A/N: This is my personal good-bye present, to all my (few) fans. I'm going to be concentrating all my writing efforts now on getting sometime together that I can get published, so this is my last story on here most likely. I may pop back again with some random one-shot, but I'm officially calling it a day. So, here, for what will be the last time in a long time, we go.

Sayonara, Goodbye

Miku stared at the man, who had just said his farewell. "Bu-but..."

"I'm sorry, I've got to go now. The world awaits me." The man softly smiled back. "I've got to leave this all behind."

"You can't leave though! You've done so much, you're our friend. You gave us life, you let us roam the world you created."

"And when I'm gone, there will be someone else's world to explore. You're wrong if you think I was just being kind, I gave you all a place so that I could have a place in this world. I wanted somewhere to belong in this world."

The man turned away, "I found a place here, but I know that wasn't enough. You live in one world, and I live in another. I need to return to my world, the 'real' world. I have to leave the 'imaginary' world behind."

"You're saying we're just imaginary, we're nothing to you?" Miku cried out, as tears began to flow down her cheeks.

"No, you'll all be forever with me, in here," the man placed a hand over his heart. "I just need to move on. But you've effected me, and even if only slightly, I've affected you. Those facts will never change."

"But why do you have to leave?" Miku reached out and grabbed the man, and stared him straight in the eye.

"Because it's time for me to leave the world of illusions and delusions, and keep striding in my real world."

Miku's grip weakened, and she slumped to the floor. "Then I suppose that it's over... so..." She stared up one last time, and weakly smiled. "Sayonara... Goodbye... Satoru... no... R-h-..."

He smiled, as he looked down on her, then looked up again, to see countless others standing behind her. Each one, the writer had written of, each one, every hero, every villain, smiled at him. To one side was the cast of Bleach, Ichigo with a scowl on his face, while Rukia told him to stop making such a harsh look. Elsewhere stood the characters from Symphonia, Lloyd and Colette holding hands and beaming at the Writer. Then there were Lelouch and C.C., Akira and Mina, Shion and Satoshi, so many others, and in the centre, the Vocaloids, each smiling at him.

The purple-armoured soldiers, the plot marines, saluted, and the Writer saluted back. Then he heard a call, from Misty, "Come on Wolfie, it's time you left. We're all waiting for you."

Wolfie, the Writer, whatever his name, looked back at the assembly, and smiled. "For the last time, goodbye... my friends..." He looked down at Miku once more, then the Writer turned away, and walked his path, as light engulfed him. "You'll be with me, forever."

'Satoru' frowned sadly at the laptop monitor. He was sad to see it go, the world he had made, the reality he had forged within reality. Or maybe, I shouldn't be saying 'he' any more. I mean, I was sad, I'd finally laid my creations to rest. All the odds and ends of this world of mine, they begin to melt away, so it's time I gave this story the gift of sleep. This is this world's end, this 'god' is slain, so it's time for the last night, goodnight.

Farewell to everyone who has enjoyed my creations. 'Satoru' can stay here now, this is his home. I'll leave him, and walk out as the real me.

So, I'll see you next time.


Der Blaue Wolf