Young Again

Part 3


I do not own DuckTales or any of the characters herein im just a big fan of Uncle $crooge

Soon at the Mansion

Duckworth arrives back at the mansion and no sooner has he closed the door than Mrs. Beakly and Webby rush into

the entrance hall and ask in unison what happened. He responds by saying that they will soon find out and walks

away. "What do you suppose he meant by that grammy" Webby asked "I Don't know honey I guess we will find out

though" about an hour or so later a call came in on the secure line from the money bin they were ready to be picked

up Duckworth raced out the door to pick them up and about ten minutes later the limo pulled back in the driveway

and out came the nephews with the much younger Scrooge. "Oh Uncle Scrooge you look great I was so scared we

were gonna loose you" cried Webby Scrooge responded by saying "No it will take a lot more than old age to keep

Scrooge down" just then Mrs Beakly walked in and saw Scrooge she was astonished at how young he was and

joked "Can I use Gyros machine too"then Scrooge ran to a closet and pulled out his old trunk full of stuff from his

world travelels and opened it now that im young again id like to go on a treasure hunt how do you guys feel about

finally looking for that lost dutchman mine with me

To be continued

I know this one was short but I havent written for a while but more to come soon

P.S. The lost dutchman mine is a refrace to the uncle scrooge comic The Vigilate Of Pitzen Bluff A part Of Rosa's Life

of Scrooge Series