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He's My Kusanagi!

Reach for the Stars! Momiji's Search!

Momiji Fujimya stood in front of a bulletin board in the lobby of the TAC building. Flyers galore were stapled to it, offering career opportunities, babysitting, food and apparel ads, and even dating services, which she thankfully didn't see anybody she knew. Even though it all looked tempting, a certain flyer caught her eye. It was to audition for a play based on the Kushinada legend, which she was perfect for, since she is the Kushinada. She was born to play the role. She pulled it down and read it to herself:

Tokyo Playhouse Proudly Presents:
The Kushinada Legend

And we need you to take part!
You could be Japan's fastest rising star!
So what are you waiting for?
Clear your calendar and meet us at Tokyo Playhouse on November 15th
at 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Don't be late!
See you then! And Good Luck!
- Director Sugishita Shunishi

She smiled to herself. The thought of being an actress gave her butterflies in her stomach and made her heart race. She always wanted to be up in the lights in front of a huge crowd who came just to see her act. She wanted her face on the cover of magazines and all over television ads. She wanted the fame, the fortune, the fans, and of course have lots of guys swooning at her feet. All of those things could only come true in her dream, until now that is.

Something deep inside of her was telling her that she could do it. That she could be a real star, like the idols on the posters she has in her room. She could be one of them, and maybe even have little girls all over the world hanging posters of her all over their walls. Maybe, just maybe.

She snapped out of her trance to come back to reality. She carefully folded the flyer in half and put it in her back pocket. She began her journey up the stairs, like she does every day. She reached the top and trailed down the hallway to Mr. Kunikida's office.

She knocked on the door. "Mr. Kunikida?"

"Come in, Momiji," he said in a muffled voice.

She walked in and sat in the chair in front of his desk. "How did you know it was me, Mr. Kunikida?" she asked.

He looked up at her and smiled. "Well, I know how you knock. And you come here every day at the same time. So how could I not know that it was you?"

She shrugged and scratched her head. "I don't know. I didn't know I was that predictable."

She looked away. Ever since she the Arigami started to attack Japan and the disappearance of her twin sister, Kaede, things haven't been the same for her. Instead of being a normal junior high student, she's the ultimate sacrifice for Japan, and probably the world. She knows how important she is to mankind, but she just wants to be normal. All she wanted is a boyfriend and to have lots of friends, not be a heroine that has to die in order for peace. It's not exactly her dream. It's more like someone else's.

Kunikida noticed the sad look on her face and said, "Momiji, are you all right? You look sad. Is something bothering you?"

She looked at him and nodded. "I'm fine," she said. "I guess I'm a little tired, since I didn't get that much sleep last night."

"Then why don't you go home? I don't need your help today anyway," he assured her. "There isn't much going on with the Arigami."

She stood up and turned. She was about to walk out of the office, when she saw the calendar hanging on the wall. It was already November 14th, which meant the day of the audition was tomorrow. Would she be ready by then?

"Mr. Kunikida?" she said, turning to him.

He looked up from his newspaper. "What is it, Momiji?"

She fidgeted with her fingers, thinking of the right way to ask him. She didn't know why she was so afraid to ask him. It's not as if she's going to ask him a personal question or a question about something embarrassing. She only wanted to ask if she was able to audition for a play. That's all. But if it's just that, why am I so nervous to ask him?

"Momiji?" he said. "Spit it out. Don't be scared to ask me something."

She swallowed hard. "Well…there's this thing I want to do tomorrow. It's very important to me, Mr. Kunikida. I just wanted to ask you, because I didn't know if you had anything you want me to do."

"What is it that you want to do?" he asked.

She looked up at him. "I want to audition for a role in the Kushinada Legend!" she said, stinking her finger in the air as if she won first place in a contest or something.

He raised his eyebrows. "Uh, Momiji, you are the Kushinada," he said, looking her over with a strange look on his face. "Why do you need to be in a play about it? You practically live it."

She frowned. "I want to be a star. I hate being an ordinary freak. For once in my life I want to be known as a Momiji, the celebrity, instead of Momiji, the Kushinada. I don't want to be known for my unlucky destiny. I want to be known for my talent."

"Sorry I asked," he said, and straightened. "You may go. I doubt I'll have anything for you to do tomorrow."

She bowed in gratefulness. "Thank you, Mr. Kunikida," she said. "You're so great!"

He blushed. "You're welcome, Momiji," he said. "But just call me Kunikida."

"Okay," she said, and nodded. "Thanks again, M--Kunikida."


Momiji walked home and ran up to her room. She sat down at her vanity and took the red barrette out of her hair. She began to brush her hair with small strokes. A smile crept over her face showing all the happiness and anticipation she felt. She couldn't wait until she was up on that stage, in front of the lights and a large crowd of people who came just to see her. It was slowly becoming real.

"Tomorrow," she said to herself. "I'm going to reach for the stars."


To be continued…

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