The past five years had been a dream come true for Cortex. After almost two decades of fighting with that wretched bandicoot the world was finally his.

He remembered the event like it was just yesterday.

Flash Back, 2 years ago.

Cortex sat aboard his space station preparing to finally conquer the Earth. During the past 2 years, the evil scientist had been creating cyborg animal hybrids to make up his army. He had even managed to get his hands on the power crystals, thanks to Pinstripe Potoroo and his mafia.

"Doctor Cortex, the army of Cyborg Commandos are ready for invasion" Dr. N Brio announced.

"As is your laser satellite station. With the power crystals, Pinstripe and his mafia managed to steal from Crash, we are capable of destroying entire cities!" His maniacal assistant N. Gin informed him.

"Perfect, and with that insignificant flea bag down in the dumps, no one will be able to stop us" Cortex laughed evilly.

"Cortex! This plan better work! If one thing goes wrong, I will kill you… 4 times!" his supervisor Uka Uka screamed.

"Not to worry, Uka Uka, everything is ready to go" Cortex assured him.

"Then what are you waiting for?! Commence with the invasion!" Uka ordered.

"With pleasure" Cortex stated.

Before he could send in his army, Crash broke through the window, surprising the villains.

"Cortex! You said we wouldn't have any problems out of that fur ball!" Uka Uka yelled.

"Not to worry sir, Tiny, take care of Bandicoot!" Cortex ordered.

Tiny, his left hand replaced with a metallic razor sharp clawed appendage, lunged at Crash. He tryed to plunge his claws into the marsupial, getting his claw stuck in the wall as a result allowing Crash to spin him.

"Come on Cortex, you've got an army of cyborged hybrids and you send this buffoon" Crash stated smugly before he felt a searing hot pain on his back causing him to leap into the air and fall hard onto the floor.

"How do ya like my new flamethrower mate" Dingodile gloated as he revealed himself. His signature flamethrower had been fused with right arm.

Tiny restrained Crash and dragged him over to Cortex.

"Crash, how nice of you to show up, you're just in time to watch me take over the world." Cortex taunted. "You see, in a few minutes this laser satellite will fire upon the Earth, allowing my Cortex Commandos to invade. You let down your sister and now you've left down the entire Earth, how pathetic. N. Gin, fire the laser!"

N. Gin obeyed and fired upon Hong Kong, destroying it and creating a huge fireball that could be seen from space.

"Hahaha, Game Over Bandicoot!" Cortex laughed.

"What do you want us to do with the flea bag, Doctor?" Dingodile asked.

"Throw into space, let him die from lack of oxygen" Dr. Cortex said.

Tiny obliged and dropped Crash into the cold, airless vacuum of space as Cortex laughed at his apparent demise. Unknown to the mad scientist, Crash was beamed back to Earth, thanks to Aku Aku. After the disappearance of his arch rival, no one was left to stand in his way of world domination.