Love things ahead XD

Brain had largely composed himself by the time Pinky arrived, and was leaned against the vase with his flower. He hadn't been able to resist taking the flower out, however, and had buried his nose in the petals. But when he looked up from it and saw Pinky with the oil, his fingers tightened on the stem. Oh, yes. He quivered with anticipation, ears perking a bit.

Pinky set it down, bending over and wiggling his lower half in the air. When he straightened, he lifted one leg and turned around slowly. Facing Brain again, he shimmied and tugged the boa back and forth along his shoulders. "Hi, Brain," he purred, eyes glittering.

"Ah..." Pink eyes had gone wide in an effort to somehow see more. He looked from Pinky's eyes to the boa, down to his hips and back up. "Hello, Pinky."

Preening under the hungry gaze, Pinky twirled and rotated his hips in continuous circles. He started humming a slower version of the tune he'd been singing all day, moving the boa so that it covered his chest and his groin as he danced across the table. He approached Brain, only to back off and change directions, going behind the vase.

Brain made a whiny little noise despite his best efforts and turned to try and find him again. There was a hard, hot ball of lust in his gut that left him quivering. He looked... exceptional and teasing.

Pinky poked his head out from behind the vase, batted his lashes, then slid up beside Brain, brushing their fur together briefly and nipped at his ear. He spun away as the humming grew louder, letting the boa flutter around him. Oh, he loved when Brain looked at him like that. Like he was all that mattered.

The smaller mouse managed to get the flower back in the vase without taking his gaze from his lover. He needed to sit before his legs simply gave out, as they'd threatened to do when Pinky had too briefly touched him. "Pinky," he whispered, watching his hips circle. Brain swayed, unconsciously mimicking his husband, wanting those movements to happen against his body.

"Oh, Brain, are we playing Simon Says?" he asked through his hum, purposefully thrusting his hips, his length twitching as he watched Brain's eyes follow him.

He managed to tear his gaze from Pinky's shaft, his own lifting and stiffening as he watched, and meet his husband's eyes. They were so big and shimmery that he lost his train of thought for a moment. "What...?"

"Your body's doing the same thing as mine." His gaze went half-lidded and he smiled coyly. Pinky turned around to present Brain with his back, the boa drifting down as he shimmied, dipping beneath his tail over the swimsuit bottoms.

The words going right over his head, Brain curled his fingers into the fur of his own thighs to keep himself anchored. It would be all too easy to crawl otherwise. His tongue slid slowly along his bottom lip, hips rolling up as he gazed needily at his counterpart. "Oh, Pinky," he moaned. "You're so beautiful..."

Giggling shyly, Pinky bent over and looked at Brain from down between his legs. "You are too, Brain. All flusterdy." He wiggled his pert behind, his tail lifting to coil and curl in the air, taking the boa with it.

To keep his tongue from lolling, Brain bit his finger. He looked from his tail to his bottom and finally to his eyes, making a keening noise around the digit. There was really nothing quite like watching Pinky dance for him.

"What do you want, Brain?" Pinky cooed, straightening and facing him again. His length harder and glistening with arousal. Arching his back, his dragged his fingers over the bikini top and down his stomach, tracing his hips where fur met fabric.

Brain leaned back heavily against the vase, legs parting. "I want... I want..." He swallowed, tail shifting back and out of the way, dark eyes following Pinky's hands. "Oh, Pinky, I want you," he managed, hips lifting. He just couldn't take it any longer. "Oh, please..."

Oh, Brain was so beautiful. Pinky couldn't look away from the way he spread his legs, aching at the sight of those hips moving, wanting him. Very slowly, he teased the bikini bottoms down his thighs, still rocking to the rhythm that was only in his head now. "Me? Poit."

His ears fell back, eyes rounding. "Pinky," he whined, shaft quivering with need. He needed his lover's hands on him. "Please, Pinky, you. I want you."

Letting the fabric fall the rest of the way down his legs, Pinky stepped out of the swimsuit and swayed over to Brain. He slid the boa from around his shoulders and draped it behind Brain's neck. "But you already have me, Brain." He licked the tip of his nose, keeping most of his body out of reach.

He was closer, but it wasn't close enough. Brain wanted to be surrounded and filled, needed it. "Pinky," he whimpered, gazing at him needily. "Please. You know what I want."

"No, I don't think I do, Brain... I'm stupid, remember? You might just have to spell it out for me. Narf," he whispered, rubbing their noses together before ducking to kiss along Brain's jaw. Oh, he knew what he wanted, but it sent such a thrill through him to hear him say it. His shaft throbbed, Brain's sounds going straight to it.

It was embarrassing, but he wanted it badly enough that it didn't matter. "Take me. Please, Pinky, I just... I need you everywhere. Please." He reached out, giving Pinky's ears an encouraging rub.

Moaning softly, Pinky slid his hands down Brain's body, fingers brushing over his arousal. "Right, Brain." He kissed his lips gently, for reassurance as he left his side to retrieve the three in one oil he left on the edge of the table.

Brain made a stuttered, keening noise when Pinky left him and was very tempted to follow him. That light touch had been such a miserable tease. He ached and needed and his mind was simply gone, emptied of anything beyond what he was feeling. "Pinky, please," he begged, hips rocking, meeting only air.

Pinky turned around to look at him and nearly swooned. Oh, he was begging... so needy, and all because of him! He didn't know how he managed to get back to his side so quickly, but with his heart pounding, Pinky kissed Brain hungrily savoring the taste of his mouth before lapping his way down his neck, chest, and belly, nipping along the way. His hands kneaded Brain's thighs, encouraging the rocking. Without any preamble, Pinky took his length into his mouth, tongue and lips sliding about messily as the heady scent and taste drew him in and made his head a pulsing fog.

On a loud, desperate outcry, Brain let his head fall back and spread his legs wide, lifting them to hook over Pinky's shoulders. "Oh, yes!" His fingers dragged through the fur of his own chest, his husband too far away to reach. But, oh, his mouth. Hot and wet and mobile and all Pinky. "Ohh...!"

Trembling with want, Pinky moaned around his shaft, sucking and coating his tongue with the free-flowing pre. He lifted his head only long enough to pour some of the oil over his fingers and pull the legs around him closer. "Brain, you're so pretty... so pretty and lovely and mine..." His tongue lapped at the head, teasing the slit as he pressed his index finger to the quivering pucker, marvelling at how ready and eager it seemed to be.

Oh, finally, yes. He wanted to be filled. Panting, the words reverberating in his ears, Brain stared up at the sky. He gave a needy babble in response - "Please, yes, love, oh!" - and tried to press closer to hurry him along, legs tightening around him.

Brain couldn't even talk! Oh, wonderful! His belly churned with heat and he sucked all of Brain down as he carefully pushed his finger in. It was so hot, his length yearned to be inside, to drive Brain wild. He pushed in and out, adding a second finger when passage became smoother, stretching his husband while searching for that special spot. His free hand caressed Brain's hip and side, to soothe as he pleasured him.

"Pinky!" Brain wailed, going blind when he found that bundle of nerves, his entire body convulsing. Oh, oh, it was so good... "Quickly, Pinky, I need you!" It came out in a rush, his breaths more like sobs. He tried to focus on the soothing pets, but his mouth and the fingers inside of him were too stunning to ignore.

He didn't need to be told again. With a farewell suckle, Pinky released his length with a pop and removed his fingers so he could slick up his own leaking erection. "Okay, Brain, I'm right here," he panted, rocking into his fist. He just couldn't help it. "It's okay... naaaaaarf..." Pinky nuzzled the red-red cheeks, blue eyes dark and wanting. Though he loved where they were, he had to move Brain's legs. He gripped his ankles, one in each hand and spread his legs, lining himself up with his entrance. He slowly slid in, gasping at the heat.

Brain grasped his own ears, tugging tightly. So close to what he wanted. So very, very close. "Oh, Pinky," he moaned, resisting the urge to buck his hips to make it happen faster. He couldn't move very well with his legs being held anyway, so just gazed at him with desperately dazed eyes.

"Brain," he whimpered, all the way in and trembling as the muscles tensed and pulsed around him. "Egad..." Pinky held Brain's gaze as he eased back, until only the tip remained encased in his heat, then rolled his hips forward, testing a rhythm.

"Yes," he groaned, reaching out for his husband. He wanted to feel and touch, needed to run his fingers through the soft fur that was still just out of reach. His breath hitched. "Pinky!"

Pinky leaned down, settling Brain's legs around his waist, and rubbed their noses together. "Brain, oh, Brain..." His hips thrust back and forth, in and out, so many sparks of pleasure dancing dizzily in his head.

Brain's fingers immediately began to roam, stroking down Pinky's back, up his sides, tracing the curves of his ears. Everywhere he could reach was pet and stroked and ruffled. His lips sought his lover's so that he could moan against them, legs tightening around his waist as he let himself be filled over and over again. So wonderfully good.

He wormed one hand in between them, gripping Brain's arousal and pumping in time with his thrusts. The other hand at his waist, to hold him up as he tried to find that spot again. To make Brain see stars. Pinky moaned right back into Brain's mouth, thrusting deeper.

The hand was almost enough to make him come on its own, but when Pinky found what he was looking for, Brain was done for. He plastered himself against Pinky on a mindless wail, body convulsing, the muscles around Pinky's sex clenching, and came hard. The megalomaniac whined and writhed, his sounds the most animalistic he'd made since being spliced. He couldn't help them, could barely hear them as blood rushed between his ears.

Pinky choked out a gasp, so in awe of Brain that he didn't notice how the sight and sound and feel of his husband brought him to the brink. Oh, those delicious sounds, his body, his love. "Egad, Brain..!" He pumped until he was emptied, then thrust and thrust, faster and faster, until he released deep inside the clenching muscles, tossing his head back with a low moan.

As he came down from the high, Brain flopped against the table with a soft grunt. He kept his legs tightly around Pinky's waist, though, not nearly ready for him to pull out and away. He felt full and sated, trembled as he laid there and just stared up at Pinky with dark pink eyes that were barely even open. "Mmm," was his attempt at speech but even he didn't know what he was trying to say.

Completely spent, Pinky draped himself over Brain, kissing every patch of fur accessible to him. His husband was so amazing, even in his foggy mind he could grasp that thought. So amazing to let him see him come undone like that. "Love you, I love you," he breathed between kisses to his face.

"Love you... too... yes..." He let his eyes close, not quite having the energy to wrap his arms around his husband as he wanted to do. Every kiss just made him quiver more, heart flip-flopping in his chest. "Oh, yes," he mumbled.

Tucking him in close, he let his lips linger on his temple, where his big smarty brain was. Pinky nuzzled him, letting his eyes slip shut too, content to inhale the strong scent of their coupling, and that of Brain's fur as well, basking in it. "Narf."

Brain gave a rather useless attempt to get closer, breath catching when he wiggled his hips. "Pinky," he sighed, finally lifting heavy limbs to wind around Pinky, fingers curling into the fur of his back. He never wanted this honeymoon to end.

"Egad, Brain... you're brilliant," he cooed, cuddling happily, pleased with the arms around him. He brushed his lips across his temple again, then pulled back to rest their noses together.

Pink eyes blinked open slowly. "That was... exquisite," Brain mumbled, slowly petting Pinky's back while his mind began to return in little bits and pieces. "You're stunning."

He hummed softly, refraining from shifting his hips because he was just too comfortable buried deep inside him. "You too... zounds, Brain... you moved so much and all your pretty sounds..." He was still all a-tingle at the memory.

Sighing quietly, content to stay close for as long as possible, Brain nudged his nose and pressed a small kiss to the tip. He wasn't sure how exactly to respond to that sort of compliment. "I... I love you," he breathed.

His heart didn't skip just one beat, it skipped five. At least! Remembering what Brain said about crying every time he was sweet to him, even if it was happy crying, Pinky swallowed his excessive emotions down and nuzzled almost desperately. "I love you too," he murmured, curling his fingers in Brain's fur to hold on forever.

Brain smiled slightly, enjoying the nuzzles and feeling the emotions behind them. He wasn't looking forward to having to get down from the table, fully intending to have Pinky carry him. But that was for a future moment, this one only about staying close and connected and so wonderfully surrounded. He ducked his head, rubbing his nose against Pinky's chest to breathe in his scent. He tucked himself in, thoroughly enjoying the warmth he provided.

Pinky sniffled, but he wasn't crying!, and nestled his cheek atop Brain's head. "You're the bestest best best husband ever, Brain. Poit. And lover, love."

As far as Pinky was concerned he was, which was just fine with The Brain. He wasn't ever going to give Pinky a chance to compare him with someone else. "Thank you, Pinky." He pressed a warm kiss just over his heart. "And you're certainly the best dancer."

"Oh, Brain, stop it," he gushed, burying his face in the fur of his head, even if he couldn't see him anyway. "Well, I do practice lots. Form is very important."

"Mm... You do have a lovely form." He slowly slid his fingers down Pinky's sides. But his body was beginning to return to normal with his mind and he sighed, unwinding his legs. "You need to pull out now, dear."

"Poit. Really?" But it was so happy and warm inside. Though they were all sticky and needed a bath. "Okay," he acquiesced, carefully sliding out of his husband with a sigh.

Brain grunted, immediately disliking the feeling left behind. Sticky and ew and it wanted to get on his tail. He held it out of the way, making a small unhappy sound. "This is the worst part," he grumbled.

Pinky sat up a little and watched. "I don't know, I kinda like it." He grabbed his bikini bottoms, because they needed to be washed anyway, and dabbed at the white liquid seeping out. "A part of me is still in you. A very messy part, troz, but you always say I am a mess after all."

"Because you are a mess," he muttered, unwilling to admit how sweet the words had been. It still felt strange, but it was easier to tolerate when thought of in that manner. Brain appreciated the cleaning but reached out, wanting Pinky back down to continue cuddling with. "My mess."

"Messy!" Pinky dropped the fabric and curled up over Brain, nuzzling his neck. "I love being your mess. Troz."

"I'd allow it from no one else, my dear." Brain held onto him, pressing a kiss to the top of his head.

Running his fingers through the fur of Brain's sides, he settled his arms around his shoulders and leaned up to rub their noses together. "Well, I should hope not. Narf. You're my husband."

"Yes, I am." Brain yawned, nuzzling him fondly. "Pinky, carry me to the bath so I don't have to jump down from here."

"Oh, of course, Brain!" Pinky gave him an affectionate kiss to his cheek. "I wouldn't want you to hurt all funny inside." He sat up and cradled Brain to his bikini clad chest and got to his feet. His tail flicked out to snatch up the bikini bottoms, lest he leave them there and forget to wash them later, then carried him to the edge of the table. "I'll go slow," he promised.

Brain nuzzled his chest just above the fabric, holding on. "I... trust you," he admitted softly.

Pinky sat down on the edge, to slide to the chair rather than hop, to make the landing less impactful. He did the same from the chair to the floor, though ended their drop with a kiss to the back of Brain's ear. "Was that okay? Poit."

It had been a little uncomfortable, so Brain's nose was scrunched rather irritably. But he gave Pinky another nuzzle. "It could have been worse."

"Well, a nice, warm, bubbly, happy bath will make you all better, love!" He kissed him again as he reassured, carrying him over to the bathroom to set up. It was a good thing he was such a good climber, he was able to carry Brain up the counter without any problems. Tails weren't just for happy wagging and carrying things, they helped with balance too. He set Brain down at the edge of the sink with a loving pat to the head, then skipped over to the faucet, swimsuit bottoms still dangling off his tail.

The megalomaniac watched him with a small, fond smile. "Pinky, take the top off. You look like a half-finished strip tease."

As he tested the water, waiting for it to get warm, Pinky glanced over his shoulder. "Oh, so you want a full-finished strip tease? Troz." When he wiggled his hips playfully, the bottoms were flung from his tail to land somewhere else on the counter.

A blush filled his cheeks, but he didn't avert his gaze. "I wouldn't object."

"'Kay!" Pinky giggled, then slid into the sink to stop the drain, getting a little wet in the process as he climbed back out. He poured the soap in and waited for it to start foaming before turning his attention back to Brain. His fingers played with the bottom of the top, inching it up as he hummed.

Feeling the warmth begin to travel from his cheeks down, Brain swallowed and folded his arms over his chest. It seemed as though they'd be continuing their current post-love things bath routine. It was incredible how erotic a bit of fabric made such a difference.

Somehow, and he wasn't even sure how it happened because there wasn't a lot of fabric, he got his arms and head stuck. So much for being all graceful and pretty. He stumbled back to hit the faucet so it didn't overflow, then made his way over to Brain getting down on his knees so he was within reaching distance. "I'm all a-tangle."

"You are an extremely unique creature, Pinky." Rolling his eyes, Brain tugged at the fabric to help Pinky out of his mess. "I can hardly express how grateful I am for that."

"You're welcome!" Once freed, Pinky rolled backwards, right into the bath. "Narf!" He popped up, a mass of bubbles on his head as he laughed. "Oh, that was fun, Brain!" But he knew his husband was still a little achy, so he didn't suggest he do so as well. Instead he came up to the edge and reached out for him, to help him slide into the water.

Brain let himself be helped, sighing audibly as his body sank into the warm, bubbly water. Wonderful. "Mm... Thank you, Pinky."

"Anytime, love. I want you to be all comfy-cozy." He nuzzled him, some of his bubble hat dropping onto Brain's head, and settled his arms around his waist.

Brain shut an eye, tilting his head to keep the bubbles averted. "Mmhm."

Pinky blew them out of his face, then licked right above his eye. "Soapy," he giggled, scooping up some more bubbles to begin washing his husband.

Letting both eyes close, Brain hummed quietly. "Baths tend to be soapy, yes." He began to clean Pinky off as well, rubbing soap into his fur by memory rather than re-opening his eyes.

"Yes, but it made you taste all soapy too." He properly cleaned around his entrance, keeping the touch light and gentle. "Soapy soap Brain."

"Surface tastes fade," he muttered, gripping his fur until his hands moved on. "Otherwise, I'd be loathe to lick you when you taste of soap."

To test that, Pinky started licking his neck, the soapy taste eventually going away. "It's like magic, Brain!" he gasped, ignoring that it was mostly because he swallowed all the soap that had been there.

Brain squirmed a little. "It's a number of components, one of which being your ability to eat just about anything and find it to be delicious."

"But you're the most delicious of all," he assured, giving him another little lick before rubbing their noses together. "Well, except for cheese... but that's tasty in an "I-want-to-eat-you" way, not a "I-love-you" way."

"How nice to know I'm on par with an item of food." Eyes opening, Brain gathered a little more soap and lifted his hands to clean Pinky's ears. He liked the excuse to touch them, their twitching cause for mild amusement.

He laughed, halting his cleaning of Brain's sides for a moment as he enjoyed the touch. "But I don't want to eat you, Brain, then I'd have no chubby hubby to love." He kissed him, despite tasting of soap, then resumed washing his tummy, cleaning their combined mess from it.

Brain tweaked one of his ears, scowling even as he pressed into the hands on him. "You used that word again, Pinky."

Smiling sheepishly, Pinky nuzzled his hand. "Sorry, Brain, but it's such a fun-fun silly-willy word! Chubby!" He poked his belly playfully.

Shaking his head, Brain let his fingers trail down and poked his considerably less round belly in return. "I'm only... a bit... round because my mental pursuits take precedence over physical ones. If I spent as much time as you do on the wheel of our cage, we'd never take over the world."

"Oh no, Brain! I love your roundy-roundness!" He hugged him close with one arm, the other still stroking his belly. "It makes it so nice to cuddle you! And it matches your biggly-wiggly head!" A skinny Brain would be so very frightening! He'd always been adorably round and cute, ever since they were little.

"Well..." Largely placated by the words, Brain nuzzled him and began rubbing and cleaning Pinky's belly so it would be soft again. "Just so long as you enjoy it, Pinky."

Spinning him around, Pinky nodded and giggled. "Oh, always, Brain! I enjoy every last bitty-bit of you! Narf!"

"Mmhm." Brain latched onto his shoulders, letting him spin. "As you should. I am quite the catch."

"I'm so very glad I caught you then!" Pinky nuzzled him, stopping the spinning to finish washing him, noses pressed together. "And I'll never, ever, ever, ever let you go. Zort."

Sliding his hands down Pinky's arms, Brain caressed and cleaned gently. "You had better not, Pinky. I expect you by my side when we conquer the world."

"There's nowhere else I'd rather be." Pinky nodded decisively, brushing their lips together. He brought a hand up to clean behind his ears, his head and face the last of what needed to be washed.

"Good." Brain's ears flattened forward, giving him better access, and his hands returned to finish cleaning his belly. "I know I've told you this before, Pinky, but I do rely on your help. I doubt our plans would get quite as far as they do without you."

Happily squirming at the attention to his tummy, Pinky rinsed his ear off with gentle strokes. "But you're such a smarty, Brain. You have such good plans, I'm sure you'd be able to take over the world without me." He meant it as praise, because his husband did astound him and if anyone was going to take over the world then it would certainly be Brain.

"Of course I could, Pinky. But I would rather not have to deal with formulating the extra steps a solo plan would require. And I'm sure you would be disappointed if you weren't included." Running his fingers through Pinky's fur a final time, pleased when there were no snags, Brain gave a small nod and tilted his head back to gaze at his husband.

Pinky nodded, that made sense. "Oh, yes, Brain. Very. I want to see you all happy when you finally reach your destiny! Troz." He rubbed their noses together, bathtime complete.

Brain lifted his hands to Pinky's cheeks simply because he hadn't done it in a while and kept their noses pressed close. "And then, of course, we'll have to build our castle."

"Right, and it'll be the prettiest most specialest castle ever." He closed his eyes, spinning slowly in the water as he enjoyed the tingly feeling in his cheeks. "I love you, Brain. I'm so happy we're together forever with our family and our castle and the world." Well, the second two would come later, but that didn't matter. He was still happy regardless.

His eyes gleamed at the thought of his future triumph and he rubbed their noses together. "It is a thrill to consider the possibilities, Pinky." He stroked his husband's cheeks gently. No more scientists and mazes and cages. Well, he supposed he'd keep their cage as they'd spent so much time together there. It held sentimental value and their castle would be so large, it wouldn't bother anything.

"And exciting!" Pinky chimed in, reopening his eyes to smile brightly, happy to see the gleam in his husband's gaze. "But I do love our time together now too. Your plan thingies are so much fun!" When they weren't on honeymoons that is.

"Fun" wasn't the word that came to Brain's mind, considering that they all inevitably failed and there were constantly new hurdles for them to navigate. The one that succeeded would be fun. Possibly. "Our time now certainly has its benefits. Our family wouldn't be quite so large if not for some of those plans." Romy had been the result of one, Brie had wandered into their lives during one, and Cici had been found on the way home from yet another.

"Oh, yes. We're so very lucky, Brain. Without all your lovely plans, why, it would take a lot longer to get our family." He nuzzled happily. "And we have the best family ever. Poit."

"Of course we do, Pinky. One can't rule a world with a subpar family." Brain cupped his cheeks again and brought their lips together.

Pinky hummed into the kiss, stroking up and down Brain's back. "Well, good thing none of us play golf. Except that one time, with Cher." He spun them over to the edge of the sink, pressed Brain between him and the smooth surface and continued to kiss him.

He'd lost that tournament, so didn't appreciate the reminder. But Pinky's lips distracted him from the irritable response he would've given. Brain wrapped an arm around his neck, his other hand resting on his cheek.

"I love our honeymoon," he sighed against his mouth, breaking the kiss to rest their foreheads together. "Naaaaarf."

Brain stroked his cheek gently. "It's certainly enjoyable," he agreed quietly, still trying to get used to the little bubble of pleasure in his head that just appeared each time he kissed his husband.

He rubbed his face against his hand, the contact still making his head tingle. That's when it hit him. "Egad, Brain! We broke it!"

He lifted a brow, slightly wary. "Broke what, Pinky?"

"The thingy! The after-love things bath-love things thingy!" he exclaimed. This was big news. They'd yet to have a bath where this didn't happen. They even got all the way through washing each other.

"Ah. Well, we did... love things twice on the balcony. There's nothing wrong with breaking such a pattern, Pinky. Unless you... want to while we're still in the bath," and the suggestion had a blush rising, "then it's alright that we haven't."

Pinky blinked, nosing his red cheeks. "Are you okay to, Brain? Poit. Not still tired and achy breaky inside?" The idea made his tummy tickle, even more love things than usual... egad. He couldn't help running his tongue along Brain's jaw.

Part of Brain had been considering passing, but there'd been the nap on the balcony and now that lick... He arched, rubbing their damp fur together. "I can handle it, Pinky."

"Are you sure?" Pinky teased, nipping his ear. Feeling him arch, he slid his hands down to hold his hips, stroking softly. He knew this meant Brain was willing.

"I wouldn't say so if I wasn't," he grumbled, swaying his hips and running his tongue along the bottom of Pinky's chin.

Pinky tipped his head back, giggled and gave his hips a squeeze before letting them go to seek out his tail. He was gentle with it, stroking up and down. "Can't resist me, hm?"

"Don't annoy me, Pinky, or I may have to test that." But his voice had lost some of its grumbles as he rocked back into the touch of his tail, a pleased sigh escaping.

"Test what, Brain?" He grinned, teasing the base of the crookedy tail, his other hand caressing his side.

"Whether or not I can resist you," he mumbled, pressing warm kisses to Pinky's neck. "I'm sure I can."

Pinky squirmed, muffling his laughter on the top of Brain's head. "Oh, I don't know about that, Brain." He deliberately rubbed his thigh against his husband's groin.

Brain moaned softly, mind beginning to fog. He'd managed to resist Pinky for quite a while, but that was before actually having him. That had... changed things considerably. But he was sure he'd still manage. Maybe. His legs parted to straddle Pinky's thigh and rub right back. "Oh..."

Oh, yes, he had him. Pinky giggled again, nuzzling his ear down so he could lick the back of it. "Mmhm. That's what I thought. Narf." He slid his leg back and forth to encourage Brain's rubbing.

"I could," he muttered stubbornly, length already beginning to stiffen as he rode that warm soft thigh. "I just..." He trailed off, releasing a needy little noise against his will. "I don't want to. Right now."

"Or ever," he cooed, ducking down to lap at his neck. It was so very delightful to reduce Brain to this with a few touches and licks. Feeling his erection against his thigh, Pinky hummed with approval, his own giving a twitch as he pulled his leg back.

Brain nipped his ear sharply, partly for the words and partly for pulling away. But his head tilted to provide more access to his tongue and his fingers started to roam down Pinky's back.

Pinky nipped back, right where his neck met his shoulder. His fingers continued to dance around his tail, up it and down and under and over, as his mouth did it's best to make his damp fur even more so.

Brain panted into his ear, rocking his tail back, twitching it to try and follow Pinky's fingers. "Mmm..." He gripped the fur of his back, trying to keep his balance as he sought out all the touches he could get.

Bestowing a few loving squeezes to the appendage, Pinky's own tail lifted and curled. He slid the hand at his side up, lifting Brain a little so he could drag his tongue through the fur of his chest and tease the skin beneath it.

Brain wrapped his legs around Pinky, letting out a low moan as his shaft dragged through his fur. A hand reached out, curling around Pinky's tail and pumping slowly as he arched into his mouth, wanting more of that tongue. "Pinky..."

His tail stiffened, twitched and pushed into Brain's palm. "Naaaaarf," he hummed, suckling and nibbling his chest as his hand followed the pumping motions of Brain's. The desire to hear those primitive sounds from him again hit him hard as a ball of heat deep in his belly, which he rubbed against the hardness he felt resting there.

Unable to help himself, Brain whimpered. However he moved his hips, there was something to send waves of pleasure coursing through him. The mobile hand at his tail, the warm friction against his erection. He rubbed his nose against the inside of Pinky's ear, letting out a breathy little moan as he strained to get closer and continued stroking up and the wiggly tail.

Oh, his tail loved the attention, but Pinky wanted to taste more. His mouth yearning for it. Releasing Brain's tail with a farewell squeeze, he moved him so he could float on his back, his arms supporting him from underneath. Just like in the ocean, he nuzzled his belly and kissed it, this time leaning over to wrap his lips around his length. His hands gripped him firmly to keep him afloat and pressed his side flush to his chest as he bobbed his head.

Beneath the water, Brain's tail snapped down and flicked about at random since there was nothing available to still it. His hips tried to buck up into the moist heat of his mouth, but the grip kept him from doing what he wanted. He released a whined, keening noise and reached out to latch onto Pinky's ears and rub.

He opened his mouth, lifted up to let his tongue tease the slit, lapping up the strong essence of his husband, filling his head with it. "Brain... mmmm... more sounds." He dragged his tongue up from the base to the tip slowly, swirling around the head before starting over.

He fell back, his head helping keep him afloat. He made another keening noise, louder this time since he wanted more of Pinky's warm, wide tongue. His legs spread further apart, hips straining up. He whimpered, the balancing act in the water adding another emotional layer that just tangled with the need and heightened it. Pink eyes squeezed shut, while a warbled little squeaky sound escaped.

It went straight to Pinky's heart, then to his groin. He lapped faster, pausing every now and then to suck on the pouch. He couldn't move his hands much, even in the heat of the moment aware that it would disrupt the balance, but he kneaded gently and did what he could to touch. "Oh, Brain... such a pretty voice... so pretty..." he murmured against his length.

The words were largely lost on him, blood rushing between his ears and drowning out even the sounds he was making. But he heard Pinky's voice, made more squeaky, animalistic sounds in response. Below him, his tail twisted and twirled and tried very hard to tie itself in knots. It was the only outlet for the writhing he wanted, even his hands unable to do much more than grip and release the fur of his own chest.

Pinky rolled his hips, moaning when water smoothed over his erection, offering no comfort. He gripped the fur of Brain's back, taking his entire length into his mouth and sucking hard and fast. He wanted to taste him all, as far down as he could go. The sounds just sparked something in him, made him hotter and dizzy.

Brain's tail snapped down, the bendy length coiling around Pinky's shaft. He'd been seeking something to touch, to hold with it, but this was better. His tail moved continuously - squeezing rubbing, loosening, brushing - and tried to find a way to be comfortable despite the breaks pulling tight. His mind was too gone for him to stop and make sense of it, a loud, desperate wail leaving him as all that wet heat encompassed his length. The throbbing seemed to echo throughout his entire body, tearing more squeaks from him as Pinky dragged him closer to the edge.

Pinky choked around his arousal, but was unable to stop. The grip around his length had been surprising, but he eagerly rocked into it, hips confused as he tried to find a rhythm and couldn't, rutting erratically whenever the tail brushed against it all wiggly, bendy, wonderful. He whined, suckling and slurping down the pulsing heat, the heaviness against his tongue just as intoxicating as the squeaks. He went so far down, his nose rubbed against the fur of his thigh, throat relaxed to let him in. Bobbing and sucking and tongue dragging along the underside of his shaft.

Pinky's whine had Brain's tail holding a little tighter as it wriggled. There was a loud, warbling squeak when his nose touched his thigh, his leg twitching. But his breath was catching, the sounds coming out more and more broken. It was all so hot and wet and there was nothing solid beneath him to help him anchor down and press against to try and hold back. He managed a noise that vaguely sounded like Pinky's name, thighs tightening.

His throat tightened as thrust his hips desperately, and he had to pull up some to keep from gagging. His length throbbed and twitched, his stomach twisting in on itself. Fingers curling and digging into his back for purchase, Pinky rubbed his tongue all around the heat in his mouth. He wanted him to release, would've told him it was okay, but he didn't want to miss a moment, miss swallowing him all down. He whimpered again, the tail around him so much but not enough at the same time, and he sucked hard.

Unable to take anymore, Brain wailed his husband's name and felt the spasms go through his entire body as he reached his peak, his seed spilling down Pinky's throat. More squeaks escaped from him, little noises that poured out mindlessly. His tail went entirely still, no part of him able to keep up the motions as his world narrowed.

Pinky lapped it all down, his ears ringing from all the beautiful noises and committing each one to memory. He swallowed and licked until the twitching length softened, finally releasing it to make his own hoarse, needy sounds. "Brain...!" His arms tightened and his legs trembled as he rubbed his face against his belly, his arousal strong and pulsing, beating in his brain.

Brain wasn't entirely sure why his name was being said, his mind still so empty. But the length his tail was curled around was throbbing so wonderfully. Unused to having to control the appendage it took him a minute to unravel it. He wriggled in the water, trying to sit up, trying to press himself against Pinky. He whined, reaching for him, wanting him to let go. "Pinky, Pinky," he panted.

Pinky moved, not sure how he managed, pressing his back against the edge of the sink as his hips rocked without rhythm. He drew Brain close and upright, even in his need acquiescing to whatever his husband wanted. One arm lowered though, unable to stop, and gripped himself as his head fell back. He whimpered and squeezed, burying his face against Brain's neck.

Brain slid down a bit, both of his hands closing over Pinky's to help. He lapped at Pinky's chest, the squeaks still coming unchecked, but they were encouraging little sounds now. Just as needy and warbly, but encouraging. His tail, freed of any obligations, went back to trying to tie itself in knots.

His head tossed from side to side, trying to find an angle that worked. His mouth open as he gasped and panted, bucking into all three hands. So hot, so close. And those sounds were so enticing, he didn't know how, and he didn't care to know, as long as they didn't stop. But the friction was so overwhelming, he didn't last much longer. Arching his back, pressing his chest against his husband's mouth, his body went rigid and he came with a choked cry.

Brain moaned, his register deepening to normal as he stroked and petted until his husband was emptied and he reached up, not caring that his hands were messy, and just wanted to latch on and pull himself back up so their lips could meet.

Pinky shuddered and hiccupped, eagerly kissing back, his foggy mind grateful for the contact. Both arms wound tight around him, missing the feeling of their fur rubbing together. "Brain," his voice cracked on his sigh, his body sinking further into the water contentedly.

Brain couldn't quite make himself speak yet, just quivered and nuzzled lovingly as he was lowered with his husband. His mind was still reeling from how... new that had been and his tail ached from all the flailing. Beyond that, everything just seemed incredibly pleasant and... floaty.

He tried to keep kissing, but his mouth was so tired, he settled for nuzzling and rubbing instead. So warm and happy and tingly all over. His ears still perked from the onslaught of sounds Brain had made, just in case any more slipped out. Pinky made soft sounds as they cuddled, his throat swiftly punishing him for being too greedy, so soft was all he could manage, but that was okay. It was quiet, snuggle time.

"Pinky," he cooed, touching their noses together. They still had their pattern after all, though he really just wanted to curl up with a book now. Maybe Pinky would snuggle in bed with him for a bit before running off to play. Brain ducked his head, pressing gentle kisses and licks to his neck.

"Hi, Brain," he murmured softly, and decided to call room service for some hot tea. Or eat their ice cream once it was cold and frozen again. "Naaa-aaaarf..." Or both. But that was later, because Brain was all snuggly and warm and licking. That felt nice. He ran his hands up and down his back, gently massaging the tail for all its hard work.

"You took too much," he realized and touched their noses together again, rubbing gently. "Pinky..." His tail gave a half-hearted little twitch, making its aches known. Brain kept it in the water, hoping the warmth would soothe.

"Sorry, Brain..." Being greedy was bad after all. But he couldn't help it, and Brain had sounded so lovely. He must've enjoyed it. Pinky rubbed back, his blue eyes clearing and shining with affection. He felt the tail in his hand twitch, turning the massage into soft caresses and loving rubs.

Brain sighed quietly, the touch as soothing as the water. "It's alright, my dear. It felt... exquisite." He gazed blearily at his lovely eyes. He wanted tile in their castle like that. That beautiful blue. "Just don't hurt yourself next time."

"'Kay," he agreed, a sated smile spreading across his cheeks. "I got a bit carried away. Narf." The tic made him swallow reflexively, a brief considering look all he gave it. "I'm glad you liked it. And your tail did so many happy things." He continued stroking it, to praise it. "I didn't know your bendies could let you do that."

"I didn't either, Pinky." He nuzzled Pinky's neck gently, pressing small appreciative kisses to it. "But it aches, so it may not happen again anytime soon."

Pinky tipped his head to the side, swallowed and sighed, enjoying the attention. "Poor crookedy tail. It needs a kiss to make it feel better. Poit." He gave it a loving pat, to assure it that he would do so once they moved.

He lapped at his throat softly, dipping down beneath the fur to get to the taste beneath. A simple kiss wouldn't make it feel better, but he wasn't going to argue with the sweet notion. "The water's starting to cool," he announced and leaned back a little to clean his hands and Pinky's shoulders where he'd grabbed right after.

Lots and lots of happy honeymoon love things! Yay! :heart: