It was a perfect day, clear skies, sunny day, and a nice cool breeze blowing.

It was an excellent day for hunting, and lo and behold, the village elder had a quest in store for me. It looked like his son spotted a Rathian nesting on the higher parts of Moga Woods, and he wanted me to get rid of her before she attracted more trouble, meaning that sooner or later, Rathalos would make an appearance and completely ruin our hunting grounds.

I'm not one to brag, but I was experienced in dealing with the Dragonlady, I even had the Wyverian Artist create my special armor from the many materials I had gotten from hunting several of them. Since I wanted this fight to be interesting, I picked up my Sabertooth lance, a weapon I had not used in a while, and began my preparations.

Since this was not an official Guild quest, I went to the village elder after checking my supplies, feeling a tad uncomfortable about taking a

weapon with the wrong elemental affinity for the hunt.

"Hey, I'll be setting out soon." I greeted the elder

"Very well, I'll be expecting you to bring the Queen here." He said in his usual playful manner

"I won't be capturing her…"

After that brief exchange of words, I hurried over to Moga Woods; this was going to be a quick and easy quest.

Running through the Woods, I was surprised at the lack of small monsters in the vicinity; the path I take to the nesting area is usually crowded with Jaggi, and a few Jaggia. I didn't even see any Aptonoth while leaving the village, just a few Kelbi here and there. I shook off the uneasy feeling welling up inside me while climbing the last bit before my destination, and that's when I heard the Rathian give her signature roar.

"That is definitely not normal." I told myself and hurried.

What I saw when I reached my destination left me speechless.