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It occurred to him as most things occurred to him; randomly. Pinky had been running on his wheel, happy and humming and going right where he needed to go. Blue eyes roving over the lab, admiring the sights of mind most likely, rather than actually seeing anything. But then he saw it.

He stopped his running so abruptly, he went spinning around the wheel until it slowed. Shaking the daze off, Pinky stumbled over the edge of the cage closest to the object. It was a snow globe one of the scientists brought back from their vacation in Tibet. As soon as he laid eyes on it, he knew what he needed to do... He and Brain should go to Hawaii! Hawaii was just like Tibet! Except not cold... or with snow...

But they could go to Hawaii for their honeymoon! They hadn't had one yet and had been married for quite a while now (two whole weeks!) so it would be the perfect reason to go! He'd have to do some research first, figure out what Hawaii had to do with honey and the moon and why married people needed both, but Pinky was too excited to care. With a happy little wiggle, Pinky bounded out of the cage in search of a map. He needed to find out where Hawaii was and how long it would take to walk there first.

He dashed right past his daughter, who'd been working on memorizing the periodic table with a furrowed brow, and caught her attention. Cici watched him struggle with the bookshelf for a few moments, then turned her attention back to her work. Pinky often did strange things while she did her homework, it was not an unusual event. Besides, he quickly gave up on finding the map.

"Egad... how am I going to find out where Hawaii is now?" Pinky sighed, leaning against the globe on the counter.

Brain looked down at him from a nearby stack of books, indulging in his love of history to locate some inspiration for tonight's plan. His vantage point kept him well-appraised of his daughter's activities, as well, and he was quietly pleased by her improving attention span. He climbed down the stack and made his way towards his counterpart. His books hadn't been helping; perhaps some surprisingly inspirational inanity would. "What are you looking for, Pinky?"

Ears wilting and appearing decidedly upset, Pinky looked over at Brain. His heart fluttered, his usual urge to sweep him up only curbed by his disappointment. "A map of the whole world, Brain! But I can't find it in all the books." He gestured to the shelf, still supporting himself on the globe. Oh, they'd never be able to go to Hawaii on a honeymoon if he couldn't even find it!

Sighing, Brain looked back at his daughter to share a look, though hers was decidedly more amused than his own. "Pinky, just what do you think you're leaning against now?"

"The spinny world you like to stand on," Pinky replied, giving it a pat.

"Exactly, Pinky. It's the world. A map in three dimensions." He rubbed his temples. "Dare I ask why you're in need of a map? I told you that you won't actually be able to find a place called candyland last week."

Tilting his head, Pinky's ears perked up as he surveyed the globe. With a gasp, he hugged Antarctica and promptly fell the floor as it turned from his shift in weight. "The world! Narf! Oh, the world can tell me where to go!" The lanky mouse got to his feet and started to slowly move it. "I'm not looking for candyland, Brain. I'm looking for Hawaii!" He turned to look at the smaller mouse, an idea blossoming. Brain was smart, Brain knew everything! "How far is Hawaii from the lab, Brain? Is it a long walk?"

"Pinky, it's an impossible walk. Not only is it approximately 3929 miles, one would need to have the ability to walk on water." Brain stepped up, waving Pinky's hands away to demonstrate. "You see? Hawaii is a set of four islands situated in the Pacific Ocean. And we are here." He tapped California.

"Ooooh..." Pinky traced his own finger from California to Hawaii. "Poit."

Homework set aside, Cici hopped over to them, leaning against Pinky's side. "Why did you want to find Hawaii, Pinky?"

He looked down at her and smiled. "For our honeymoon! Brain and I haven't had one yet." Pinky picked her up to let her see the globe from a better vantage point. "All marrieds are supposed to have one, and Hawaii is apparently a good place to get honey and the moon," he explained, puffing out his chest, pleased to be the one explaining something to her for a change.

Brain scowled, battling back the color that wanted to fill his cheeks. "Pinky, a honeymoon doesn't actually have anything to do with honey or moons. It's generally considered to just be a sweet - hence honey - time for newlywed couples that should supposedly last an entire lunar cycle - hence moon. Though the majority of them only average two weeks."

Pinky deflated, pouting slightly, but Cici gave his cheek a pat as she smiled at him and it cheered him right up. "Oh, well there you go then." He set Cici down and spread out his arms. "We're going on a honeymoon to Hawaii!"

"When did you decide that?" She looked between her parents, specifically focusing on Brain.

"We didn't." Brain shook his head. "Pinky, we can't simply leave for two weeks. We have a child to raise and a world to take over."

"But, Brain, we're married. We have to have one!" It made sense in his mind. Pinky gave Cici a pat on the head. "She can come with us! And umm... we can take over the world when we get back! Oh please, Brain!"

Brain's ears fell, feeling highly uncomfortable with the idea of bringing their daughter on their honeymoon. "Pinky, you're missing the point of honeymoons entirely. They're to allow the couple to experience matrimonial bliss without the pressures of everyday life. Children are most certainly not supposed to come along."

Pinky and Cici exchanged glances, the smaller mouse shrugging. Blue eyes went back to Brain. "Well, she can stay with Romy then. Or sister dear can watch her here. Oh, zounds, that rhymed!" Pinky giggled to himself, holding his hands to his cheeks.

"I don't mind, daddy." Cici smiled at Brain, clasping her hands behind her back. "And you go through a lot of everyday life pressures. You should take a break for umm... matri... matrimonial bliss."

"Taking a trip without any sort of warning simply isn't feasible. I doubt that Roman would be pleased to take you for two weeks without prior notice and bouncing you between him and my own sister simply doesn't make sense." Nights were one thing as they were only gone for a few hours, but two entire weeks? He frowned. "Neither of them would keep up with your studies properly."

"I can teach myself. I'll surprise you with how much I'll know when you get back." Though without the mental capabilities Brain possessed, she still managed to understand all her subjects for the most part, as long as she had access to books or the computer. "And you don't have to leave right this second. You do have to buy plane tickets."

"Zort. And we don't have to stay two weeks, Brain! Maybe just four or one!" Pinky offered. "Two is an awfully long time after all."

A single week wasn't that bad. He'd been cycling through one of his stretches of conqueror's block and a few days off certainly sounded better than putting himself and Pinky through substandard plans. Besides that, he and Pinky didn't have many opportunities to be alone and a week alone with his lover did certainly have its appeal. "I'll... consider it."

"Are you serious?" Making her presence known, Brain's sister joined into the conversation she'd been quietly eavesdropping on. "If I had an adorable hubby who suggested a romantic trip to Hawaii, I'd snap that up."

"You don't have a child to consider," Brain pointed out.

"No, but you've at least got a willing babysitter on hand." She grinned at Cici. "I think we can stand each other for a week, huh, bubeleh?"

Cici nodded eagerly, she'd seen the way Pinky's face lit up when Brain said he would consider it. If it made her mommy-daddy that happy, she didn't see any problem with staying home while they had their honeymoon. In her opinion they needed to act more like a normal married couple anyway. Plus, Aunt Brie let her stay up late and watch all sorts of movies and other fun things. "Oh, you should go, daddy. It'll make mommy really happy, and besides, the future ruler of the world should take some time to relax before all those responsibilities for all the countries start popping up. You won't have time for a vacation then."

"I know when I'm being cajoled," Brain informed her, giving her nose a poke. "But fine. Since you've all decided in favor, I suppose I may as well go along with it."

"Hoorah!" Both parent and child cheered, sandwiching Brain in a delighted hug.

"But only for a week," Brain confirmed, trying to wriggle away from the embrace. "And I'll be making a list of what I expect you to know by the time we return, Cici."

Cici released him and took a few steps back. "Yes sir!" She saluted with a grin.

Pinky, on the other hand, continued to hold on. His tail wagged in earnest and he kissed the top of Brain's head. "Oh, thank you, Brain! Troz! I'll go start packing!"

"That's fine, Pinky. I suppose I need to look at flight schedules and weather patterns and such. We'll leave tomorrow night." He grabbed Pinky's ear. "Don't forget the boa," he murmured and wriggled down, brushing himself off.

"'Kay!" Pinky nodded, then twirled away towards the cage. "Cici! Sister dear! Want to help?"

The little mouse made to join him, but after catching the look on her father's face, she decided against it. "That's okay, Pinky. I've still got to do my homework." That periodic table wasn't going to memorize itself.

Brie giggled, taking her niece's hand. "C'mon. Show me what you're doing. Maybe I can learn something."

"Please do," Brain muttered, relieved that neither of them were going to help, and she stuck her tongue out at him.

Cici laughed, then led Brie over to where her book was spread out. "I'm learning the elements! I'm only at Mercury though." There was still a long way to go.

Watching them get to their own business, Pinky shrugged and continued prancing to the cage. Oh, a honeymoon! This would be fun-fun silly-willy! A whole week with just him and Brain, no world domination plans or anything to take away his attention. Not counting Cici and sister dear, of course, he wouldn't have minded if they came too, but he did have to admit it would be nice to have some alone time. Like it used to be. Warmth filled him as he giggled, oh... he did like their alone time now, he'd make sure they enjoyed it on their honeymoon.

Pulling out their suitcases, Pinky resolved to do some more research on honeymoons and plan some extra special romantic things for him and Brain to do. And the boa would certainly be included.

Brain went to his computer, grimacing at the prices, and arranged for a pickup instead. Flying in the cargo hold was much cheaper and much simpler. They just needed a cardboard box to pack their cage... Drat, Cici. He couldn't take the cage; she'd need it. He blinked, realizing that he and Pinky hadn't done any traveling since the girl had come into their lives. No wonder his plans were starting to feel stale. Perhaps this trip would give him ideas for when they returned.

Or perhaps they could start taking Cici abroad. Not to join in the plans, of course, but to see the world. She and Roman would be his successors, after all, and while his son had toured the world following odd bands (ugh), his daughter had been rather firmly rooted in Burbank. Hm.

He'd ponder it more when they returned. For now, they'd have to get one of the unused cages, a cardboard box, and a permanent marker. He booked their hotel room after a few minutes of debate. He didn't want anything overlooking the pool, lest Pinky get any high-diving ideas, but still a room where they'd be able to have the moonlight shine through their windows. It was a honeymoon, after all. He could allow a romantic concession or two.

Squirming a little - they hadn't had time alone since their first "official" night of being husbands - Brain confirmed the bookings and put his credit card away before heading to the cage to get his own packing underway. And, of course, to make sure Pinky wasn't packing every single thing he owned.


He'd wanted a window seat, but they were all taken by the wall. But that was no matter, Pinky had his list he'd made to keep him busy for at least five minutes of the flight. He hugged it tightly to his chest and hummed, oh he did love lists! When Brain and Cici had gone to sleep, he'd slipped out to use the computer to see what one actually did on a honeymoon. He would surprise Brain with all the things he knew.

Looking down at his secret special list of plans, well it wasn't really secret, he supposed Brain would find out at some point, Pinky tried to remember what each thing meant. Snorkeling had been a word he'd seen a lot when looking at the Hawaii travel websites. Apparently that's what they called it when you went swimming with fish in a mask. He didn't know why they thought up a fancy word for it, but it was fun to say! "Snork" was certainly silly to say, just like "zort". Well, anyway, they'd certainly have to do that. And go to a loo-wow. That was like the Hawaiian version of a dinner theatre! At least, that's what it sounded like to him. Dancing and food, it sounded perfect! Oh, Brain would be so surprised!

"You're going to be so surprised, Brain!" Pinky told him, flopping onto his back, still clutching the list and looked at his husband on the other side of the travel cage upside down.

Pinky's surprises could be the sweetest things ever conceived or end up causing him the most excruciating of pains - there was very rarely an in-between and Brain was wary of both extremes. "Surprised by what?"

"My list!" Pinky waved it in the air. "I know all sorts of things we can do on our honeymoooon," he sing-songed. "I wrote them all down so we can pick and choose. Want to see?"

Brain closed the book he'd been planning to read and held out a hand. "Yes. Show me." He was prepared to deter him from the majority of whatever he'd decided was honeymoon-worthy.

"'Kay!" Kicking his legs up, he did a backwards somersault to get to his feet. He handed Brain his list, plopping down beside him. Pressing their sides together, Pinky dropped his chin to rest it on Brain's shoulder as he read it.

Brain started to shift away out of habit, but they were alone. So he gave his head a fond pat instead, tweaking his ear as he skimmed the list. "Well, Pinky, you were correct about my being surprised. These aren't all horrible."

Pinky smiled brightly, pointing at the list. "I did research things, Brain! Like you do. This is all the things people do on their honeymoons in Hawaii. I want to make sure I do it right, Brain."

Well, his list didn't have everything, but he supposed some things were a tad too inappropriate to be listed on a conventional website. "We only have a week, Pinky, so much of this won't happen." Zip-lines and mountain climbing were a definite no, as was seeing volcanoes. They'd already made one erupt on the island of Paluka and he wasn't keen on tempting fate a second time in that regard. "Besides that every honeymoon experience is a unique one. One couple couldn't possibly do all the things another's done."

Brain hesitated a moment, fidgeting with the list. "I'm very... proud of you for managing to work the computer on your own, though. And the thought behind the research is appreciated."

"Oh, Brain!" He wiggled bashfully, pleased and embarrassed by the praise. "And I know we can't do everything, I just didn't want to miss anything in case we did want to do it but didn't know it." Blinking at the way he worded that for a second, Pinky shrugged it off, made sense to him. "We also have to leave room for our special time together. I didn't write that down 'cause I knew I wouldn't forget that part." He nuzzled Brain gently.

Brain turned slightly, cupping Pinky's chin in hand and rubbing their noses together. "I didn't think you would forget that. I'd rather you didn't write such a... private activity on a list. Your penchant for losing things causes worry."

"Oh, but I won't lose this, Brain," he assured him, wrapping his arms and tail around Brain. "I have to remember that I want to go snorkeling and to the loo-wow. Does it make you say 'wow', Brain? Is that why it's called that? Snork."

"No, Pinky, 'luau' is a Hawaiian word. It's derived from a type of food that's typically served at traditional luaus." Brain dropped his hand back to the list, lowering his gaze to look it over again. "They're a popular custom, so discovering one should be simple enough. Perhaps tonight we'll attend one."

With a gasp, Pinky's tail thumped against the cage floor and his eyes grew wide. "Really, Brain? Narf! Oh thank you!" He gave him a quick, but enthusiastic, squeeze. "We can do whatever you want tomorrow then!"

"I believe one of the points of honeymoons is to discover the ability to make joint decisions," he mused, though he intended to have final say on everything. "So these next few days will be what we want to do." He folded the list and offered it back, its contents memorized and mentally categorized in "Absolutely Not," "If I Must," and "I Suppose" lists. "It is helpful that the two of us have been together so long already."

Pinky took the list back, placing it neatly on the floor beside him. "Okay, Brain. Together decisions then!" He nodded, it sounded like a wonderful idea. It was nice when they both wanted to do the same things. Well, Pinky usually wanted to do whatever Brain wanted to do, but that was take over the world type things. Vacation type things were new and exciting. "How long until we get there, Brain?"

"Five to six hours, I believe, depending on the winds and the pilot." Brain folded his arms, tilting his head back. "I know you have more than enough things at your disposal to keep yourself entertained for that long." Including a roll of duct tape Pinky hadn't been able to bear to part with for a week.

"What are you going to do, Brain?" he asked, unwinding his arms from around him to clasp his hands in his lap.

"Read for the time being, I suppose." Brain reached out, unconsciously toying with the fur of his chest. "I'm in the middle of an intriguing biochemistry study."

Pinky giggled, falling back away from his touch as it had tickled. "Okay, Brain. I'll let you read then. Ooooh, do you think you can read to me later?" What he was reading now sounded too smart, though most of what Brain read was smart. Even if he didn't understand it, he just liked how Brain sounded when he read. He'd always listen, curled up with Cici, whenever they wore him down enough to give in and read something.

Brain laced his fingers together, embarrassed that he'd given in to the urge to touch. He was normally much better than that. "Perhaps I will, Pinky. If jet lag and the luau festivities haven't worn me out." He knew neither were likely to affect his husband, so rolled his eyes and reached for his book again. His fingers hesitated on the cover, tapping rather than opening. Husband. Stunning how a mere two weeks would leave him so very comfortable with that label.

"Hooray! Zort!" Instead of getting up, Pinky just started rolling away. It was easier and a good deal of fun. Laughing happily, he didn't stop until he bumped into his suitcase. Right, time to find things to do while he waited for the plane to get to Hawaii. Oh! He'd look out the window-! Right, the walls took all the window seats. Hmm... something else then.

After wrapping his tail in duck tape, he'd started drawing and coloring lovely pictures to pass the time. Staying up late to do research caught up with him though, despite the fact that he was used to little sleep with their nightly escapades, it had taken him an awfully long time to find the 'on' button. So he curled up for a nap right on top of his crayons, not wanting to be sleepy for the loo-wow dinner theatre later.

Brain glanced up when the activity in the corner of his eye stopped and sighed. "Pinky, don't fall asleep on your crayons. You'll get the colors rubbed into your fur again."

"But, Brain..." he protested, cuddling the pink one close. "They're comfy..."

"If I have to waste time scrubbing crayon off of you at the hotel, we're not going to a luau. We're already going to land in the evening, and you more than likely won't be cleaned in time." How could he be so irritating and yet simultaneously adorable? It was a baffling mystery, on par with the... the Bermuda Triangle. Hm. He'd set that aside for pondering later. "Find something else to cuddle."

Well, that got him moving. Blinking slowly, he pushed away from the crayons and his drawings. Boa would be nice to cuddle with, but he'd forgotten which suitcase he'd put it in. Pinky glanced over at Brain. Even better. He crawled over to him and settled down by his side, pillowing his cheek on his arms and tucked his knees in.

Brain shook his head, waiting for Pinky's breaths to even out before petting his head as he read.


Trouble in Paradise~
More accurately Porn in Paradise... .

None in this chapter however! It's just the start of their fabulous vacation together as husbands! As much as this fic is about honeymoons and such, I feel that it really helped solidify how StarShineDC and I write Pinky and Brain as husbands. It's our longest fic to date, I believe. Even longer than our Titanic fic. And there's about half the plot.

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Chronologically, this occurs two weeks after Please Go Home in our OC-verse.


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