Here is the second part of the ending and the last chapter. Again, I apologize for the wait. . .

Arthur could hear Francis humming as he moved around to finish cleaning. Everyone else had gone home, and the cop did see Matthew leave with Gilbert after that ever so obvious kiss on the dance floor. He could guess, by the happy smile and constant humming, that Francis was perfectly fine with that. If anything, he was as happy as his son.

He jumped a little when Francis came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. He turned his head to look at him and was surprised yet again when Francis kissed him.

He blinked blankly when the other pulled away and said, "Merci, Arthur."

It took a second of thinking for any words to come to mind. "For what? I didn't do anything."

Francis chuckled. "You did do something. You helped me when I needed it."

Arthur shrugged, looking away with a small blush. "It was nothing, Frog. Don't overthink it."

Another chuckle. "Of course, mon amour."

Francis move to pull away again when Arthur caught his arm. He turned to face him, looking up at him. He leaned up a little to return the surprise kiss from a minute ago. Francis leaned into him, his arms going back around his waist.

"You know I love you," Francis said against his lips.

Arthur looked up at him. "I know," he said quietly.

Francis took his lips again, pressing a little more. Arthur let him in, partially wondering to himself why. Once Francis's tongue rubbed along his, though, he told his mind to just shut up. He gripped the front of Francis's shirt and pulled them together.

Francis took that as the invitation it was a pressed Arthur against the wall, officially ravaging his mouth with his tongue. Arthur's hands moved up to Francis's hair, lightly tugging as the Frenchman bit his lower lip. His head tilted to the side as Francis moved to his neck. He wrapped his arms completely around his shoulders.

Francis's hands moved down his sides to his hips, and then down his legs and back up to rest on his hips again. He paused in his attack of the cop's neck and kissed his cheek. He wasn't really sure if Arthur wanted this or not.

Arthur, sensing the doubt, cupped Francis's cheek in his hand and kissed him. "Again, don't overthink it."

Francis smiled and took his hand, pulling him back to his office in the back of the restaurant. He gently pushed Arthur onto his couch and lay over him, kissing him again. He worked at the buttons on Arthur's shirt as Arthur did the same for his.

He moved his head down to lick, nip and kiss the skin his hands revealed. He paid special attentions to Arthur's nipples, sucking on them and lightly worrying the nubs between his teeth. Arthur moaned, arching sharply up into him. He hooked a leg around Francis's waist and pulled their hips together, gaining moans from both of them.

Francis bit and sucked Arthur's neck as he pushed his shirt off and went to work on doing the same with his pants. Arthur tugged on Francis's shirt until he could toss it aside. He pulled the Frenchman into a hard kiss when said man stuck his hand into his pants and wrapped around his shaft. He moaned deeply against his lips.

"Francis," he breathed when they parted again, panting.

"Hm?" Francis was already back to work at his neck, marking him and making his shudder.

"Don't. . . ah! . . . Don't tease!" He tightly gripped the other man's shoulders as he was stroked into complete arousal.

Francis moved his head up to look at him. "I have waited a long time for this, Arthur," he said gently.

They locked eyes. Arthur moved a hand to Francis's cheek and offered a shy smile. He'd never admit it, though. "I won't make you wait as long again."

Francis softly smiled back at him and placed a sweet kiss to his lips. Arthur wrapped his arms around his neck. When they pulled away, Francis sat up to push his pants off. Of course he wasn't wearing anything underneath. He pulled Arthur up into his lap so the cop was straddling him, sort of looking down at him, after pulling the Brit's underwear off.

Arthur blushed and looked off to the side. Francis turned his head back towards him with a finger under his chin. "You are beautiful mon cher," he told him. It made Arthur's blush darken.

Francis kissed him again, soft and sweet and coaxing. Arthur easily opened his mouth for him and rubbed their tongues together. Francis's hands ran over Arthur's skin, over his sides, back, hips, and down his butt cheeks. Arthur jumped at that, but slowly relaxed against Francis.

"I don't have anything to make this easier," Francis said softly, going back to kissing Arthur's neck. It seemed that once the initial flurry was over, he could focus on making this great for his soon to be lover.

"Just go slow," Arthur said, just as soft. His arms moved to lightly grip Francis's hair.

Francis nodded. He kissed and sucked on Arthur's collarbone as he circled a finger around his entrance. The other hand was gripping a cheek and pulling it to expose the opening. Arthur bit his lip.

His breath slightly hitched as the first finger was pushed into him. It barely hurt as Francis moved it around inside him. A second was added when he had somewhat relaxed and he winced. Francis took a nipple back into his mouth as a distraction as he slowly moved his fingers in a scissoring motion. He kept his movements slow to get Arthur used to it with as little pain as possible. He kissed the cop's cheek.

Arthur tensed when the third was added. Francis shushed him gently, his other hand stroking the cop's member again. With both side being stimulated, Arthur was able to eventually relax.

He knew it was going to hurt at first when Francis pulled his fingers out. The Frenchman was defiantly a lot bigger than three fingers. He moved off of Francis's lap to his knees in front of him.

"Arth-ur!" He cut the man's protest off by taking the tip of the chef's length into his mouth. He laved at the tip with his tongue. Francis moaned deeply above him, lightly taking a handful of the cop's hair in his hand.

Arthur moved his head down slowly, taking in more of his member until he had as much as he could in his mouth. He started moving his head again, trying to use his tongue to make it better. He wasn't all that great at this. Francis didn't seem to mind, as he was panting and moaning above him.

Eventually, the long haired male tugged Arthur's head back and brought him up for another kiss. As he kissed his love senseless, his carefully pushed his hips down over his length. Arthur immediately tensed, making Francis stopped.

"Relax, mon amour," he told him softly as he rubbed the cop's back with one hand. The other steadied a hip. He kissed his cheeks and neck, pecking his lips a few times as well.

Slowly but surely, Arthur let his weight sink him down until Francis was completely inside him. They stopped to adjust. Arthur had his head on Francis's shoulder as he panted and tried to get used to the feeling of the other man's length inside him. Francis was muttering some nonsense French in his ear.

When Arthur moved to look at him, he nearly lost his breath. There was just so much love and adoration in Francis's blue eyes aimed at his own green. He leaned down to kiss him again, softly and lovingly.

Arthur braced himself on Francis's shoulders and his knees on the couch on either side of Francis's hips. He started slowly moving over him, up and down. Francis let out a quiet groan, gripping Arthur's hips to help steady him.

Their pace built up until Arthur was crying out harshly at every downward thrust that Francis met with an upward thrust.

"O-OH!" He moaned. "Fuck, Francis!"

Francis groaned. He pulled Arthur into another kiss. This one was a little sloppier due to their movements as Francis continually thrust up into Arthur. Arthur could only gasp and moan as the Frenchman plundered his mouth with his tongue and hit his sweet spot hard with each movement of his hips.

Arthur had to pull away to breathe. He didn't get much breath in as he rode Francis, though. Each breath came out as a gasp or moan or sometimes both. He was in ecstasy. Francis knew exactly where to touch and how and. . .

"Ah!" Arthur moaned when Francis's hand wrapped tightly around his member. Francis stroked him along with their thrusts until Arthur felt a coil of heat form in his stomach. "F-Fran-cis! I-I'm close!"

"Me too mon cher," Francis moaned, licking Arthur's neck. "Vous êtes tout simplement trop parfait."

Arthur had no idea what he said, but for once the way French rolled off his tongue made him shiver.

Arthur couldn't last much longer and came with a loud shout. His back arched and he tightened around Francis. That tightening caused the other blonde to fill him with his own release. Francis tightly gripped Arthur's hip until both relaxed and slumped after riding out their orgasms.

Arthur slumped forward to lean against Francis's chest as he attempted to breathe right again. "Bloody hell," he said quietly.

Francis chuckled, the sound rumbling through his chest that Arthur rested his head on. He hugged Arthur tight. "Je t'aime, Arthur."

Now that, Arthur knew. He smiled a little. "Love you too, Frog."

Francis laughed a little again. "Let us go home. I will let you use my bath."

"You're carrying me," Arthur said simply and tiredl, Arthur."

Now that, Arthur knew. He smiled a little. "Love you too, Frog."

Francis laughed a little again. "Let us go home. I will let you use my bath."

"You're carrying me," Arthur said simply and tiredly.

"I will," Francis promised, kissing Arthur's head. "Je vais vous gâter jusqu'à ce que vous êtes fatigué de moi."



"Stupid frog." Arthur lightly kissed Francis's cheek.

Honestly, I'm not very pleased with this chapter. I feel that it was too rushed. For some reason, I had a hard time writing something good for FrUk. . . I hope you guys still liked my story though , and thanks to everyone for reading!

Vous êtes tout simplement trop parfait - You are just too perfect

Je vais vous gâter jusqu'à ce que vous êtes fatigué de moi - I will pamper you until you are tired of me