House looked around and then walked to the empty motorcycle next to the one on which Wilson was already seated.

"When the cancer starts getting really bad…" Wilson started to say.

"Cancer's boring," House told him, and then put on his helmet and sunglasses.

Wilson smiled and did the same. Together, they started their bikes and took off over the bridge and down the road.

Hugh bolted up in bed, panting heavily. After taking a moment to calm himself, he turned to his left. Leaning against the headboard, Stephen Fry seemed thoroughly consumed within the book he was reading.

"Stephen," Hugh said, causing Stephen to put down the book and turn to his friend.

"Yes, Hugh?" he asked.

"I just had the most horrific dream," Hugh said. "I dreamed that I was a rude yet highly intelligent doctor with a noticable limp. I worked in an hospital and spoke with an American accent of all things."

"That's nothing," said Stephen. "One time, I dreamed that Alan Davies got every answer correct during a taping of QI." The thought caused a shiver to travel down his spine.

"Yes, well..." Hugh mumbled, still pondering over his dream.

"You might as well just try going back to sleep," suggested Stephen.

"Yes, I suppose you're right," he said, snuggling back into the sheets and closing his eyes.

Stephen placed his book on a nearby nightstand and turned off the lights. "Good night, m'colleague," he said to his friend.

"Good night, m'colleague," Hugh responded drowsily, already starting to fall back to sleep.

A/N: This is for everyone who was disappointed that Stephen Fry never once made a guest appearance on House, not even a reference! (Also, though they are sharing a bed in this scenario, I am in no way implying any sort of relationship in real life beyond friendship; just think of it as like one of their old sketches.)

I do not own House; Hugh Laurie; Stephen Fry; or Newhart, from whom this idea is unabashedly "borrowed". Characterizations of Fry and Laurie are not intended as a remark on their actual selves, only as caricatures of themselves (if that makes any sense to you... again think of it like their old sketches.)