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More Than You Know

Frank never knew that he could love someone as much as he loved Rachel. She helped him find a strength he never thought he had. Rachel was probably the best thing that ever happened to him. He watched her sleep for the rest of the night; held her in his arms and never wanting to let her go. Around seven, he felt her start to stir. She looked so tired that he didn't want her to be awakened. "What are you looking at?" he heard her mumble before opening her eyes. "A very beautiful girl," he answered. She smiled and kissed him on his lips. Frank knew that he never will get use to kissing her, it was too perfect. "I'm sorry," she said when they broke away. "For what?" he asked. "Well, you know. For last night," she paused and looked him in his eyes, "I just wasn't ready," she whispered. Frank held her tighter but didn't say anything. "I get that you might be a little disappoint and probably don't want me anymore-" "Why would you think that?" he cut her off, "I'm not one of the guys who whine because they don't get what they want. Technically, I did get what I want. I have you and that's all that matters to me." "How do you know you have me?" she asked. He kissed her just to prove a point. When she kissed him back he broke away from her he said, "That's how." Rachel buried her face his chest. His heartbeat was so soothing that she could stay there forever. "Rachel?" Frank asked. "Mhm." "This might be a little late but, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked. Rachel looked up at him. "I kissed you, I slept in the same bed as you, I even let to touch my breast, something a guy almost lost a vital organ for trying to do, and you are seriously asking me to be your girlfriend?" Frank thought smiled and nodded his head. "Okay," Rachel said, "I would love to be your girlfriend.

A few hours later Frank dropped her off at her house, after getting gas for the truck, before Andre and Mia came over. She really didn't want to explain why she at home last night, but she had to because they were her friends and she wouldn't dare lie to Andre. "So, why didn't you answer your phone, you had me worried sick," Andre said as soon as she opened her door. "Good after noon to you too Andre and Mia, won't you come in," Rachel said walking away from the door. "I'm serious, honey, I called at least three times last night and don't say you were sleep because you never sleep during a thunder storm." The three of them sat at Rachel's dining room. "I wasn't home last night, I stayed the night over Frank's," Rachel said. "Oh," Andre said until he actually thought about what she said. "Wait, what?!" him and Mia yelled. Rachel let out a sigh and said, "I didn't want to be alone last night so he said I could sleep at his house, and I did." Mia, who was slightly hung over, and Andre were speechless. "And," Rachel continued, "He bought me this bracelet." She lifted her wrist. "Oh my God it's so pretty," Mia said, "How much did it cost?" "Well, I saw one just like it the other day and it was around two hundred dollars." "Are you sleeping with him?" Andre blurted out. "What?" Rachel asked. "A guy doesn't buy a girl a two hundred dollar diamond bracelet unless you are sleeping with him, if you slept with him, I will be very disappointed in you Chelly." The room was quiet for a few moments. "Define sleeping?" Rachel asked. Mia's jaw dropped all the way to the ground. "Rachel Elizabeth Marron, how could you?!" Andre yelled, standing up out of his chair. "Calm down Andre," she said. "Don't tell me to calm down. Listen I love and trust Frank just as much as you do but I know how guys think. How do we know that he actually has feelings for you? He can spread all around the school how easy you are. Do you want your reputation to be ruined?" "I know he has feelings for me because we didn't have sex!" Rachel yelled at him. When she said that, Andre's face looked a bit calmer and sat down. "What are you saying?" he asked, quietly. "I'm saying," Rachel said, "We only slept in the same bed, but we barely did anything so calm down." "What do you mean barely?" Mia asked. Rachel looked at the ground and said, "We kissed and stuff." Andre gasped. "You guys kissed?" he asked excitingly, "Who kissed who first?" "He kissed me first," Rachel answered. "Aw, was he a good kisser?" Mia asked. Rachel smiled a little and nodded. "Why do you always get the good ones?" Mia complained. "I have no idea, wait," Andre started, "What do you mean when you said 'stuff'?" he asked, using air quotes. Rachel was hoping he wouldn't catch that. Andre might be a free-spirited person and wants Rachel to find love, but he loved her like a little sister and he wants to protect her no matter what. "I," Rachel mumbled the rest. "What?" Andre and Mia asked. "I let him touch my breast," she said a little more clearly. She could see Andre turning red, which is very hard for a black man to do. "So," he said trying to not blow up on her again, "If you guys slept in the same bed, made out and touch you in a place like that, how did you not have sex?" Rachel started to smile think about the night before. "Well," she started, "We almost did. I mean, I wanted to and trust me, he really wanted to, too. But then, before anything could happen, something in the back of my head told me I wasn't ready and I told him to stop." "And he did?" Mia asked. "He better had stopped," Andre said under his breath. "Well, he didn't hear me the first time because he was thinking with, well, little Frank. But I said it again and he heard me and stopped. He asked me did I really want him to stop. One half of me was screaming hell no, but the smart half said yeah so I nodded and he got off of me, held me in his arms and we went to sleep." "Wow," Mia said. "So, what's you guys' relationship status?" Andre asked. "I am his girlfriend and to him, it means him making me happy 90 percent of the time and me making him happy only ten percent of the time. He told me that it is Rachel's day every day and we do everything I want, but once a year we do something he wants. And he said that he is required to give me presents just because. So pretty much he is the perfect boyfriend." "Oh my God, I hate you so much right now," Mia yelled. "Damn," Andre said, "You know, know that you two are together, all the slutty girls at school are going after him right?" "Oh, and he said that I could trust him no matter what and don't go crazy every time a girl flirts with him. When they go too far then I'll be able to go crazy on them." Just then the phone rang and Rachel got up and answered it. "Hello?" she said. "Guess who." She heard Frank say. "Eddie Murphy is that you?" "Ha, ha, ha very funny but no. This is a guy checking up on his baby." "I could get used to this, you know." "Good." "What do you want Farmer, I have guest." "Nothing, I just missed you, that's all." "I can always kick the free loaders out and you can come over," Rachel said looking at Andre raiding her refrigerator. "No, get back to your guest, I promised my parents I will be here when they get back." "Okay, but the offer still stands." Frank heard his parents walk in the door, "I got to go. I love you more than you know Rachel. Bye," and hung up the phone. Rachel stood in her kitchen frozen with the phone still to her ear. "Rachel?" Andre asked waving his hand in her face. She still didn't budge. He hung up the phone and snapped his fingers. "Rachel?" he asked again. She still didn't move. "Oh my God, is that Eddie Murphy?" "Where?!" Rachel asked quickly snapping out of it. "In Hollywood," Andre laughed. Rachel punched him in his arm. "Don't tease me like that." "What was you and sexy talking about?" he asked. Then Rachel froze all over again. "Oh no. Rachel!" he shook her back. "He told me he loves me," she whispered in monotone.

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