Frank just moved to L.A. with his parents to start a new life. Rachel is a cheerleader at his new high school. Frank had a bad tragedy that change his life. Rachel has a secret gift that only her best friend and strangers at a camp know about. Put drama and drama together and you see what happens When Fate Decides to Play Matchmaker.

The meeting

"Honey, wake up," Frank heard his mother says softly. "Just a few more minute," he muffled into his pillow. "Come on Frank, you don't want be late for your first day of school, do you?" she asked. He opened his eyes and looked at her. "No, mom." She smiled at him and said, "Good, get up and come eat your breakfast before it gets cold." She left the room and let him get dressed. After rummaging through his closet, he settled on his work jeans and white-t. "Morning Dad," he said when he sits at the table. "Hey son," Herb said. "Hey, can I see the stats on the last 49ers game? Frank asked. "They lost 12 to 6." Frank banged his fist on the table, "Damn it." "What did you just say?" his mom asked putting his breakfast on the table. "Uh, dang it." "That's what I thought." "Oh Katie let the boy be a boy. If he wants to curse let him curse," Herb said. Katherine sat down and glared at him. Frank felt the temperature drop. "I am not feeling any love in this room," he said. That made his mom crack a small smile. "I'm sorry, honey," Herb apologized. Katherine smiled at him and leaned in to kiss him. "Okay, I just lost my appetite, I got to go." Frank grabbed his backpack and ran out the door. "Love you guys," he yelled.

He and his family just moved to L.A. two weeks ago from Oregon. Frank wasn't that thrilled about leaving Oregon, but there was nothing left there for him and his family but memories. His father got a great job as a lawyer and his mom wanted to open up a floral shop. Frank just wanted to play football and get a scholarship. But, he didn't want to play football at this school though. These next two years he wanted to go unnoticed. Why on earth did he think he could?

As he walked into the gates of the school, he noticed how separated everybody was. Jocks were with jocks, cheerleaders were with cheerleaders, nerds were with nerds, loners were, well, alone and nobodies were with nobodies. He knew that he was not going to fit in easily. Frank walked through the crowd and finally found his locker and dumped his afternoon textbook. The bell rang and he went to his first class.

"Hey Rachel," Rachel's friend Mia said catching up to her. "Hey girly," Rachel said. "Did you figure out a new routine for the team?" Mia asked. Rachel held up her routine book and said, "What do you think this thing is filled with." "Hey don't get smart." Rachel was the head of Whitmore High School's cheerleading team and she was the best they had. She had a great imagination and an even better taste in music to dance to. She was also very popular for being the most beautiful girl in the school. Every guy wanted her, but couldn't have her. She was a Christian girl who only believed that one should wait to have relations until they are married or are truly in love and ready. To guys it was a bunch of baloney because the last guy she dated spread rumors that they did it. He was mad because she didn't want to sleep with him and he went too far and put his hand under her shirt. She kneed him in his wenis. She was very charismatic and had a charm no other girl had. But she also had a secret.

At lunch, she sat at her usual table and ate her usual salad and brownie to the side. "How was every one's summer?" she asked her cheerleader friends. They all started talking all at once and she tried to listen to all of their stories until she saw her best friend Andre (he's gay). "Dre," she yelled getting up. He saw her and screamed, "Rachel!" and ran to her. He hugged and lifted her up and spun her around. "I missed you," he said when he set her down. "I missed you too. How was the Bahamas?" she asked sitting down. He sat across from her. "It was a-maz-ing. Do you know that most of the guys had no shirt on half the time?" "Oohh, so did you meet someone?" "Yeah, and he was delicious. His name was Dexter and we had the time of our lives." "Sexy Dex." They continued to talk about everything that happened over the summer. "So, how was singing camp?" Andre asked. "Shh, don't say that out loud. I will tell you about it later." "Whatever but you should have seen parent's face-" Rachel got distracted she looked across the cafeteria and saw a boy sit down by himself. He had a serious but sexy look on his face, dusty blonde hair the kind of reminded her of Steve Macqueen , baggy jeans that didn't sag like the other boys at the school, and smoky green eyes that made her shiver a little. "Rachel, what are you staring at?" Rachel snapped out of her trance. She point at the boy across the room and asked, "W-who's that?" Andre turned around to see who she was gawking at. "Oh, I don't know his name but, he is in my auto shop class. I hear he just got here from Oregon," Andre replied. Rachel rested her chin on her hand. "He is gorgeous." "Yeah, but unfortunately, he's straight." Rachel giggled, "That ain't unfortunately for me." She had to talk to him, but the pep rally was about to start. She got up and went to the quad.

"Okay you guys, since Stacey is a no show we are just going to do a preview for Friday's game," Rachel said to her team. "Everybody give it up for Whitmore High School's Eagles!" Rachel put her hand in the middle and everyone piled their hands on top. "Eagles on three," Rachel said, "One, two, three." "EAGLES!" They ran outside and got in their positions. Rachel looked and saw the boy she saw in the cafeteria. It shocked her for a moment but she had to focus on the routine. The music started and she yelled, "Five, six, seven, eight."

Frank watched the cheerleaders dance and introduce themselves. He thought it was kind of boring but then he saw a girl that took his breath away. She was one of the cheerleaders. She was tall and thin but curvaceous, had coco brown skin, her hair was wildly loose and her face was as gorgeous as a goddess. The whole time she was cheering and dancing he couldn't take his eyes of her. She turned her face and caught him staring at her. She smiled at him and kept dancing. The music ended and the dancing stopped. "Hey man," he heard a voice say behind him. Frank turned around, "Yeah?" "Man, I'd advise you not to look at my girl." The guy looked like a stocky jock who was trying to be intimidating. "Um, I was just watching the cheerleaders," Frank said. "No you were staring at my girl. The one with the forest hair is mine. Don't let me catch you looking at her again," the guy turned around and walked away. 'Okay, that was weird.' He walked away from the crowd a few minutes later to the empty hallways. Frank reached it to his backpack for his book and bumped into someone with papers flying everywhere. "Dammit, I'm sorry." The person bent down to grab the papers and so did Frank. He gathered most of the papers. "No, it's-" he looked up and realized it was the girl from the cheerleading team. She was looking straight into his eyes, shocked. Frank looked down at the papers and back at her and said, "It's okay, I should have been looking." He handed her the papers. Rachel smiled and took the papers. "Um, is that your book?" she asked pointing to the book on the floor. "Oh, yeah thanks," he picked it up and put it in his backpack. They stood up. "So, uh, where were you rushing to?" Frank asked. "Oh, I was trying to hurry and find my locker. Those boneheads we call counselors changed it again." Frank looked at his feet and said, "Do you need some help?" "Sure," she said. "So, what's your locker number?" he asked. "B23138." "Oh, that's right next to mine, come on." They walked side by side and every time their hands bumped into each other Frank's heart skipped a beat. "Here we are, B23138. And mine is B23140." "Thanks, I swear I passed this place about five times and didn't even pay attention," Rachel said. "No problem, I'm Frank by the way, Frank Farmer," he held out his hand. Rachel shook his hand, "Rachel Marron." "That's a very pretty name Rachel." Rachel blushed, "Thank you." They let go of each other's hand. "So what's your next class?" Frank asked. "Home economics." "Me, too. Do you have Ms. Bache?" Rachel nodded. "Well, do you mind if I walk with you to class?" "Not at all." They walked through the halls together. "So, I never seen you around here, are you new?" Rachel asked. "Yeah, I came from Oregon." "Why did you move here? Oregon sounds way more peaceful then Los Angeles." "It is peaceful," he said. "Then why leave?" "My dad got a great job at a law firm and my mom wanted to open a flower shop." "Was that what you wanted?" Rachel asked. Frank sighed. "I didn't really didn't care," he said. Before they could say anything the bell rang and they went inside the classroom.

After school Rachel walked home with Andre. "So are you going to tell me about singing camp?" Andre asked. "It was fine, just like last summer. We worked on vocals and harmonizing, just the basics." "You know you are very good at acting like you hate singing when you love it," he said bumping her. Rachel sighed and spun around a bus pole. "You know you love to sing, why fight it?" he asked. "You don't understand, Nikki is the singer in my family not me. I'm meant stay home and run my mom's bakery with her, not sing." "But that's not your dream Chelly. You love to write music, good music at that." "You've been looking in my song book again; I told you it was private," she scolded. "Whatever."