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The Bedtime Stories

3. The Colonel's Secret

Bartowski Residence

Walker and Bartowski deserved a night out. Running a computer business and managing three kids on top of that couldn't be easy. Eleven years ago, when they had actually met for the first time, if someone told him that he'd be babysitting the children of his two best friends, Agent Walker and the Human Intersect (at the time), he'd have told them they were crazy. And then maybe shot them in the foot.

Gertrude was off in Cambodia dealing with a deal gone wrong in Verbanski Corp, Ellie and Devon lived in Chicago and Morgan, Alex and Casey's own little two year old granddaughter Kathy (Katherine Alexis Grimes) went to Hawaii for a family vacation.

The Bartowski kids now consisted of Tyler, who was five with brown eyes and blonde hair, Steven John (SJ for short), who was four with blue eyes and curly brown hair. And Samantha Emma (Sam), who was two, with blue eyes and long blonde hair, who Chuck and Sarah had appointed him godfather of. John Casey thought that babysitting was the last thing he'd be good at, but the kids loved him.

The kids had finished dinner and were supposed to be in bed by 8:30, while Chuck and Sarah promised they'd be home before 9:30. It was about quarter past 8 when Casey decided the kids should start winding down. He'd never gotten to be a real dad, but he was a great uncle and grandfather.

"Okay guys, time to go to sleep," he said entering the living room where the kids were all dressed in pajamas. Tyler and SJ were sitting on the floor watching cartoons, while Sam was perched on the couch, playing with a stuffed animal.

"Five more minutes," SJ pleaded.

"If you don't stop watching now, you'll be up past bedtime," Casey said, reaching for the remote and shutting off the TV. "Come on, it's time to go to sleep."

"You have to tell us a story," Tyler said.

"I do?"

"Yeah, mom and dad always tell us a story before bedtime."

"Yeah, story," Sam added.

"Okay, uh," he sat on the couch racking his brain for a story. He picked up Sam and sat her down on his knee as Tyler and SJ sat on either side of him. "Once upon a time there were three little pigs-"

"No, not that one!" SJ said.

"Goats?" Casey tried.


"Then what?" Casey grunted.

"Mom and dad always tell us about the blacksmith and the maiden knight."

"The what?" He wrinkled his brow.

And then Tyler and SJ went on to explain the details of the story of the blacksmith, the maiden knight and the Colonel, along with the additions of the Queen of Knights, the bearded apprentice, the blacksmith's sister, the healer, her boyfriend the Captain Healer, the wizard knight and the genius wizard Orion. Some of it was a little hard to understand with the two of them interrupting each other every two minutes but Casey got the jist of it. Walker and Bartowski had been telling them sugar coated fairy tail versions of their missions.

"Alright, this story is called, The Colonel's Secret," and so he began.

"Well, a very long time ago, before the Colonel met the maiden knight or the blacksmith or even became a knight, the Colonel lived in another village under a different name. He was a sailor knight and even had a lady love at home. At the time, they called him, the Lieutenant and when he was turned down for the chance to work for a special team of sailor knights, he felt bad, so the Lieutenant's commanding officer made him a deal.

Back to the present, the blacksmith was in training to be a knight, he even had enhanced images in his head. Unfortunately, his best friend knew about his life as a knight now and began trying to act like a knight even though he wasn't. The bearded apprentice was a total moron at the time, no matter how good of a knight he thought he'd make. He was a very bad amateur and extremely annoying at that.

The blacksmith caught him watching the Colonel and an image showed him that the Colonel was talking to the former commanding officer and the blacksmith became suspicious. The Queen of Knights assigned the three knights to test the security of one of the Kingdom's castles. While, the maiden knight was guarding the entrance, the blacksmith caught the Colonel stealing something from the Castle, but the Colonel ordered him to shut up about it and threatened to kill him if he didn't."

"That's kinda harsh," Tyler remarked.

"Why was the Colonel stealing things from the castle?" SJ asked.

"Because he was forced to by his former commanding officer," Casey answered.

"Well, what'd he steal?" Tyler asked.

"It was a magical pill that could make any fears that a knight had disappear."

"The next day, the Queen of Knights told them that the pill had been stolen. The blacksmith, who was working towards becoming a knight thought that it was a test and immediately told the truth about what he saw. The Colonel was angry at him and once the Queen of Knights knew the blacksmith was telling the truth, she ordered a team of knights to search the Colonel's home for the pill.

The blacksmith had an image as he saw the Colonel's former officer and his men break the Colonel out of the dungeon. He saw that the former officer was working with an evil organization called The Ring, but the Colonel said that he already knew."

"Whoa," SJ's jaw dropped. "So he knew that his officer was a bad guy? And he still went through with the quest?"

Casey nodded. "He wasn't proud of it, but he did."

"So why'd he do all that?" Tyler questioned. "The Colonel's a good guy isn't he?"

"Yeah, he's a good guy. But even good guys have their faults and make mistakes. Luckily though, the maiden knight and the blacksmith were trying to find information that showed that the Colonel was good. But they were caught by the Queen of Knights."

"The Queen showed them some information about the Colonel, the blacksmith saw an image of the Colonel's file, being recruited for a special team of knights by the former officer when he was still known as The Lieutenant. The file showed that the Lieutenant was killed in battle the same day as the Colonel was recruited to the former officer's special team of knights.

"But the Loo-ten-ant wasn't really dead," Tyler said, making sure he pronounced it right.

"That's right. He faked his death so that he could be part of the special team of knights."

"Why'd he do that?" Sam asked.

"Because, he wanted to feel like he was serving the greater good, even if it meant giving up his happiness. Of course, at the time he didn't know that the former officer was a bad guy," Casey explained.

"The maiden knight and the blacksmith soon found out that the Colonel was being blackmailed by his former officer. If he didn't steal the magic pill, the former officer was going to kill his lady love from when he'd been the Lieutenant.

Anyway, to make a long story short, with the help of the maiden knight and the blacksmith they defeated the former officer and returned the pill to the Kingdom of Knights, where it stayed secure. But the Colonel discovered something very shocking on that quest as well. When his lady love was safe, he discovered something he'd never known before, that he had a daughter.

"No way!" the two Bartowski boys said in unison, even little Sam, looked shocked, sitting on her Uncle Casey's knee.

"He had a daughter?"

"Yep," Casey nodded.



The Colonel realized that his lady love was going to tell him a long time ago,it was before he departed with some other sailor knights, but the former officer stopped him from finding out by cutting off their communication. The next day, the Lieutenant had to fake his death, so he didn't get to find out until that day they defeated the former officer that his lady love had a baby.

If he'd known at the time that he was going to be a father, he never would have left and faked his death in the first place. But he didn't find out in time, so he ended up faking his death without knowing. The Colonel was saddened that he missed out on so much of his daughter's life."

"The former officer's a big jerk," SJ said.

"Yeah, he stinks," Sam added.

"The worst," Tyler finished.

Casey couldn't help but smile a little. "I completely agree, the former officer was a big jerk," he said, careful to watch his language. If he hadn't been around the children of his best friends, he'd use worse language to describe Keller after taking away all those years he could've been with Alex.

"What happened next?"

"Yeah, Uncle Casey, finish the story."

"The Queen of Knights was happy that the magic pill had been safely returned and decided that she wouldn't put the Colonel back in the dungeon. But she couldn't act as if he hadn't committed a crime. So he was stripped of his knighthood and was told to turn in his armor and his sword and live as a regular villager."

"That must suck," Tyler said. "The Colonel worked for his whole life to become a knight."

"Yeah, he gave up heaps," SJ threw in.

"Poor Colonel," Sam said.

"Yeah, he was feeling pretty down. Besides being a knight, the Colonel didn't have much."

"What about his daughter and his lady love?" SJ asked. "Did he tell them he was alive?"

Casey shook his head. "No, he didn't. He decided it was safer if he wasn't involved in their lives, to keep them away from danger. But later on, he kept in contact with his daughter, they met sometimes but he never told her who he really was. One day, he did but that's a different story."

"Can you tell it to us, Uncle Casey?" Tyler asked

"Yeah, please Uncle Casey," SJ added.

"Please," Sam pleaded.

Casey looked at the clock and there was less than five minutes left until bedtime. "Sorry guys, nice try, though."

"Wait, so was the Colonel ever given back his knighthood?" Tyler asked.

"Yes, a little while later, with the help of the blacksmith. Now off to bed."

"What about the Colonel's former love? Did she ever find out the Colonel was still alive?" SJ questioned.

"That's also another story altogether, but she got bits and pieces of the story, much, much later," Casey said. "Now come on, guys, bedtime."

"One more question, Uncle Casey," SJ said. Casey grunted and nodded his head to acknowledge his nephew could ask. "What about the blacksmith and the maiden knight?"

"What about them?"

"They were in this story but they weren't really together much in this story, were they? What's up with that?" the four year old pressed.

"Well, the maiden knight and the blacksmith were in a bit of a rough patch in their relationship," Casey said trying to avoid the use of lady feelings in his explanation. "Why, is another story which I'm not going to tell you tonight. But the maiden knight thought that being a knight would change the blacksmith and she didn't want that."

"Anyway, the maiden knight had gone off to the Kingdom and Knights to meet with someone. When the blacksmith visited the former Colonel, he told him that he could still have a chance at having a family. But the former Colonel said that he'd chosen the love of kingdom over love and it was the right choice for him. But he told the blacksmith that it wasn't too late for the blacksmith and the maiden knight and not to waste his chance. The end."

"That was really cool of the Colonel to do," SJ said.

"Yeah, I guess it was," Casey said, letting out a small smile. "Okay, that's the end, bedtime."

"Alright, thanks Uncle Casey," Tyler said getting off the couch

"Yeah," SJ nodded. "That was cool."

"G'night Uncle Casey."

"Yeah, good night."

"Night guys," Casey replied.

The two boys hopped off the couch and went off to their room as Casey brought Sam to her room and tucked in his little goddaughter.

"Night Unc Casey," she mumbled sleepily.

"Night, kiddo," he smiled, shutting off the lights and leaving the room. He checked up on he boys before finally heading back to the living room and flipping on the TV.

"Hmm, Reagan documentary," Casey smiled as he saw it playing on the history channel.

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