of flames separate us. I run into the shadows. They don't pursue me, but they've seen me. It'll only be a matter of time

before they come after me.

But I'm still coming after him, the bastard that hurt Amon. And no one will stop me. Even if I have to take on the whole STN-J.