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The Bedtime Stories

1. The Blacksmith and The Maiden Knight

Bartowski Residence

Chuck and Sarah Bartowski had had very limited stability since they met. Not knowing when or where the next mission was and the constant question of making it out alive or not. Being a CIA agent did that to you, but it wasn't just that, it had been the breaking up, the seeing other people and then getting back together, that was also a lack of stability.

But now that they were officially out of the game and Sarah had her memories back, there was stability for the first time in a while. That was, if you didn't count their four month old son's irregular sleeping schedule, causing them to have one similar to it. Tonight it was Chuck's turn to put the blonde haired, brown eyed little boy to bed. Tyler Charles Bartowski, his name was.

After he finished changing his son (something he honestly thought he'd never be any good at) he picked him up. The boy was still all giggles and Chuck decided it would be best to tell him a story to wind him down a little or he'd start crying in about an hour if he couldn't sleep. Besides, Sarah needed some sleep and he could do with some as well.

"Okay buddy, you ready to go to sleep?"

The little boy didn't seem to be in the mood and kept pointing to the corner of his nursery. On the floor was a stuffed Micky Mouse in a spy outfit of a trench coat and a hat. Chuck went over, picked it up and handed it back to the little boy who now seemed more intent on playing with his toy than sleeping.

"Alright, buddy, I'll tell you a story," he smiled, picking up Tyler so he was leaning against Chuck's shoulder, holding his toy. "Okay, this story is called," he paused for a moment. "...The Blacksmith and the Maiden Knight." And so he told the story.

"Once upon a time there was a man who worked so hard to become a wizard. He almost did, but he was framed by one of his fellow wizards-to-be and his friend so he was kicked out of the Wizard Academy. He was very depressed, so he went to live with his sister and her boyfriend who were healers and took a job working as a blacksmith in the forges with his best friend, the bearded apprentice.

And then one day, his whole life changed. The blacksmith received a letter from the wizard who betrayed him at wizard school, containing a spell which put secrets into his brain. Of course he didn't know it at the time, but the next day everything changed.

The blacksmith went to the forges with his friend as usual, and he met a beautiful, blonde haired maiden knight. She was so beautiful and looked just like a princess. The blacksmith didn't know she was a knight at the time and he and his friend embarrassed themselves, but the maiden was nice and the blacksmith fixed her a lock like she'd asked. The maiden knight, then asked the blacksmith if he'd like to go out and show her around the village because she was new. He was nervous, so the bearded apprentice answered for him.

So, that night, the blacksmith took to maiden knight out to dinner. And they laughed and talked and had a great time, that was until a big scary knight called the Colonel from a kingdom, on the same side as the maiden knight's, but was a rival of found them.

Chuck saw his little boy was starting to dose off and decided he should finish the story so that he'd be fully asleep. So, readjusting Tyler to make sure he didn't fall, Chuck continued the story.

"The secrets that his wizard friend had sent him were actually secrets that the kingdoms which the Colonel and the maiden knight had put together for a knight, and their superiors were horrified that it had been sent to a simple blacksmith. The blacksmith found out that his old wizard friend had actually been a knight for the same kingdom as the maiden, but he had broken the rules of the kingdom and was now dead.

The blacksmith began freaking out, he never thought that he'd end up tangled in the world of knights. The Colonel had orders to take in the blacksmith, but the maiden knight wouldn't let him. So, he panicked and ran away while the Colonel and the maiden knight were arguing over which kingdom got to keep him. They followed him, though and he found out that one of the members of the Colonel's Kingdom was in danger and was going to be killed.

The evil men trying to kill the man from the Colonel's Kingdom had cast a spell on an item so it would explode and would kill everyone in the room, and neither the Colonel nor the maiden knight knew how to stop it from taking effect. But the blacksmith knew how to break the spell. He put a lock on the item, which stopped the spell from taking effect. When everyone was safe he ran away by himself so that he could think.

Chuck saw that his son was almost asleep so he decided to bring the story to its end, it already was anyway.

"The maiden knight found the blacksmith at a beach outside the village. He wanted to know if there was any way to run or escape the kingdoms of knights. She said that he couldn't. But the maiden knight told him to keep his family and friend unaware that he would have to work with the knights to keep them safe.

And then, Ty, she asked the blacksmith to trust her. And he did. They had many adventures together after that, the blacksmith, the maiden knight and the Colonel, the blacksmith eventually became a knight. The blacksmith and the maiden knight even got married, it took a while but they did. One day they even retired from being knights and settled down and had a beautiful little boy and lived happily ever after."

The little boys eyes were now fully closed, he was fast asleep and he had dropped his toy. Chuck smiled at his finished story and picked the toy off the ground and put it in his son's crib. He kissed the top of his son's blonde head.

"G'night, buddy. I love you," he said laying him down next to the stuffed toy in his crib. With that done, Chuck closed the door to the nursery as quietly as possible and headed to bed with his wife.

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