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Summary: A few months after defeating the Maenads and the Creator, Ceodore Harvey still has nightmares about what happened. What he needs now is someone to talk to, someone who can understand what he's going through.

The Light of His Eye

Chapter 5

Ceodore Harvey, age 15, didn't quite know exactly where he was. He kept seeing blackness all around him. Out of nowhere, one torch after another lit the room.

Ceodore recognized it as the True Moon. What am I doing here? He thought. I haven't been here since…..

Ceodore, however, wasn't alone. Standing a few feet in front of him, his father sat on the ground, his face hidden by his legs. Concerned for his father, Ceodore ran over to him.

"Father?" Ceodore asked him. His father lifted his head up to see that his light blue eyes were glazed over, not quite exactly seeing him. "Father!" Ceodore was yelling at him. "Father!" He began to shake him. "Answer me! Say something!"

He opened his mouth. "C…C…Ceodore!" Ceodore gasped happily, afraid that he was going to cry.

Then, the next thing he knew, he felt something stab into his back. Blood poured out in front of him. He turned around behind him to see his father, smiling evilly, his blue eyes sparkling with malice, and his beautiful Mythgraven blade through Ceodore's back to his chest.

"Father!" Ceodore cried back, a sense of fear going through him.

"Foolish child," His father said evilly, chuckling as he did, "You are truly worthless. A weakling. And now," He raised his sword high over his head, "You will die."

"No! Father! Please!" Ceodore was yelling as his father prepared for the killing blow.

Ceodore sat up, his eyes open, his breathing fast. It took him a few seconds to recognize his room in Baron Castle, his home, and to realize that he wasn't on the True Moon and his father wasn't trying to kill him. Although it's been a few months since the defeat of the Maenads, green haired girls that looked like Rydia, and their mysterious Creator, Ceodore could still remembered all that had happened then.

How Baron was attacked, how these mysterious girls were around, how his father was possessed by one of these girls and forced to fight his friends and family, how Odin, a summon, and Baron's former king broke the mind control, how it left Cecil into a state of unresponsiveness, how Cecil's dark half was trying to kill them, and how, finally, they defeated the Maenads and the Creator.

But, even if everything was okay now, at peace, Ceodore knew that when his father was in that catatonic state, Ceodore was scared because his father didn't recognize him. He was also afraid when his father was under the mind control of the Maenads and his dark other half on the True Moon because, although he knew it was ridiculous, he feared his father actually killing him.

Feeling that the room was hot and stuffy, and that he was actually trembling, Ceodore decided to take a walk around.

Cecil looked up at the daytime sky to see the Red Wings' airship flying through the sky. I guess Ceodore succeeded, Cecil thought, I'm so happy for him. The next thing he knew, monsters started flooding the ship. And shortly after that, sparks appeared from the ship and it began to descend rapidly. "Ceodore!" And Cecil began to run after his son. The castle around him faded into what he recognized as the True Moon.

He saw his dark half, his dark knight form, standing over Ceodore evilly.

"Let my son go!" He yelled at him. His dark half just smirked at him. "Foolish, my weaker half. You let your heart feel, you let yourself love and care for others." He stabbed his sword into Ceodore's chest.

"That is why you're weak." And his dark half disappeared.

"Ceodore!" He ran over to his son's form. His picked him up, looking at his too pale skin, feeling his cold body. Cecil leaned over, trying to feel his son's heartbeat, a sign a breath, a sign that the pale skin and his cold flesh were a lie, that he was just merely unconscious.

He heard nothing.

"No!" Cecil hugged his son's body close to his chest, his head lying on his son's. Tears streamed out of his eyes. "No! Please don't let this be true! Ceodore!"

And Cecil's eyes opened wide, his breathing as fast as his son's. He turned to his side to see his beautiful wife fast asleep. He didn't want to bother his wife with his nightmares. So, to take his mind off the recent dream, Cecil decided to take a walk.

As Cecil passed by the huge balcony of the castle, he saw someone standing on it. As he stepped closer and closer, onto the balcony, he recognized Ceodore.

"Ceodore." Cecil called to him. His son turned back to see his father looking at him, confused.

"What are you doing out here?" He walked closer to his son. "It's late."

"I should say the same with you." Ceodore was saying, smiling at his dad.

Cecil just chuckled and shook his head. "Can't sleep?"

Ceodore nodded. "Yeah. I guess after everything that has happened, it will be a while before anything seems safe to me."

"Yeah," Cecil agreed. "I don't think I will ever adjust." Then again, Cecil thought, I didn't think I could adjust to being a king, or being a father. But, I managed, with the help of my friends.

"Father," Ceodore was saying, looking up at the moon, "Do you think Uncle Theodor is out there, somewhere?" Ceodore received no answer. "Father?" Again, no answer. He turned to see his father looking down at his feet, his eyes unmoving, practically frozen. He stared into Ceodore's eyes…..no recognition of his son…..a blood-coated sword…..an evil glint in his father's eyes….a smirk crossing his face….

"Father!" Ceodore suddenly yelled. "Ceodore!" Cecil yelled at the exact same time. Their hands were on each other's shoulders. Ceodore was rather shocked that his own father, this brave knight, the man he would always turn to when he was afraid, was crying. Ceodore felt tears coming to his eyes, blurring his own father's face. And they sobbed into each other's arms.

"C-Ceodore," Cecil asked his son, "What's wrong?"

"I-I should say the same about you." Ceodore joked, a smile coming to his face.

"I'm sorry if I'm scaring you," Cecil attempted to wipe his tears away from his face, "It's just…..When you looked all scared at me, I-I saw you, in my dream. Y-You were dead, killed by my darker half." He put a hand to his chest, remembering when he reunited with his darker half. "In my mind, I-I knew you were dead, but my heart just refused to listen."

"Dad," Ceodore said, looking at his father, "I-I didn't know. I'm sorry."

"There's nothing to be sorry about." Cecil tried to reassure his son. "But there is," Ceodore said, "I scared you. I….I saw you there, lost in thought and-and it made me feel like I felt in my nightmare. You…you were unresponsive, like you were after Odin attacked you." His eyes widened, realizing what he just said; he basically said that their former king of Baron, the man who raised Cecil, was like a father to him, had attacked Cecil. But Cecil said nothing, and indicated for him to go on. "You-you didn't recognize me, not at all, and it scared me. Then, you…you…" He trailed off, not wanting to say anymore.

"Ceodore." Cecil told him. "You stabbed me. You were smiling evilly at me, calling me weak. Then, you-you about to kill me, before I woke up."

"Ceodore." Cecil told him, grabbing his face and lifting it up a bit so Ceodore would look into his father's eyes. "I know how hard it must have been to carry a burden and to have to be a fighter. I felt the same way too." Ceodore nodded, his face still in his father's hand. He was told the stories about how his parents saved the Blue Planet and defeated Zemus.

"But," Cecil continued, "You must know this as well. There will always be people around to help you. You are not alone. I will be there, and so will your mother. Even if they don't seem to be around," Like brother, Cecil thought to himself, "They are always there." He placed his other hand on Ceodore's chest, where his heart is.

Ceodore smiled. "Thanks, dad." And he suddenly felt rather, rather drowsy. It was hard to keep his eyelids open anymore.

Cecil just chuckled, looking at how cute his son was. "I think it's time we turn in for the night. It's rather late." He looked up at the moon. Then, he picked his son up in his arms, adjusting him so that he was comfortable, and began to carry him off to his room. As he set Ceodore down on his bed, he felt a small arm grabbing him.

"Dad," Ceodore murmured sleepily, "You shouldn't worry about me dying. Not yet anyway." And he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Cecil just smiled and, yawning as he did, settled himself to sleep by his son (I know what you're thinking. Just stop.).

"You have no idea how happy I am to have you as my son." And Cecil fell asleep, pure relaxation entering his body for the first time in a long time.

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