It had been two weeks since everything had happened. Gerard was dead. The kanima was no longer the kanima, it was Jackson. And Lydia and him were back together. Scott was trying to fix things with Allison. And I hadn't seen Derek in three days. Which should have been a good thing, if I didn't like him so much. I was always attracted to Derek , but I only started to think I had real feeling for him the night everything went down. When he backed away after spearing the kanima Jackson the look on his face was unbearable. All I wanted to do in that moment was help him, comfort him, or at least be by his side to hold his hand or tell him every was going to be alright.. but I couldn't, I was frozen. I started to cry when-


My thought was cut short. I looked over to the window to see a tall figure in a leather jacket climbing through.

"Derek?" I asked and jumped up to hug him. He froze and I backed away slowly. "I am so sorry Derek! I..Uh..I don't know what happened. I-"

"Shut up stiles." He said a smile hinting at his lips. I smiled at him and sat back down at my desk. I stared at him. I tried to stop myself but I couldn't. His hair was a mess, the shirt he was wearing had small blood stains on it and his pants were coated in mud. "Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Hm," he took me off guard, "Oh um… I wasn't starring." I lied and we both knew it. He gave me a 'yeah, whatever' kind of face.

"I'm going to take a shower." I opened my mouth to protest but he was already in my bathroom. I turned around to look at my monitor. The thought of Derek naked flooded my mind. Water dripping from his hair. The shower stream flowing over his perfectly sculpted body.

I looked down at the now obvious bulge in my pants. Shit I didn't know what to do. I looked back to my monitor and started googling various ways to get rid of it.

Think less pervertedly. Yeah not really possible right now.

Stretch your legs. I stood up. "Whoa. That's different." I looked back down. FUCK! It was throbbing now. I sat back down. Next.

Think of something gross. Hm this might actually work. Dead mice dead mice dead mice. Actually dead mice aren't that gross their kind of cool. And once on a random weekend a few months ago, I walked in on Derek attacking a mouse that was in his basement. When he turned around it was dangling from his mouth. And god was that sexy.

"Damn it none of this is working." I said quietly under my breath.

"What'cha looking at?" I felt his breath glide across my neck. I got instant goose bumps.. I shut off my monitor and turned around. Our faces were inches apart. I took a huge gulp. I could smell my body wash on him. Damn did it smell so good in this moment. I stared at him a moment before he gave me a questioning look.

"Oh you know. It was- it was nothing." I smiled to try and make it more believable. He smiled back. God was it beautiful. Then I noticed his body. He was shirtless with a thin film of water glistening on his chest and abs. a towel hung loosely from his waist. I felt it again. The throbbing. I moved my hands slowly covering the bulge. Derek noticed he looked down at me hand. He sighed. "Sorry…" I chocked out. He looked back up at me I smiled a little again. He shook his head and turned around to walk over to my dresser and started sifting through it. I adjusted myself and forced myself to look away. He is a god.

After he was done changing I went and laid down in my bed trying to avoid looking at him. After I got comfortable under my blankets I made sure to cover my face enough so he couldn't see me but I could secretly spy on him. He was wearing a pair of my boxers and one of my wife beaters. Both way too small for him. I didn't mind. Being able to see his happy trail wasn't that bad.

"Hey Derek?"

"Yeah Stiles?"

"I know the floor isn't that comfortable," I hesitated. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to do this, "so if you want I'll share the bed." Derek didn't respond. He just laid there for a second before nodding. He stood up and walked over to the other side of the bed and slipped under the covers. I smiled internally. Then I felt a warm arm wrap around my waist, my breath hitched and he pulled my closer nuzzling the back of my neck with his nose. My heart was beating so fast it was embarrassing. I tried to calm myself, focus on my breathing. It worked for a moment until I felt a small kiss on the back of my neck.

"Goodnight Stiles." Derek whispered so quietly I thought I maybe imagined it.

"Night." I replied just in case. I felt him smile. There was no talking after that just sleep.

I woke up cold. No warm arms wrapped around me. I sat up and looked around at my room. He wasn't there. I sighed and sat there for a moment motionless with my hands in my palms. It was Saturday and I had nothing to do. I sighed again louder. 'Time to eat' I thought and my stomach growled not missing a beat. I laughed to myself patting my belly. I stood up and suddenly felt dizzy. I went to fall back onto my bed when a pair of warm arms caught me.

"Whoa," I said lamely, "head rush." Derek chuckled.

"I made you breakfast." I stood up and gave him a confused look. 'Could he be serious?'

"Really?" I asked. Derek nodded and gestured to the door. I walked downstairs with Derek not too far behind. When I got to the kitchen the smell of eggs and burnt bacon. "Mmm" I sat down and began to eat.

"Sorry I kind of demolished the bacon." Derek said ducking his head a bit. I looked at him and then back at the plate. The bacon was burnt wasn't it? I really didn't care or mind. I really hadn't had non-burnt bacon since my mom died. I was just happy Derek had stayed.

I nodded "its fine. I don't care. But…," though I loved that he stayed and made me breakfast I wanted to know why. "What's all of this about?"

Derek sighed and got an irritated look on his face. 'Great.' "Can't you just be grateful?" it didn't even sound like a question.

"I am its just-"

"You know what never mind. I need to go." He went to stand up but I grabbed his arm. Derek turned to me. He looked pissed.

"I'm sorry Derek. Don't go. Please." He ripped his arm out of my hand and stormed out. I was alone again.