Adventures in the Cabin CHAPTER 12

"I'm bored!" Silver yawns and stretches, lying across Shadow and Rouge's laps.

"Then go do something amusing." Shadow pushes Silver off of him, causing Silver to roll on the floor.

"We should dance again!" Amy jumps and does a dance move from the game.

"So you can beat all our asses? I don't think so." Silver shakes his head.

"Stop being a sore loser!" Amy kicks his leg.

"I have plenty of stuff to do." Blaze goes through her suitcase of games.

"Wait!" Sonic sits up. "We should play truth or dare again! But this time, with EVERYONE."

"I never really liked that game." Shadow sighs.

"C'mon, it'll be more interesting with more people!" Amy says gleefully.

Everyone looks at Shadow expectantly. "No." Shadow crosses his arms.

"How about some strip poker?" Silver suggests.

"I'm down!" Sonic sits next to Silver on the floor.

"Do we even have the cards n' stuff to play poker?" Rouge asks.

"Well I brought some…" Silver goes to get the items.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Shadow stands.

"You always say that." Sonic grabs Shadow's arm and pulls him to the table. Silver arrives with a deck of cards in one hand, and a bin of poker chips in the other.

"Everyone gather round'!" Sonic motions for everyone to come to the table.

"I'm scared," Amy says as she sits next to Sonic.

"Why?" Sonic raises an eyebrow.

"What if I get to my underwear and I have to take more off?" Amy looks down.

"You can pussy out if you want." Silver stands from his chair. "But only Amy can, because nobody wants to see her naked." Silver laughs.

Sonic tries his hardest not to laugh. "Silver, that's not nice."

"I was kidding. No one can pussy out. Quit now if you can't handle it." Silver scans around the table. "Anyone?" Everyone shakes their heads, Amy a little uneasy.

"Amy," Sonic puts his hand on her shoulder. "Don't play if you don't feel comfortable."

"No, it's okay."

"To make this more interesting," Silver holds up a finger. "In the case of anyone quitting, there will be a consequence."

"Like what?" Blaze asks irritably.

"Anyone who quits has to do a dance on the table in their underwear. And whoever loses has to do the same." Silver makes an accomplished face, as if proud of what he came up with.

"Oh, god." Amy looks at Silver. "Silver, can I-"

"Too late, Amy, you have to play." Silver sits. "Now let's get started!"

Within an hour, Blaze and Sonic are down to their underwear, and Shadow, Rouge, and Amy are without a shirt.

"Blaze, off with the bra." Silver grins.

"Dammit!" Blaze slams her cards on the table. "I was never good at this game." And without hesitation, Blaze takes her bra off, revealing Band-Aids crossed over her breasts. She smiles, "I was prepared!"

"Oh god." Shadow looks away.

"Nice going Blaze." Silver high-fives her and laughs.

"Smart thinking, Blaze." Rouge wishes she had thought of that.

Amy loses the next hand. "Err, do I have to take off my skirt? What about my socks?"

"Nope, Amy, socks don't count." Rouge shakes a finger at the pink hedgehog.

"Eh…" Amy starts at her skirt, and then stops. "I can't do it."

"You were able to do it when we jumped in the lake." Sonic cocks his head.

"It's different this time, everyone is watching me!"

"Either way, if you quit you still have to dance in your underwear." Silver reminds her.

"Can I just keep my skirt on?" Amy begs.

Silver shrugs. "As long as Sonic's okay with it."

Sonic narrows his eyes at Silver. "I'm not like that, Silver!" Sonic shifts his gaze to Amy. "It's okay."

"You have to stop being such a fucking pussy, Amy." Shadow crosses his arms over his chest. "Just get it over with."

Amy jumps on the table. "Someone play a song for me!" Amy all of the sudden seems excited to do this. "I need to suck it up!"

Blaze turns on the radio, and the Destiny's Child CD continues where they left it off last time.

Amy starts shaking her hips, and Rouge attempts to pick Sonic up and place him on the table with Amy, but he slips from her grip and slides on the table under Amy.

Sonic widens his eyes at the sight of Amy's underwear.

Rouge gasps. "Oh my gosh Sonic I'm so sorry!"

Amy jumps away. "Sonic you pervert!"

Rouge grabs Amy's arm before she can slap Sonic. "Amy it was my fault don't hit him!"

Amy jumps off the table. "Sonic I'm sorry."

Sonic is still lying on the table dazed. "No, I'm sorry."

"I don't think we should play this anymore," Blaze says.

"No it was just getting good!" Silver jokes.

"C'mon Amy!" Rouge strips of her skirt and jumps on the table, holding a hand out to Amy. "I'll do it with you."

"Ha, okay." Amy smiles and grabs Rouge's hand.

"Is this really necessary?" Shadow quickly looks away.

"Rouge and Amy are just shaking around on the table, it's not that bad." Sonic looks at Shadow.

"Still, can we just stop this game?" Shadow rests his head in his palms.

Blaze stands next to Shadow and pulls Rouge off the table, causing Rouge to fall on top of him, still on the chair.

"Blaze!" Rouge and Shadow say in unison.

Rouge giggles. "Shadow you're blushing!"

"Rouge get off of me!" Shadow lifts her up, and sits her on the table.

Rouge pulls Shadow to her, and kisses him. "We're just messing around. Have some fun."

"I'm sorry…" Shadow's sentence is interrupted by Rouge kissing him again. Shadow pulls away, and thumps her head. "Put some clothes on." He laughs.

"Let's play Just Dance!" Amy runs to the Wii, and puts the game in.

Sonic shakes his head, and runs to scoop Amy onto his back.